MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds Clan weapons to the game.

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Yet Another Weapon Clan

Standalone weapon pack that adds most basic Clan weapons (as they appear on MWO) to the game.
Includes: Clan ACs (normal, Ultra, LBX), Gauss, Hyper-Assault Gauss, LRMs and SRMs (with and without Artemis - all are Stream versions), Streak SRMs, ATMs with range/damage brackets, Laser AMS, ER, Heavy and Pulse Lasers, Clan Heatsinks and all three versions of Machine Guns and Arrays.
Also, from Meows, Clan XL Engines, and my own doing, Clan Endo structure.

This weapon pack is specifically made to work with Navid A1's "MW5 Mercs Reloaded" mod, and takes advandage of the custom slot sizes when using his MechLab. The mod will work without Reloaded regardless, just fall back to vanilla MW5 mechlab.

All weapons have canon compliant critical slots size, weight and availability dates.
Compatible with most if not all mods. At this time, all files are unique and there are no overrides at all.

0.5.6: support for global weapon rebalancing introduced in YetAnotherWeapon 0.99.5
All weapon ranges and modifiers in the config file will affect Clan weapons as well.

0.5.2+: Added Clan XL engines made by @Meows - thank you again!
Same weight as IS XL engines, but only 2-2 side torso slots.
(requires Reloaded)

Recommended to use with:
MW5Mercs Reloaded
Yet Another Reloaded Mech
Yet Another Weapon
Yet Another Weapon Clan
Mech Special Abilities
Scary Tanks
TableTopRulez_Enemy AI Mod
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom)
Also works with my separate mods (Remove JumpShip Animation, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, Max Level Unique Pilots).

Unpack the YetAnotherWeapon folder in the zip to your MW5Mercs\Mods directory.

Weapon intro dates:
All "standard" Clan weapons become available in 3055 except:
Machine Gun Arrays (3069)
Hyper-Assault Gauss (3068)
ER and Heavy Flamer (3067)
Light and Heavy MG (3060)
ATMs (3060)
ER and Pulse Micro Lasers (3060)
Heavy Lasers (3059)
ASRMs (3058)
ER Pulse Lasers (3057)