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My attempt at a HUD change mod. Layout is akin to the MechWarrior Online Inner Sphere HUD.

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NOT COMPATIBLE with current patch for MW5(crash on Assination missions and maybe other types).  Will be working to update in the future when time permits.

*If you used a previous version of the mod (PRE v1.3) from the current please be sure to delete the C:\MWConfig\HUD.config file that the mod creates.  The current version should not be compatible with the previous config file.

Update 2/15/2020 v1.5
-Tweaked mini map skew effect
-Added Mod Config page to Options page
-Added enemy HTAL with toggle on 'J' Key
-Tied HTAL Left/Right orientation to Player Paperdoll.  Enemy HTAL always reads out RCL order

Update 2/9/2020 v1.41
-**FIXED**Known Issue, Map goes way too far off screen, looking into it.

Update 2/9/2020 v1.4
-**FIXED**Known Issue, Crosshairs miss aligned from draw line, working on fix.

-Added toggle check to Options for Default or MWO style Left/Right Paperdoll
-Refined HTAL to Toggle from starting OFF, to ON, Override Paperdoll, OFF again. (H Key)
-Fixed Weapons loadout backdrop graphic from bleeding off lower edge of screen when weapon count exceeded 8+ and fixed that it didn't get too small for weapon count 3- (I Hope)

Update 2/4/2020
-Customizable Unit marker colors, this should help those that are colorblind a bit, I hope.
-Toggle HTAL Readout for Health with the "H" key on keyboard.  This is not rebindable at the moment and I have no controller/hotas button bound, sorry
-Compass heading numbers

**Known issues** 
 -Compass markers only update if you lose Line of Sight with the unit.  I have been unsuccessful to force an update on them when they are active.  New units spawned after a mid mission color change will reflect with new color.
-If you switch HUD colors mid mission the HTAL will  go invisible, just hit "H" key a few times and it will toggle back on.

**Update** 2/1/2020
Increased custom color to elements to include Compas, weapon loadouts and Objectives

Fixed crash upon loading campaign mission.
-removed unused Function call

Tested in Instant Action, Loaded ended campaign and took a contract and started/played mission, started New Game and Tutorial seemed to load fine.

This will create a directory and file, "C:\MW5Config\HUD.config" that it uses to store the custom color, do not delete this.

Install into your "Install Directory\MW5Mercs\Content\Paks"  Basically just look for the "PAKS" folder, put this .pak file there.

Once in game you can change the color by going into the Options > Gameplay menu.
Click on the Wheel/sliders to get the color you want and click the 'Save Color' button.  If you are in mission it should apply this instantly.  If you are not in mission it should apply during next drop.

-Moved Minimap, Throttle, Heat meter, JJ meter
-Applied Parabolic effect to get slightly curved hud
-Applied Skew effect to minimap
-Added Line connecting Arm crosshair and Torso crosshair
-Implemented custom color singular over most HUD elements
-Added in game Options Menu ability to change color.

-More polish
-2 to 4 customized colors
-Enemy icon color customization
-Other plans