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Advanced Inner Sphere weapons and equipment. Compatible with Reloaded (works without). Global weapon rebalance by config file.

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Yet Another Weapon

Standalone weapon pack that contains all weapons from the Yet Another Mech mod. Has mostly all weapons up to 3070, including all LBX, Ultra, Rotary and Light Autocannons, Light, Heavy and Snub Nose PPCs, Silver Bullet, Light, Heavy, Improved Heavy Gausses, MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER and X-Pulse Lasers, Light and Heavy Machine Guns, Long Tom and Arrow IV Artillery.

This weapon pack is specifically made to work with Navid A1's "MW5 Mercs Reloaded" mod, and takes advandage of the custom slot sizes when using his MechLab.
Reloaded is NOT required.

All weapons have canon compliant critical slots size (with Reloaded, otherwise they use vanilla MW5 small/medium/large slots), weight and availability dates.

Compatible with most if not all mods.
Overrides vanilla weapon emitters. Has the sound fix for weapons (FPS degrading fix) built in.

Config file for global weapon rebalance is in C:\MW5yaw. Here you can change characteristics for your weapons (damage, heat, range, etc). Applies to all vanilla and YetAnotherWeapon/Clan weapons.

Recommended to use with:
MW5Mercs Reloaded
Yet Another Reloaded Mech
Yet Another Weapon
Yet Another Weapon Clan
Mech Special Abilities
Scary Tanks
TableTopRulez_Enemy AI Mod
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom)
Also works with my separate mods (Remove JumpShip Animation, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, Max Level Unique Pilots).

Unpack the YetAnotherWeapon folder in the zip to your MW5Mercs\Mods directory.


Note for LAMS:
No ammo needed. It just works. Thank you for the idea, MagnumGB!

Note for Cool Shot and Artillery Strike (moved into the standalone mod "Mech Special Abilities")
These tie into the game via AbstractMech (that's why they override it). The logic checks for the presence and amount of certain equipment (Coolant Pods and Artillery Strikes, both ammo equipment items), and if present allows their use with a fixed key (INSERT for Cool Shot and HOME for Artillery Strike).
They will give low ammo warning when only one use is left, and ammo depleted when it's all used up.
Only problem is, they only work for the host in coop (and only the host can see the artillery effects - but the damage is applied regardless of that to every player). I hope I can fix that eventually.
Thank you @Yrrot for the idea how to make it work.

Note for Coolant Pods (no longer in the mod)
I can't make a Coolant Pod activate without needing a weapon equipment that is assigned to a fire group. For this reason, Coolant Pods need a "Coolant Pod Control System" that uses a weapon hardpoint. They come in 4 versions, for AMS, Energy, Missile and Ballistic hardpoints. They use one hardpoint of the corresponding type, but have no weight, and when using Reloaded, they don't take crit slots either. They use Coolant Pods for ammo. Or rather, they are weapon-type equipment, that activate the Coolant Pods. For the drawback of taking a weapon hardpoint, each Coolant Pod can be used two times. Charges are one crit slot and one ton of weight.
Proper usage: install one Coolant Pod Control System per Mech, and as many Coolant Pods as you want.
Note - AI cannot use it.
The complete cooling effect logic was made by Navid A1 - can't thank you enough good sir!

Note for NARC fix:
As it turns out, the devs turned off the NARC beacon's spread modifier in the game engine. MagnumGB found a way to still make it work, with a custom blueprint applying TAG effect.
Improved NARC has much longer range, low level guidance (if lockon is achieved, it is very likely to hit the target, except for fast moving ones). It has increased effect length and missile spread modifier reduction.
Thank you, MagnumGB for the fix and the permission to include it in my mod.

Note for weapon intro date fix:
I got it mostly working on my own, adding extra date checks to ProgressionFunctionLib, but the "Rare Weapon For Sale" uses the ClusterTOILogic, and the date complete weapon selection logic had to be included in the mod for it to work. UE4 Blueprints, such wondrous beasts.
Thank you, MagnumGB and Navid A1 for the fix and knowhow.

Note for Magnetic Pulse Warheads:
As their desctription states, they add heat to the hit mech, and scramble sensors. I do this by setting pilot behavior to "Recruit" and pilot weapon levels (Energy, Ballistic, Missile) to 1 for the duration. That's a big nerf to their accuracy. Needs testing - it works in the editor as intended. The heat spike property might be more important though. It shuts down enemy mechs pretty nicely.
As it needs a TAG effect to work properly, the sensor scrambling property will not work on TAGged or NARCed enemies.

Note for Rotary Autocannons:
Important - due to the very low cooldown, AI can not use RACs correctly. Do not give them AI lancemates.
Uses 10-shot bursts so AI can use them somewhat better. They will still only shoot single bursts though.
The weapon uses custom jamming / cooldown logic. After 20 shots it gets an increasing chance to jam. Jam time is based on the burst length / full cooldown remaining. For RAC/2 it is full burst time (for example, 40 shots is roughly 4 seconds), for RAC/5 it is 2x full burst time. It's cooldown bar might derp out from time to time (when shooting just 1-2 shots), but after a longer firing sequence it will reset.

Weapon list and  introduction dates:
RISC Hyper Laser: 3134
ASRMs, MagShot Gauss: 3072
ER Flamers: 3070
Gatling, Light, Heavy MGs, MG Arrays, Light Autocannons, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Flamer, MMLs: 3068
Snub-Nose, Light, Heavy PPCs and Capacitor variants: 3067
RAC/2, RAC/5, Improved NARC: 3062
Heavy, Improved Heavy Gauss: 3061
Capacitor ER and normal PPCs, UAC/20: 3060
Laser AMS, Hypervelocity AC /2 /5 /10: 3059
MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER Lasers, LBX5, LBX20, LBX2: 3058
Compact Heatsinks: 3058
X-Pulse Lasers, UAC/2, UAC/10, Light Gauss: 3057
Rocket Launchers, Magnetic Pulse Warheads: 3050
Coolant Pods: 3049
Arrow IV: 3044
Binary Laser: 2800
Long Tom: 2500
Mine Launcher: 2500

LosTech weapons
LosTech weapons can spawn on Industrial Hub markets as Rare weapons before their (re)introduction date.
Streak SRM2
Gauss Rifle (Standard)
Ultra Autocannon /5
LB10-X Autocannon
Small, Medium, Large Pulse Lasers
ER Large Laser
EMP Mine Launcher
Arrow IV
Snub Nose PPC