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Standalone weapon pack that contains all Inner Sphere weapons from the Yet Another Mech mod and more. Works with the Reloaded mod's MechLab.

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Yet Another Weapon

Standalone weapon pack that contains all weapons from the Yet Another Mech mod. Has mostly all weapons up to 3070, including all LBX, Ultra, Rotary and Light Autocannons, Light, Heavy and Snub Nose PPCs, Silver Bullet, Light, Heavy, Improved Heavy Gausses, MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER and X-Pulse Lasers, Light and Heavy Machine Guns, Long Tom and Arrow IV Artillery.

This weapon pack is specifically made to work with Navid A1's "MW5 Mercs Reloaded" mod, and takes advandage of the custom slot sizes when using his MechLab.

All weapons have canon compliant critical slots size, weight and availability dates.

Compatible with most if not all mods.

Recommended to use with:
MW5Mercs Reloaded
TableTopRulez_Enemy AI Mod
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom)
Also works with my separate mods (Remove JumpShip Animation, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, Max Level Unique Pilots).

Unpack the YetAnotherWeapon folder in the zip to your MW5Mercs\Mods directory.


Note for LAMS:
Since I'm a noob at blueprints, I'm limited to what the game offers as it is. As such, I cannot make AMS weapons destroy missiles without setting an ammo type. And when setting an ammo type, I'm limited to Rate Of Fire to generate heat over time while the weapon is active. For this reason, Laser AMS needs a "LAMS Adapter" ammo equipment that takes no slots or weight (when using the Reloaded mod) and contains enough ammo to feed any number of LAMS for eternity.
Proper usage: install one LAMS Adapter per Mech, and as many Laser AMS as you want.

Note for Coolant Pods:
I can't make a Coolant Pod activate without needing a weapon equipment that is assigned to a fire group. For this reason, Coolant Pods need a "Coolant Pod Control System" that uses a weapon hardpoint. They come in 4 versions, for AMS, Energy, Missile and Ballistic hardpoints. They use one hardpoint of the corresponding type, but have no weight, and when using Reloaded, they don't take crit slots either. They use Coolant Pods for ammo. Or rather, they are weapon-type equipment, that activate the Coolant Pods. For the drawback of taking a weapon hardpoint, each Coolant Pod can be used two times. Charges are one crit slot and one ton of weight.
Proper usage: install one Coolant Pod Control System per Mech, and as many Coolant Pods as you want.
The complete cooling effect logic was made by Navid A1 - can't thank you enough good sir!

Note for NARC fix:
As it turns out, the devs turned off the NARC beacon's spread modifier in the game engine. MagnumGB found a way to still make it work, with a custom blueprint applying TAG effect.
Thank you, MagnumGB for the fix and the permission to include it in my mod.

Weapon availability dates:
ER Flamers: 3070
Gatling, Light, Heavy MGs, MG Arrays, Light Autocannons, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Flamer: 3068
Snub-Nose, Light, Heavy PPCs and Capacitor variants: 3067
RAC/2, RAC/5: 3062
Heavy, Improved Heavy Gauss: 3061
Capacitor ER and normal PPCs, UAC/20: 3060
Laser AMS, Hypervelocity AC /2 /5 /10: 3059
MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER Lasers, LBX5, LBX20, LBX2: 3058
Compact Heatsinks: 3058
X-Pulse Lasers, UAC/2, UAC/10, Light Gauss: 3057
Rocket Launchers: 3050
Coolant Pods: 3049
Arrow IV: 3044
Binary Laser: 3041
Long Tom: 2500