MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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A mod that allows configuring options for my other mods, because MW5 modding.

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MW5 modding doesn't like the same assets being overridden in different mods and there's no merging. For options/controls it becomes difficult to add those to the same menu area. This mod is my solution for that.

Install as any other mod, unzip the folder with the mod.json into your MW5Mercs Mod folder.

If there are conflicts with other mods set Mod Options with a higher load order.

Allows user to change settings via the in-game Options menu.
Should automatically expose keybinds for all mods, not just mine, in the existing Controls section at the bottom unless the mod author is doing something different.
Sliders' number text can be edited/set directly if the slider is being finicky.
Options get stored in:
Only works with my other mods:

Advanced Zoom
Restore Traits
Repair Bays
Drop Fees
Heads-Up Display
ECM Towers
Purchase Salvage

Other mod authors could in theory use this in their mods but I would direct them to the compatibility pack first.

This was previously available as an optional download on my other mods but it was a hassle to try to keep an optional file synced and up to
date on several different mods. It also was confusing because it showed as an update for the entire mod. So, now it's a standalone download.

*Keybinds can not be set in the game.ini due to how things are currently implemented, set them in-game in the Controls menu.