MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adds new procedural mission types into the game

Permissions and credits
This mod adds new procedural mission types into the game.

You do NOT have permission to re-upload my mod to any other websites or storefronts.

Drop tonnage mod MIGHT be incompatible.. In a recent patch i attempted to fix the incompatibility but it has not been tested enough to state that its 100% fine.

-Better spawns mod will negatively effect the experience, making massive tank ambushes and such only spawn 4 tanks at once when they are supposed to all spawn onto the map simultaneously. Not sure what else it screws with....

My youtube in case anyone wants to talk to me for whatever reason:

Special thanks:
Jetsunstrider - This dude wrote out all of the contract descriptions and did EXTENSIVE testing with me. Check out his twitch page!

If you want to donate to me:
Donations help out alot.. Anything that helps my financial situation gives me more time to make mods.

Attack and defend:
There are two enemy bases and one allied base on the map. You are required to keep the allied base alive WHILE destroying both enemy bases.
Repair bays are available for this mission at the allied base.
-Enemies will periodically launch attacks at the allied base, having at least one ai or human defending is sometimes a good idea.
-Be sure to make use of the repair bays before you suffer internal damage or if you need ammo restock.
-Allies will sometimes launch their own attacks on enemy bases, be sure to take advantage of this if it happens.

Slow paced mission type that has 25 combinations of random encounters. Expect lots of immersive walking and some unexpected scenarios.
-Bringing assaults will help if you get into heavy combat but will extend the duration of the mission because of the long walk.

Recon Light:
Timed mission that requires you to reach each nav point to perform a recon of the area and then escape.
-Light mechs excel at this mission type, assaults and heavies do not.

Recon Heavy:
Timed mission that requires you to reach each nav point to perform a recon of the area AND scan the hostiles main base and then escape.
Time limit is extended and this mission will have more combat.
-Heavier mechs should clear the main base while light mechs scout the rest of the map.

There is a huge battle going on between allies and enemy forces already in progress on the map.. You get set down and must assist your friendlies in clearing the map of all hostiles. Its just an absolute huge battle.
This mission is more difficult then average missions, but offers fantastic salvage rights.
-Its best not to just run straight into the battle, there is a good chance you will smother yourself in aggro and get ripped apart, try to be conservative or keep distance.

In Progress/next thing to expect in the future:
Convoy/mech escort mission

Known bugs:
Sometimes enemy dropships and paint schemes will be employers and vice versa.