MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Play as any Pilot,
Pilots get unique traits,
Pilots are editable (picture, name and back story),
New Pilot Portraits options,
Pilots have a new health status system and fatigue system,
Commander can be killed, and can be deployed as a lance mate
and much more in development

Permissions and credits
Welcome to 330's Pilot Overhaul

In vanilla, pilots feel.... trivial. Not any more!

**If you like this mod please leave a like (endorse) and if you love this mod, or hate it, please leave a comment and let me know!**

Current mods in this overhaul as of Version 4.0:
330's Commander Unchained v1.3
330's Pilot Quirks v1.2 
330's Pilot Pictures v2.0 - 204 new portraits (Includes Portraits from HBS' Battletech and @Gaultesian)
330's Fake ID Plus  v1.4 - (based on @Diji's mod Fake ID - Pilot Customization)
330's Pilot Fatigue v2.33
330's Pilot XP Plus v2

If you would like to have your mod included in this overhaul you can contact me here on Nexus or in the MW5 discord in the moder's channels.



330's Commander Unchained:

The Commander has been unchained. 

You can now play as any pilot in your lance! 
The deployment screen will show you who you deploying as.
This means you can help to level up the pilots with desirable traits, or take advantage of pilots with high bonuses on tough missions.

But wait! You don't have to let your commander sit on the side lines. The commander can join you as another member in your lance.
The commander will not be able to gain special quirks like other pilots, but is the only pilot to start the game with a maxed skill cap of 60. Meaning he/she will remain viable well into the late game. 

Even though the commander can't be fired, since he or she owns this outfit, death is still a very real possibility!

330's Pilot Quirks:
Pilots are now far more unique. This is due to quirks which modify their base stats. Finding a high level pilot, with low potential for negative quirks, high potential for positive quirks, and quirks which align with your play style, will be very rewarding, even late game.

The new quirk system allows for pilots to exceed the skill cap which is normally 10 per skill, or have their given skill reduced to 0. The base cap still exists, but this means some pilots have a chance to become truly extraordinary. For example: a low level (20) pilot with 11 skill cap for ballistics, may be far more useful to your company than a level 36 pilot with 6 skill cap for all skills.

The amount of quirks a pilot can have is partly random and partly based on the pilots skill. More skilled pilots are likely to have more positive quirks and less negative quirks. So the farther you get in the game, the more likely you are to find good pilots. Yet, the best pilots will still be relatively rare, because what makes the pilot good is the players value in particular skill sets. 

With over 64 different quirks, ranging from very bad to very good, you may find that a lower level pilot with quirks aligned to your play style is more valuable to you than a newer, higher level pilot with poor, or low tier quirks.

Pilots will gain Positive Quirks as they gain experience. up until they reach their full potential for positives. A pilot with a greater potential will gain quirks more frequently than a pilot of the same level, but lower potential.
Pilots can gain Negative Quirks if they take injuries, up until they reach their full potential for negatives. A pilot skill does play a part. Higher skilled pilots are less likely to gain a negative quirk than lower skilled pilots.

The increased variety will make for some very amazing, and also very not so amazing pilots. Happy recruiting. 

330's Pilot Pictures:
131 new Pilot Portraits have been added to the game. These portraits have been setup as new personas. That means these 131 hire-able pilots are in addition to the 79 originally included in the game. That is 210 hire-able, unique pilots!

20 new generic pilots (10 male voices, 10 female voices from HBS)
66 new female pilots (28 HBS and 38 @Gaultesian)
118 new male pilots (83 HBS and 35 @Gaultesian)

The pictures have been modified to reduce their size for downloading, while maintaining quality. 

330's Pilot Fatigue:
Pilots are human beings, and after spending 5-20 days on a mission surrounded by death and chaos, they can get burnt out. You will need to get more than 3 pilots! 

Pilots will now be fatigued after battle. Typically taking 1-3 days off. This normally isn't a problem because of travel time, or repair time for mechs. However, if you are playing multi-missions, you won't be able to use those pilots right away, and therefore will want to have a few extra to back up your primary lance. 

Pilots are now also more likely to take injuries, and for more reasons, though the chance is based on their skill. Too much structural damage to a mech can cause the pilot to take an injury. Direct shots to the head of a mech can also lead to injuries. More head armor means less chance of injury when taking a head shot, more structural armor, and armor in general means less chance of pilots taking injuries. 

Pilot Injury times have increased across the board. The time frames are balanced as to prevent pain and suffering of the player. Yet, with more pilots in your lance, due to the fatigue above, the primary lance shouldn't be missed as much as you might think. 

330's Pilot XP PLUS:
With double or triple the pilots in your company, the XP gain on pilots via commendations has been increased. This is to ensure that you can still grow your team at a reasonable rate. 

The commendations are used to ensure that pilots must still earn the experience. If a pilot performs exceptionally, they gain exceptionally. If a pilot performs poorly, they gain, but poorly.

330's Fake ID Plus v1.0:
Thanks to @Diji for giving me the source for FAKE ID - Pilot Customization to be included in the Pilot Overhaul mod.
This modified version will serve as the basis for even more pilot customization to come!
I recommend you check out @Diji's other mods. lots of good stuff here on nexus.

Now you can modify your pilots and commander's Name, Biography, and Portrait! 


This mod is a work in progress and is still in testing. Please leave a comment regarding bugs and balancing issues in the discussion.