MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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This is the Camo Spec 2.0 and this mod contains imported camos from MWO that are not in MW5

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CAMO SPEC 2.0 is currently skins ONLY and Special GEO mechs are unavailable for the time being. I am very sorry for the issue about special geometry mechs not being available, but this is largely because of the fact it conflicts with other mods and the skins only release will not conflict with any other mods. For now it's literally just more camos for mechs, but it is compatible with every mod, because it's just skins. When the Hatchetman comes out for MWO you can expect me to immediately update the mod to include that package skin. Happy hunting, MerryChristmas, Be safe and take care!



ALL HERO SKINS HAVE BEEN UNLOCKED FOR OTHER VARIANTS TO USE! This INCLUDES DLC skins, but you must own the correct DLC to use them. 
This means If you do not own the Kestrel Lancers/HOTIS then you CANNOT use them. The Cavalier Skin is limited to the Preorders of Mechwarrior 5
and I won't add them to this mod. All the previous has been done to AVOID Piracy or other issues, Importing MWO assets into MW5 is fair game however!

Founders              Phoenix Project            Random Special Geo              Resistance
-----------------           ----------------------            ---------------------------------           -------------------
Atlas                      Battlemaster                 Atlas NORN/Loyalty               Wolfhound
Catapult                Thunderbolt                   Highlander SLDF                     Blackknight
Hunchback            Shadowhawk                Grand Dragon                           Mauler
Jenner                    Griffin                            Urbanmech Package             Grasshopper
                                Wolverine                       PhoenixHawk Hunter                                                 
                                Locust                           Urbanmech K9
                                                                        Hatamoto Chi Samurai
                                                                        Battlemaster Bubble Canopy!

Atlas, Battlemaster, Centurion, Champion, Charger, Hatamotochi, Wolfhound , Crab, Flea, Javelin, Hunchback, Black Knight, Highlander, PhoenixHawk, Commando,Victor, Banshee,Hatchetman

Wolfhound, BlackKnight,Zeus, Mauler, Panther, Grasshopper, Crab, Enforcer

Blood Pact
Mauler, Zeus, Blackknight, Grasshopper, Crab, Enforcer, Panther and Wolfhound

Annihilator, Assasin, Vulcan, Champion ,Charger ,Hatamoto Chi, Javelin, Cyclops
Warhammer, Rifleman, Marauder, Archer, Phoenix Hawk, Flea, Marauder II, Dervish
Urbanmech, Corsair

Archer, Annihilator, Assassin, Atlas, Awesome, Banshee, Battlemaster, Blackjack, Centurion, Cicada, Commando, Crab, Cyclops, Dragon
Rifleman, Enforcer, Griffin, Highlander, Cataphract, Catapult, Firestarter, Blackknight, Grasshopper, Hunchback, Jagermech, Javelin, Jenner, King Crab, Kintaro, Locust, Marauder, Mauler, Orion, Panther, Phoenix Hawk, Quickdraw, Raven, Spider, Shadowhawk, Stalker, Thunderbolt, Trebuchet, Urbanmech, Vindicator, Victor, Wolfhound

Hero Skins
Annihilator-MeanBaby, FLEa- Romeo5K, CHampion-Invictus, Hatamotochi - SHogo, Orion Protector (fixed), PhoenixHawk-ROC, Corsair-Broadside, MarauderII-Alpha, NightStar-WolfPhoenix, BattleMaster Hellslinger, HATCHETMAN TINMAN

King Crab, Warhammer, Catapult, Marauder

Atlas, Kingcrab, Centurion

Atlas, Awesome, Catapult, Centurion, Commando, Dragon, Hunchback, Jenner

Cataphract, Blackjack and Stalker!  Griffin, Victor, Urbanmech, Javelin, Rifleman, Warhammer, Cicada, Wolverine, Zeus, KingCrab,Atlas, Urbanmech

Charger and Orion (Protector)

Escort Atlas. Stryker ThunderBolt, Hunter PhoenixHawk/Stalker 

Charger and Hatamoto Head Placement and Highlander shading issues and the SLDF highlander screen problem has been fixed!
Charger SLDF- now has 9 energy and 2 Missile 

Battlemaster's Bubble Canopy - GrinningIdiot (Discord: GrinningIdiot#5963)(I.G GrinningIdiotGames)