MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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New Biomes, Foliage Overhaul and Landscapes

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This mod adds new biomes.

Join the new vonBiomes Discord here:
Just opened up (and it has a bar;)

This new mod version contains custom made textures, object remixes, new stuff and a complete foliage overhaul for all added vonBiomes. It took quite a lot of work hours, coffee, beer and learning;) - If you like what you see be sure to leave an Endorsement, do a donation to tip me a beer, or two, or just have a happy dance in front of your screen. 

Everything has been tested on an RTX2070 with Raytracing disabled. 
Disabling RTX (Raytracing) is most likely necessary on your system due to performance / FPS reasons. It's worth it, believe me;)

Le importante perhaps:
In Instant Action, be sure to click "Randomize" first if you want to change the landform after you have played a map.
This can also help to reduce the missing hills issue since the landform for the map is reshuffled.


+ Melting Glacier
Biome difficulty: medium
(climate crisis on another planet with some vertical gameplay)

+ Toxic Dump
Biome difficulty: hard
(a landscape destroyed by human industrial greed)

+ Rocky Desert
Biome difficulty: medium/hard
(a temperate arid desert, duck and cover)

+ Basalt Pillars
Biome difficulty: hard
(bring jump jets if you don't like walking the extra mile)

+ Tropical Forest & Tropical Cliffs
Biome difficulty: easy
(what's endangered here on Earth can be a battlefield on some other planet)

+ Hot Sulphurous 
Biome difficulty: medium
(be sure not to use your hot hot stuff here)

+ Daylight Volcanic:
Biome difficulty: easy
(who thought volcanos can also erupt in broad daylight?)

+ Desert Moon
Biome difficulty: easy
(It's a cold moon desert in space. Yes.)

+ Bog / Marsh
Biome difficulty: easy
(a natural wetland with much open space. Bring your rubber boots.)

+ Rockland
Biome difficulty: hard
(it's a bumpy ride)

+ Macchia
Biome difficulty: easy
(Mediterranian shrublands for your mech holidays)

+ Old Forest
Biome difficulty: easy
(not yet the huge trees, but a new forest habitat)

Known issues:

* Grass/Ground Foliage sometimes not appearing at first or with a delay: seems a problem in MW5 general. I tried to optimize the foliage as good as I can, in vanilla MW5 there were settings in place that the Unreal Editor itself warns to impact performance (e.g. foliage were set to "moveable object")

* Grass/Ground Foliage not appearing on certain map tiles: as far as I can judge this is also an MW5 thing.

* Cities can be overgrown in parts - MW5 vanilla simply covers the ground when spawning a city and there is foliage still present below in vanilla, just hidden - kinda lazy solution. In vonBiomes Foliage is bigger hence can come through the concrete. Enjoy the new looks of deserted cities, since we have not seen any human in them anyhow;)

* Floating foliage: single instances can always happen - please only report large amounts across a map. In instant action, be sure to press "RANDOMIZE" before switching to a new biome after having played a level.

Btw: If you are interested in Habitats and Environments just like me, download the NatureSpots App;) 
> - shameless promotion, but hey, it's 100% free and non-commercial!

If you want to report on performance please always:
* what system you are running (primarily which GPU and resolution)?
* have you disabled RTX?
* what is your current foliage quality setting?
* have you tried lowering your foliage quality setting and did that help?
* in which biomes do you have performance issues?
* are you running any other performance-hungry mods (e.g. Better AO, Infantry Army, etc)?
(Positive performance feedback ala "it runs well on my..." is welcome too!)

All tested on RTX2070 with RTX disabled and settings Foliage at maximum.

PS: I do post sneak peeks and previews in the Comment Section - be sure to click on the TRACK BUTTON right above in the header image interface to stay in the loop and see the new stuff.