MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

About this mod

New Biomes, Foliage Overhaul, and Landscapes.
Fixes also the weird DLC3 Mission Screen. And adds variable sun sizes.
And more.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds new biomes & skies.

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This new mod version contains custom-made textures, object remixes, new stuff, and a complete foliage overhaul for all added vonBiomes. It took quite a lot of work hours, coffee, beer, and learning;) - If you like what you see be sure to leave an Endorsement, do a donation to tip me a beer, or two, or just have a happy dance in front of your screen. 

Download the vonBiomes Field Manual 2.0
vonBiomes Field Manual (PDF)

Mod requirements:
* Disable or make sure vonBiomes overrides all other conflicting mods for full compatibility and all effects!
(advice is to disable all conflicting mods)
* Turn off Raytracing (on RTX cards) if performance is low.

Additional note: This mod is not holding your hands. It can be unfair. In biomes with "difficulty hard", sometimes a path can be blocked. The blazing fires in a no man's land can overheat you or your lance mates. Machines of war can get stuck on harsh terrain without jump jets.
Life on the battlefield can be cruel sometimes.

PS: and if you personally really want to have a more easy experience, or if you do not like a particular vonBiome, you can always simply avoid more difficult maps by not accepting those missions/biomes in career mode or campaign, or by not playing them in Instant Action. Easy peasy. No harm done.

Know issues with other Mods:
* Coyotes Missions can lead to random missions spawning at difficulty 1 - simply ignore those on the map;)
* Do not use any lighting mods (e.g. Relux or Global Illumination) - they result in strange sky tints at the moment


+ Old Forest
Biome difficulty: medium
(Tall trees and deep forests)

+ Rural Hills
Biome difficulty: easy
(Flowers and Farmlands)

+ Xenofungus
Biome difficulty: easy
(inspired by Alpha Centauri)

+ Crystal Field
Biome difficulty: easy
(An alien world having some glitter and glow) 

+ Deep Desert
Biome difficulty: easy
(Open desert landscape with new Saguaro cacti) 

+ No Man's Land
Biome difficulty: medium
(A war-torn landscape with blazing fires) 

+ Melting Glacier
Biome difficulty: medium/hard - JumpJets are advised!
(climate crisis on another planet with some vertical gameplay)

+ Toxic Dump
Biome difficulty: medium
(a landscape destroyed by human industrial greed)

+ Rocky Desert
Biome difficulty: medium/hard  - JumpJets are advised!
(a temperate arid desert, duck and cover)

+ Basalt Pillars
Biome difficulty: hard  - JumpJets are advised!
(bring jump jets if you don't like walking the extra mile)

+ Tropical Forest & Tropical Cliffs
Biome difficulty: easy
(what's endangered here on Earth can be a battlefield on some other planet)

+ Hot Sulphurous 
Biome difficulty: medium
(be sure not to use your hot hot stuff here)

+ Daylight Volcanic:
Biome difficulty: easy
(who thought volcanos can also erupt in broad daylight?)

+ Desert Moon
Biome difficulty: easy
(It's a cold moon desert in space. Yes.)

+ Bog / Marsh
Biome difficulty: easy
(a natural wetland with much open space. Bring your rubber boots.)

+ Rockland
Biome difficulty: hard
(it's a bumpy ride)

+ Macchia
Biome difficulty: easy
(Mediterranian shrublands for your mech holidays)


1) Download the Mod
2) Unzip the containing folder /vonBiomes into your "...\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods" directory in your MW5 game location
If you do not have a \Mods directory yet simply create one.
3) Enable the Mod in-game or via a Mod Manager
4) Enjoy!

Known issues:

* Grass/Ground Foliage sometimes not appearing at first or with a delay: seems a problem in MW5 general and also Grass/Ground Foliage not appearing on certain map tiles: as far as I can judge this is also an MW5 thing.

* Cities can be overgrown in parts - MW5 vanilla simply covers the ground when spawning a city and there is foliage still present below in vanilla, just hidden - kinda lazy solution. In vonBiomes Foliage is bigger hence can come through the concrete. Enjoy the new looks of deserted cities, since we have not seen any human in them anyhow;)


* Particle emitters can be still visible on coop clients (not host) on the next mission. If it bothers you: clients can simply reconnect. Poof.

Btw: If you are interested in Habitats and Environments just like me, download the NatureSpots App;) 
> - shameless promotion, but hey, it's 100% free and non-commercial!

If you want to report on performance please always answer all of these questions:
(Yeah. All of them. Do your part;)

* what system you are running (primarily which GPU and resolution)?
* have you disabled RTX?
* What is your current foliage quality setting?
* have you tried lowering your foliage quality setting and did that help?
* in which biomes do you have performance issues?
* are you running any other performance-hungry mods (e.g. Better AO, Infantry Army, etc)?
* Please test also without any other mods. Is the performance issue still there? Is the impact lower?
* which map size are you having issues with? Have you tried on smaller map sizes?
* measure the FPS (Alt + R in Nvidia/Windows) and provide average values (not one-time drops!)
* Please send a screenshot either in comments or on Discord
(Positive performance feedback ala "it runs well on my..." is welcome too!)

All tested on RTX2070 with RTX disabled and settings Foliage at maximum.

PS: Best give feedback in the Discord channel! Here is your personal invite:

Credits: Thanks to Xfrog (Organ Pipe Cactus), alexanderlansky (Alien cliff), WireframeArt (Desert Rock), Finn_Swift (Crystal), AK (Low Poly Dirt Crystals), SebastianSosnowski (Strange Crystal), klumsyk (Kodiak, Charger-Kun, Catapult, Fafnir Models)

Special tiles:
Damaged Donetsk International Airport by Bohdan Lvov under Creative Commons Attribution