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A quick tutorial how to use mods for Andromeda, along with a list of good mods which I personally use.

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Mod Manager Tutorial

1. First Installation
Download the Frosty Mod Manager from here.
Unpack the downloaded archive to a destionation of your choice (preferably not the game directory).
Start the FrostyModManger executable.
Create a new configuration by clicking on "New".
Navigate to the location where you have installed Mass Effect Andromeda (probably "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\" or something similar). Select the "MassEffectAndromeda.exe" executable.
Now select the Andromeda configuration. If you don't use the Mod Manager for any other games, ]check the "remember choice" in the bottom left. This way you can skip the configuration selection in the future.
Finally, press the "Select" button.

2. Installing Mods
To install a mod, drag & drop the archive of the mod onto the Mod Manager. Alternatively, use "Import Mod(s)" in the lower left to select the archive.
Mods are only active if they are applied. To apply a mod, double-click on it or select it and click "Apply Mod(s)". The mod now appears on the right side under "Applied Mods".

3. Managing Mods
The right side of the window displays all currently applied mods. However, only the mods which have their box checked are actually active. You can switch mods on and off with just one click.
The Mod Manger allows you to create multiple profiles by using the menu in the upper left.
Each profile has its own list of active mods. For example, you can create one profile that you use in Singleplayer and one that you use in
Multiplayer. (If you don't need this, simply use the "Default" profile.)

4. Conflicts
You can use the buttons on the right to change the order of the applied mods or remove a mod from the Applied list.
The order of the mods is important if two mods conflict, which means they both change the same file. In this case, the mod that is lower on the list overwrites all changes made by mods above it. This means that you should put your most important mods to the bottom.
You can use the "Conflicts" tab to check whether your active mods have conflicts. If there are any, you will see a list of conflicting files.
If a file is marked with a red cross for a mod, the changes made by this mod (to this file) are discarded. Only the mod with the green checkmark correctly applies its changes.
Conflicting files do not necessarly mean that you can't use these two mods together. Maybe they make the same change, or the discarded change is not that important.
Sometimes conflicting files can break mods completely or even crash the game. But they will never cause any permanent damage, so just deactive one of the mods in this case.

5. Updating the Mod Manager
If someone created a mod with a newer version of Frosty, you'll have to update your Mod Manager if you want to use their mod. To do this, get the newest version of the Frosty Mod Manager from here.
Now you may want to transfer your settings (installed mods/profiles/etc.) from the old to the new version. Copy (or move) the files "DefaultSettings.ini", "FrostyModManager MassEffectAndromeda.ini" and the folder "Mods" from the the folder of the old version to the folder of the new one.

6. Troubleshooting
While installing a mod, I get the error "File is not a valid Frosty Mod".
  • This may happen if the mod is provided as an archive with file type ".7z". To fix this, unpack the archive and add the ".fbmod" file (per drag & drop).

I get a black screen when I start the game. Sometimes my entire computer freezes.
  • I have experienced this issue and have pinned down the problem to ReShade, a post-processing tool I also use. The game only freezes when ReShade is activated, although it still works most of the time. My current solutions is to deactivate ReShade when I'm trying out new mods and have to restart the game frequently. When I'm ready to play, I reactivate ReShade. I have never experienced any problems while the game is running, only at startup, so just restart the game until it works.

After clicking on 'Launch', the game does not start or I only get a black screen.
  • It seems that the Mod Manger won't work correctly for some people. Try the following steps (try launching the game after each step):

7. General Tips
If you are experiencing slow "Building Shaders" during loading and are not using ReShade or even just run the Vanilla game, turn off the Origin in-game overlay for MEA.

Recommended Mods

In this section I give a list of mods that I personally use and recommend. I put the mods into three categories: Gamplay (Weapons/Powers/Equipment/etc.), Quality of Life (HUD/menues/audio/camera/etc.) and Textures. For each category, I sort the mods into "Essential" (highly recommended, clearly improve the game), "Nice to Have" (good mods, but not absolutely necessary) and "Matter of Taste" (mods that change some aspect of the game, but some may not like the changes).

1. Gameplay

2. Quality of Life

3. Textures

Order of Installation