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Changes the favorite system in a pseudo 12 slots power bar.

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Successor to my No Profile Switching Cooldown. Actually good this time. 

Powers will not reset their cooldown when swapping profiles. Instead the cooldown will remain stuck until you swap back. Makes for a pretty balanced compromise.

Powers will retain their full effect even if not equipped in the current favorite:

-Powers with over time effects like incinerate will still apply their effects.
-Powers with lingering buffs like charge will still apply their buffs.
-Powers like assault turret and singularity will stay up and behave normally.
-Mines and Grenades will have the proper range and damage.
-Projectile powers like Incinerate will still apply their effect if you swap presets before the projectile reaches their target

If I didn't miss anything you should feel like you have a 12 slots power bar with awkward hotkeys.

To fix some of the cooldown weirdness (power having no cooldown if they ended when not on the active preset) I had to change when the cooldown of some powers is applied and adjust the cooldown accordingly, namely:

-Tactical Cloak

The cooldown now starts when you use the power rather than at the end of their effect. The duration of the power is added to the cooldown (including the various duration buff you can get), except for Charge where I just added a second to the cooldown to make up for the travel time since it has no duration. This will likely cause conflicts with some other mods, check the affected files in Frosty.

Other powers are modified but in a way that's unlikely to result in a conflict.

This mod also modifies game/progression/stats/statlists/statlist and will conflict with any mod that does the same, don't know if there's any, again check the files in Frosty. This is where the magic happens so you need to load my mod after any other mod that also modify this file.

This could also soft conflict with some mods that modify powers. Depending on how the mod was made, powers could revert to their vanilla stats when not actively equipped. Nothing gamebreaking or really noticeable even.


Use Eham's Frosty Mod Manager: