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Increases damage of all melee weapons by 30%. Some weaker melee weapons saw a higher increase in damage.

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Balanced Melee Weapons
For Patch 1.10

What does this mod do?

This mod Increases  damage  of all melee weapons by about 30% across the board. Some melee weapons (such as the cryo gauntlet) saw a damage increase of about 40% to make it more useful at all levels. A few of the weapons become obsolete later on and this mod  is supposed to change that so all weapons are useful.   At higher levels, enemies become very bullet spongy so this mod helps to alleviate that in the melee department. 

If you are interested in a mod that balances Guns, see my Balanced Weapons mod for patch 1.09. I have spent many hours making careful adjustments to  the balanced Gun mod in order for it to actually stay balanced and I think it really makes a difference to make sure enemies do not require a shit storm of bullets to take down.

I recommend using my  Better Squad mod alongside this mod and Balanced Weapons , especially if you are playing on Hardcore or Insanity and feel the enemies take too long to kill.  Read the Balanced Weapons page for info on how I balanced all guns. 


How to install.

You need Frosty Toolsuite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from the tool suite) to install this mod. Extract the rar archive,   load up Frosty Mod Manager and click on the "Import Mod" button. Select the fbmod file and the enable it  in the mod manager window and launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.  Applying the mod with Mod Manager must be done each time you wish to use this and other fbmod mods.

Caution :
 This mod might affect Multiplayer(MP). If you are going to play MP, please disable it before doing so to be safe. 

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Credits :

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite