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Only one drone launch is needed to collect all resources from a newly-discovered mining zone and make it completely depleted.

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The mod massively speeds up mining process allow collecting all minerals by deploying only one drone instead of 3 or 4 (or sometimes even more) drones in vanilla:

  • all nodes of mineral occurrence are detected  immediately after crossing the mining zone border
  • mining zones located close to each other will be depleted simultaneously (check out Images tab)
  • 100% mining completion - no more climbing all these damn steep mountains searching of the last node of resources !


1. Deploying the drone anywhere in the mining area will ALWAYS complete the mining process! 

2. The power of each of discovered minerals is a bit changing depending on Nomad location! The closer Nomad is to particular minerals nodes, the higher amount of these minerals will be detected.

So if you need to extract maximum amount of certain minerals for some reason,
 you'll have to find the area where the strength of these resources will get to the highest values on the mining widget screen.
But if not - just launch the drone to complete the mining process.


To install use Frosty Mod Manager
  • detailed installation guide for Frosty mods:

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Thanks to Frosty Development Team
Thanks to BioWare

Take care and enjoy !