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Rebalances weapons to make all of them useful. Small reworks for some weapons to give each one a unique identiy.

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Version 1.2: Additional Level Scaling (optional)

This mod rebalances all weapons, so all are actually useful.
Some of the weaker weapons (e.g. Charger) are significantly buffed, while some overpowered weapons (e.g. Dhan) are nerfed.

Some weapon have adjusted Magazine Size/Fire Rate/etc. to give each weapon a unique identiy.

Weapon Weight is no longer reduced by higher ranks, so a rank X Carnifex has the same weight as a rank I Carnifex.
In the Vanilla game, Weapon Weight is pretty irrelevant on higher levels, especially because you only have to invest a few skill points to get extra weight capacity.
Increases the base Weight Capacity from 30 to 35.

A spreadsheet containing all changes is included in the archive in the download section.

The Falcon (Grenade Launcher) got a small rework:
  • Changed explosion radius from 3m to 7m
  • Damage scales with the distance to the explosion center, down to 50% damage at the edge
  • Granades explode on impact, instead of bouncing off terrain
  • Decreased Rate of Fire and Magazine Size

Level Scaling
There is an alternate version of this mod that also increases the Weapon Damage by 1.4% per player level, up to 70% at level 50.
I've made this version for use in combination with my other mod Better Enemy Health Scaling.
Without the level scaling, weapons become less effective at higher levels, because enemy health scales faster than you can increase your weapon damage bonuses.

Optional mods

Unlock Pathfinder Weapons Rank VI-X
Makes the Pathfinder Elite Weapons (from the Deluxe Edition) Ranks VI to X available for crafting.
If you start a new game, the blueprints should unlock automatically when you reach the required levels.
To get the blueprints for an existing game, buy them either at the Tempest store or from the Arms Merchant on the Nexus.
You might have to reload the game (Open/close the loadout on the Tempest or travel somewhere) to correctly show all blueprints.

Also fixes the bug that displays all Pathfinder weapons as Rank I.
Note: If you use other mods that change the Tempest store (like "Tempest Superstore"), put this mod above them. In this case you won't be able to reliably buy all blueprints at the Tempest store. You can still buy them on the Nexus.

Rebalanced Fire Type Augmentations

Single Shot
    +60% Damage, -35% RoF
    +30% Accuracy, -35% Clip Size, -30% Stability
Burst Fire
    +10% RoF
    +20% Stability
Automatic Fire
    +20% RoF, -35% Damage
    +20% Clip Size, -30% Accuracy

Original stats:

Weapon Weight Reduction Scaling
You automatically get a weapon weight reduction of +1.5% per level, up to 90% at level 60.
This means that at level 60, weapons weight only slightly more than half of their original weight.
Similar to Vanilla, weapon weight becomes quite meaningless at higher levels, so you can easily carry multiple heavy weapons.
If you want the most balanced experience, don't use this mod.

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Made with Frosty Editor v1.0.5.7.
If you find a bug or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.