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Increases the range at which you can actually hit enemies with all guns from 100 meters to 2000 meters and removes bullet drop. Now if you can see the enemy, you can actually hit the enemy.

Permissions and credits

Increased Weapon Range and Hit Distance


This mod removes the limit on how far away you can hit enemies. The limit is normally  a pathetic 100 in-game meters so I increased the range to 2000 meters. Now you can actually hit enemies with any weapon as long as you can see the enemy. 

This is another mod that looked like it would be easy at first but turned out to be pretty tedious due to the hundreds of edits I had to make.

 I also increased the range that bullet visual FX travels for every single weapon in the game and I removed the bullet drop for any weapon that had it to compensate for the increased range that projectiles travel.

My reasoning for this mod is that projectiles in Mass Effect can(or should) travel much further than 100 meters, especially sniper rifles. This is not a COD game. Weapons in MEA are micro-scaled mass accelerators, using mass-reducing fields, not regular guns/bullets.  

Optional File

Version 1.00 had an edit that was not supposed to be there that was left over when i was testing  mod combinations to make sure there were no issues with other weapon mods. The edit in version 1.00 removes the damage penalty you get when you shoot with a sniper rifle while not zooming in. Normally, when you shoot an enemy with a sniper rifle while  you are not zoomed in, your damage is reduced by 50%(because of not zooming in, yeah idk what Bioware was thinking). Version 1.00 has this 50% damage penalty completely removed so  you are not penalized for not zooming  on a sniper rifle. I left this version as an optional version for anyone that wants it but It normally originated as a separate mod called No Scope No Problem  so if you want it separate, you can download it at its mod page or with the optional version here. 

Things to Do

Currently when using this mod and sniping  from extreme distances, enemies will often jump in circles or not respond to your attacks. This is because their AI was not coded for this kind of range. 

When I get some free time, I want to go in and rewrite the AI to respond correctly to attacks from afar by having the enemy either getting into cover at the nearest possible point, or engaging by running towards you and firing their weapon


 This mod does not affect any other stats other than bullet travel distance, bullet hit register distance, and bullet drop. You can use this mod with any weapon mod. 

How to install with Frosty Mod Manager.

This mod and any other Frosty mods are very easy to install. All you need is Frosty Toolsuite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from the tool suite) to install this mod. After you set up Frosty Mod manager, all you have to do is;

  •  Extract the rar archive (both .fbmod and .archive files) and load up Frosty Mod Manager.
  •  Click on the "Import Mod" button, find and select the .fbmod file you extracted.
  •  In Frosty Mod Manager, select the .fbmod file in the available mods window and double click it to enable it. Look at the applied mods window on the right to make sure the mod is applied (box is checked). Frosty Mod Manager will load  any mods with a checked box  next time you click the "Launch" button
  •  Launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.

Frosty Mod Manager must be used to load Mass Effect Andromeda each time  you wish to use this and any other frosty mods.

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Credits :

WaveBend for giving me some guidance. 

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite