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Adds a class system, where each class gets access to a limited set of powers.

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This mod reworks the Power System by forcing you to pick a class. Each class gets access to a specific set of powers (7-10 active Powers + Passives) and all other Powers are locked. I have based the classes on the existing Profiles (the Profile bonus stats and effects remain unchanged). In principle, it's also possible to add additional classes and Profiles. So if you have an idea for an interesting class, let me know in the comments.

Because I couldn't implement the mod how I initially intended, I have created two versions. Gameplay wise they are indentical, the difference is how the Powers are displayed in the menu.

Version A
There is one mod file for each class. The Powers are located in a single tree (instead of Combat/Biotic/Tech).
Advantage: All Powers in one list.

Version B
All classes are included in a single mod.
After you respec, all Profiles are available. Select a Profile to unlock the Powers of the class. All other Powers are simply locked. When you spend any skill points, the Profile/Class is locked until you respec again.
Advantage: Don't have to change mods to switch classes.

If you want to change your class often and don't want to restart the game for this, use Version B. Otherwise i recommend Version A.

You don't have to invest skill points evenly to level up your profile. For example, Sentinel level 2 requires only 24 points spend in any skills, instead of the 12 Tech and 12 Biotic as it says in the description.
Similarily, the passive effects that scale with the number of invested skill points now consider all invested points instead of only Combat/Biotic/Tech.

This mod is inteded to be used together with my mod Power Overhaul, which adds additonal Powers from multiplayer and improves the balance.
However, I have also created mod files that don't require Power Overhaul. If you use these, each class gets 1-2 Powers less.

Below are the availabe Powers for each class. In addition, each class gets access to the passives for the kind of Powers it uses. For example, the Sentinel gets access to all Tech and Biotic passives. The exception are the weapon mastery passives, which are explicitely listed below.

With Power Overhaul:

Without Power Overhaul:

This mod is compatible with all other mods made by me. Not compatible with any mods that change the file
I highly recommend also installing Profiles Reworked, which improves the bonuses provided by each Profile.

Respec before you use this mod!
Version A will crash the game if you have invested any points in the Biotic or Tech tree.
If you use Version B, you should activate the mod only after you have completed the Prologue. (As Profiles are not available in the Prologue, all powers are locked.)
If you also use Power Overhaul, apply this mod after (below) Power Overhaul in the Mod Manger:

Only active one mod at a time, so only one of the available versions of this mod. If you use Version A, only use one of the classes (like seen above).

I have an 'Unknown' power equipped, which cannot be unequipped.
  • Disable the mod, restart the game, respec. Make sure to not have any powers equipped, then enable the mod again. (This happens if you have a power equipped that is then locked by this mod.)

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Made with Frosty Editor v1.0.5.7.
If you find a bug or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.