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Shortens Tempest landing and departure cinematics time by 90% for all hubs and planets

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Shorter Landing + Departure Cinematics


I always thought the cinematic movies that play whenever you land on a planet and especially when you go back on the Tempest were way too long. This mod shortens all landing and departure cinematics by roughly 90% for the following (basically all) hubs and worlds:

Nexus (Tram Cinematics were shortened as well)

How to install.

This mod and any other Frosty mods are very easy to install. All you need is Frosty Toolsuite (Specifically Frosty Mod Manager from the tool suite) to install this mod. After you set up Frosty Mod manager, all you have to do is;

  •  Extract the rar archive (both .fbmod and .archive files) and load up Frosty Mod Manager.
  •  Click on the "Import Mod" button, find and select the .fbmod file you extracted.
  •  In Frosty Mod Manager, select the .fbmod file in the available mods window and double click it to enable it. Look at the applied mods window on the right to make sure the mod is applied (box is checked). Frosty Mod Manager will load  any mods with a checked box  next time you click the "Launch" button
  •  Launch the game with the "launch" button in Frosty mod manager to apply the mod.

Frosty Mod Manager must be used to load Mass Effect Andromeda each time  you wish to use this and any other frosty mods.

More technical Info

I'm not surprised this hasn't been done before considering how it turned out to be more difficult than I first imagined. I would have just liked to cut all the landing and departing cinematics out of the game, but it creates issues with background level streaming/loading that makes removing the scenes a problem. In one instance where i completely removed a landing scene, my character fell through the ground at times, and at others froze in place while the whole place loaded in around you sporadically.  I realized that i would have to go through each scene and manually adjust the movie track times  and also the fade track times along with any dialogue that is sometimes heard when landing/departing. I certainly did not expect this to be as difficult as it was, but it was a good learning experience in how Cinematic scenes are blueprinted in the game. 

By default, a lot of of the landing and departing cinematics range from 18 seconds to even  30 seconds at times. I cut all scenes down to 1-6 seconds adjusting each scene manually for the world/hub to make it look decent. 

A little more info on why some scenes are really short (besides for  saving time):

Some departure scenes were left at a couple seconds (ex. Elaaden departure) because by default, the start of the scene is like 10 seconds of watching critters walking and then finally  the Tempest is shown starting it's takeoff. Elaaden is not the only scene like this and it's such a waste of time.  It seemed pointless to have the scene any longer but I couldn't just  cut it out of the game without the issues I mentioned above, so I had to keep some kind of cutscene there.

If I can start the departure scenes midway through the scene, then expect an update to this mod that makes the departures like Elaaden cleaner and actually start off right away with the Tempest leaving the planet. It will still be a short 6 seconds max scene though. Yeah, so that didn't work. 

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Credits :

Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for helping me find the cinematic locations, and for the amazing Frosty Tool Suite