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Extensive overhaul of the powers. Improved balance, adds seven multiplayer powers, new and updated evolutions, improved damage calculation, correctly displayed stats.

Permissions and credits

  • Make seven multiplayer powers available in singleplayer.
  • Rework the power damage calculation.
  • Display the correct stats for all powers (include all bonuses).
  • Rebalance: Changed base stats, changed evolution stats.
  • Evolution changes: New evolutions, improved evolution order.
  • Better Squadmates: Rebalanced powers, increased weapon damage.

1. Damage Calculation & Stats

All power stats (damage, cooldown, etc.) are displayed as their actual values. In the vanilla game, the global modifiers (e.g. +10% Biotic Damage) are not included in the displayed values.

Display additional stats, e.g. the duration of Flamethrower and Cryo Beam.

The bonuses of each power and the global bonuses now stack multiplicatively instead of additively.
For example, let's assume a power with base damage of 100 and we have +60% power damage from armor, profile, etc.
Without any evolution the power does 100 * 1.6 = 160 damage.
Now assume that we take evolutions that increase the damage of this power by 50%.
In the Vanilla game, the bonuses stack additively, so the total bonus is 50% + 60% = 110%. The final damage of the power is then 100 * 2.1 = 210.
With this mod, the bonus is instead applied multiplicatively: 160 * 1.5 = 240 (or 100 * 1.6 * 1.5 = 240).
This means that if you evolve a power to have +50% damage, it actually does 50% more damage than without the evolutions.
For the Vanilla calculation, the damage is instead only increased by 31% (2.1 / 1.6 = 1.31).

2. New Features & Improvements
This mod makes seven multiplayer powers available in singleplayer: Avenger Strike, Fortify, Warp, Snap Freeze, Recon Visor, Shieldboost, and Stealth Grid.

Add completely new power evolutions that replace existing ones, e.g. an evolution that changes Cryobeam to be similar to Cryo Blast from ME3.

Improved order of the powers in the menu so that similar powers are next to each other, e.g. Overload and Energy Drain.

3. Balance
Nearly all powers and their evolutions have been rebalanced, including the added multiplayer powers.

I felt that some evolution ranks are simply uninteresting. For example, choosing between cooldown and damage is not really that interesting as both increase the average DPS.
I think it's better to give a choice between a general improvement (cooldown, damage) and a situational improvement (damage vs. shields/armor, radius), so I swapped some evolutions around.
The stat bonuses provided by evolutions are now more consistent across powers:
  • Rank 2 and 3: most skills gain 10% cooldown on R2 and 15% damage on R3.
  • Rank 4 and 5: cooldown is +20% for most powers, and damage is +25%.
There are some exceptions to this rule, e.g. Singularity R3 gives +25% damage, because the damage is not the main effect of the power.
As a result, each evolution should now have reason to be chosen. The reordered evolutions also allow for new combinations, e.g. you can now combine the Pull evolutions Expose and Crushing Grip.

Squadmates have been completely rebalanced. I increased the weapon damage of all Squadmates, by up to a factor of 7. Powers and passives are also improved, see below for more details.

Power Changes

In this section, you can see the most notable changes to the base stats and evolutions of the powers.
This does not include all changes, as I rebalanced nearly all base stats and evolutions.






4. Optional Addons

The following addons are available in the download section:

  • Remnant VI Unlocked - Makes the Remant VI Tech Power available from the beginning of the game.
  • No Biotic Cooldowns - Removes the cooldown of all biotic power. Not recommended if you want a well balanced game.
  • Loyality Requirement - Rank 6 evolutions of squadmates are only unlocked upon completing their loyality mission (like in Vanilla)..

5. Compatibility
You need Frosty Mod Manager version or newer to use this mod.
This mod can safely be enabled or disabled using existing saves. However, the chosen powers/evolutions are not carried over correctly, so you will have to respec after enabling the mod.
If you want to disable the mod, respec before doing so.

Compatible and recommended:

The following mods made by me are fully compatible and complement this mod:

  • Replace Profiles with Classes - Adds a class system where each class has only access to a limited number of powers. Place below Power Overhaul in the Mod Manager.

  • Enhanced Statistics Page - Displays additional stats on the statistics page, such as Weapon bonuses, Damage/Cooldown/Duration bonuses for Combat/Biotic/Tech, Combo bonuses.

Compatible with patch:

For the following mods, you need to use a compatibility patch (see the download section). Put the patch after the two mods.

Not compatible with:
Most mods that change anything related to powers are most likely not compatible.

  • Better Squad - Squadmates are already rebalanced, so no need for this mod.

Other stuff by me

Mod Manager Tutorial and My Recommended Mods
All of my mods


Credits to NightWolf2503 for the idea to include multiplayer powers into the singleplayer (Multiplayer Powers in Singleplayer).

If you find a bug or have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

Made with Frosty Editor v1.0.5.7.