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Lets you toggle Ryder's armour flashlight.

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Have you ever ventured into an unmarked remnant ruin in the north east of Elaaden, only to make it out again and notice that you flash light wouldn't turn off?
Does it bother you when your light tries to outshine the bright sun, after exploring some random cave?

Worry not: With new an innovative technology, you can finally toggle your flash light yourself!
(Disclaimer: Lightswitches were pretty common in the milky way, just the cheap knock off armours that the andromeda initiative bought don't come with an integrated one. Also, the light switches that the initiative bought with them seem to break often, just look at those changelog entries)

Press the 'Cobra RPG (MP)'-key to toggle the light while on foot.
Ryder's flashlight is automatically turned off, when entering the Nomad.

Status-effects of armours are active even when Ryder is not currently wearing any armour, and so is the control scheme.

I did not test the new MP Key binding for any weird conflicts, considering it shouldn't be active in SP anyway.
MP should not be affected at all, toggling is only enabled when not in MP mode.
But considering that there may be some weird unintended behaviour in some place, I left the old versions here as well. Details for those are in the spoiler below.


The project files is included with the mods.

Made with Frosty

Thanks to Kahmu for suggesting the MP Keybindings as alternative.
This mod would not be possible without GMan, benji, Cade, and Derwangler who created and maintain the Frosty tool suite.