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Unique textures for Sarissa, Vederia, Atandra, Keri and Kalinda.

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°Asari Tweaks°

Alternative face textures for Sarissa, Vederia, Atandra, Keri and Kalinda.


You'll need the Frosty Tool Suite by Ehamloptiran.


- Due to a vanilla bug(?), Sarissa spawns as a generic asari for 2 cutscenes during The Journey to Meridian mission. I haven't found a solution to this yet.
(If you have any insight to offer into this issue, I'd love the help!)

- Both Vederia and Sarissa will appear as their vanilla selves for the split second you see them in the final mission.
(Working on it. If someone is willing to share a save at the start of that mission with Vederia as pathfinder, I'd love to have it.)

- Vederia, post-loyalty mission, is largely untested.

Please report any issues you come across. (and send a save file my way if you can!)


14/07/2017 - Fixed an issue I'd missed that caused a crash in Meridian.
                          15/07/2017 - Fixed an issue where Keri would show up vanilla in the post-eos interview.
               - Fixed a texture bug that affected Lexi in the epilogue.
                                16/07/2017 - Fixed a texture issue that affected Lexi on the Nexus, Hyperion and Tempest.