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Collection of patched plugins for several popular mods to prevent stuttering, crashing and other problems, all packed into a single modular FOMOD installer.

Permissions and credits
I got sick and tired of poor perfomance, annoying conflicts and random crashes...
So I decided to do something about it. Raising mods from the dead, one patch at a time.

The installer currently features patched versions of 34 different mods, those being:

Deadly Commonwealth Expansion | Author: DarkClawRaven
Dogmeat And Strong Armor | Authors: MunkySpunk & TumbaJamba
Do Your Damn Job Codsworth | Author: TheCoolest7248
Enhanced Lights And FX | Author: anamorfus
Fourville (Vault 4) | Author: Seddo4494
Hearts of Darkness | Author: Kahsah
Immersive Gunners Plaza | Author: MoreLikeVicky
Lost Building of Atlantic | Author: spacetimebender
Minutemen Supply Caches | Author: countercruel
More Xplore | Author: Synpathy
Mutilated Dead Bodies | Author: gumgum339339
N.E.S.T Survival Bunkers | Author: sgtpectoralismajor
Raider Children And Other Horrors | Author: gift2
Sector Five Rise And Fall | Author: schratt0r
Settlement Shelters | Author: borjoyzee
Subway Runner (Shadows) | Author: ghostfc3s
Tales From The Commonwealth | Author: kristakahashi
Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes | Author: RoastinGhost
Wasteland Imports | Author: Mkdo40
Xander's Aid | Author: neeher
ZXC Micro Additions | Author: jia3huo4

Beyond the Borders - New Lands ModAuthor: WOTmodsproductions
↳ WIP/Beta Patch, please report misplaced objects in Far Harbor DLC, if you find any.

↳ Author: Cryptdick | These mods likely need new navmeshes since the originals delete a lot of them.

Beantown Brewery
| Covenant Compound | Gunners Plaza | Hub City | Lexington | Mil. Checkpoint | Nahant

↳ Author: MoreLikeVicky | I'm still testing these mods, please report any misplaced objects.

The Hollow
 | Author: Falloutguy1995

↳ You should delete all original loose files after installing this patch.

Vault 1080
| Author: Ex0dus13
↳ Restored vanilla landscape / terrain so it's compatible with other mods.
(This mod will still eat your FPS with Godrays enabled while in the Marsh.)
If you get blocked with "You cannot go that way.", simply disable map borders.

Old Time Religion | Patch now integrated into the original mod, huzzah!

You still need to download and install the original mods for each patched plugin you wish to use.
The patches are separated from each other in the installer, you can use any or all of them.

All plugins from featured mods were cleaned in various ways and resaved with Creation Kit to resolve many problems. These mods will no longer break any precombined data, which means they gain complete benefits from the original precombine optimization system. I still highly recommend that you install Previs Repair Pack and load it last, as it will stop other unpatched mods from breaking your game.

To prevent other issues, I strongly advise that you also pack any loose mod files (Textures, Meshes, Materials, etc.) into BA2 Archives after overwriting/installing the plugins. This can be easily done with Cathedral Assets Optimizer (V 5.1.13). If you need instructions for it, they can be found here.

And for the list of known mods that can frequently cause crashes and ways to resolve most common crash logs, see this article. This whole mini-project is meant for my Optimization Guides Collection 2 and I plan on creating patches for many more mods. Feel free to suggest the ones that need to get fixed.

NOTICE: If you see clipping or out of place objects that belong to the patched mods, let me know!
- To make sure objects belong to the patched mods, you can install and use Better Console.
Simply select objects through the ingame console, then take a look at their displayed source plugin. 
- Provide a screenshot if you can and state the nearby location / landmark where you found it.

About FaceGen Data

FaceGen data consists of pregenerated meshes and texture files for NPC faces. Without these files, the game is forced to actively generate FaceGen data each time any NPC without them is encountered, which can cause brief stuttering in busy areas. To prevent this, I generated these files for specific mods.

List of mods that have FaceGen data available for download (Optional Files):

Settlers Of The Commonwealth
Tales From The Commonwealth

Keep in mind that this data generally won't increase performance much, it should only prevent random stuttering in certain cases. I personally noticed only a 1-2% FPS increase with generated FaceGen data on the following hardware: Vega 56 8GB, R5 2600, 32GB 3000MHz CL15. Take from that what you will.