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This mod adds 30 new locations ranging from bunkers,shelters, and general holdouts. Based on cold war designs bunkers are strewn across the wasteland, to provide shelter for you wasteland wanderers. Be warned that while some will provide shelter, a warm bed and resources, others may harbor something nasty.

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Nuclear Environmental Survival Technologies (NEST) Bunkers 

Failed to secure a golden ticket into a vault?

Government propaganda got you scared for your families survival? 

Well don't worry!

Our N.E.S.T Shelters are being rolled out across the United States. Thanks to government funding, we can offer full construction of your very own shelter!

Want a small box room for you and four children? Done!
Want to be locked in underground with your wife? Done
Fancy breeding a small cat army to colonize the remains of your country? Done!

We offer construction of basic designs, as well as custom specifications.

Each shelter will require monthly payments following construction. (rates may vary in line with size, components, resources, inflation, nuclear annihilation) 

Government subsidies allow payments to be stretched over long periods of time. This way you can carry on living the American dream, safe in the knowledge that you might not get home in time to use your personal bunker, but your wife and kids should be fine!

Order Today!
N.E.S.T Project

Hello everyone. 

This modification has been created to provide some restbite for those wasteland survivors among us.

It provides multiple (30) locations (most of which are hand made) that can offer beds,water,food,medicinal and other supplies. Not all these locations are the conventional underground bunker. You may find more unconventional survival areas made inside vehicles or in areas tucked out of the way.

However be warned that time has not been kind to all of these shelters. Some have been cleaned out by other wanderers, some have been claimed, while some have been left untouched.

There is a slight risk/ reward in that you don't know what you are getting, until you enter.

For those playing on survival, each bunker provides at the very least a bed(should be fixed now). I have placed them as tactically as possible, to allow progression across the wasteland, leaving a bunker within reach during most of your ventures.

I have added some notes and terminals to add some background information, in regards to the NEST project within the wasteland and some ambiance.

So if your fetish is to hide away in a trailer, train,bus, shipping container, train car, APC, Ship, water tower etc. or searching a variety of more standard bunkers then this might be for you.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ...2018 UPDATE...FIXES ARE COMING...

Good day or evening vault dwellers. First I would prefer to apologize for my lack of punctuality in regards to updating this mod. I'm well aware that more than a few of you have stumbled, wandered and crawled your way into what you were expecting to be a refuge of sorts, only to discover to your horror, that you would be keeping company with the skeletons in your new tomb.

Alas we should take some time to remember those who have fallen to the bugs and glitches. Those who shielded their eyes from the unsealed borders of corridors, buildings or shelters, witnessing things no vault dweller should. Those who have found frames dropping to unimaginable lows and those left at the height of frustration.

I have been busy this past 8 months and will be for the foreseeable future, which as a result, this has meant that I unfortunately lack the time to play many games, let alone create and modify content. Luckily I have some annual leave lined up and I find that I must clear my conscience and put the virtual souls I have doomed to rest.

Cheers and all the best

Fixes, fiddles, changes 


-Added a couple new shelters.

- Fixed some broken doors, blockages, terrain/object clipping.

-Started checking bunkers in game for errors.

-Fixed some performance issues.

--Added four new additional areas 

-NEST HQ bunker can now be accessed with a key card located in NEST HQ building or via lockpicking

-Made changes to multiple instances of terrain obstructing or blocking player movement.

-Closed of some interiors that were displaying the great abyss.

-Moved, deleted, altered many objects that were causing performance issues, were not needed etc.

-Fixed some entry and exit problems that existed between the teleportation system in/out of the NEST areas.

-Made changes to some gates and doorways that were not functioning correctly.

-Fixed lagging in some areas due to oversights, errors, physics.

-Deleted multiple objects that were displaying errors or not appearing during gameplay.

-Added four additional areas which were unused / unfinished .

-Closed off and or removed some areas that locked the player inside with no hope of escape.

-Terminal name issue should now be fixed

-Hatch name issue should now be fixed

-Navmesh redone and edited 

-Cleaned partially 

-Each location should now be discoverable 

-Things that need doing: 

-Mod needs fully cleaning

Bunker Locations

Locations should now be referenced on the map and should also be discoverable while playing.

Bugs And Other Issues

I have no doubt that there are bugs hiding somewhere as always. If you encounter any issues, crashes, error messages, subliminally induced insanity, then please let me know in the comments.

If I don't respond in good time, then please feel free to send me a private message and It will notify me on my phone. 

Cheers everyone