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Adds more enemies and details to Gunners Plaza, making it look like an actual HQ for the Gunners.

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Thank you for all the downloads and endorsements! You guys have no idea how much it means to me. I had no idea my mod could have over 4000 downloads!

After clearing the GNN Building in less then 10 minutes, I felt absolutely UNIMMERSED.

It's the Gunners' main HQ, but there's, like, 5 dudes outside?

Well, this mod fixes that!
Gunners Plaza was modified to look like a real location, with real people instead of 3d models holding laser pistols. Lots of them were placed for an added challenge. 

Warning: It's REALLY hard to kill all enemies, so I recommend using a mod like FCOM to bring some troops to aid you. Or go alone, it's your life. It's quite a challenge, not everyone can do it without cheating or spamming mini-nukes. But if you're up to test your skills, I'm sure you'll enjoy this mod.

It's also a good location to test if your weapon mods are working, since they're all high-level enemies.

Those barricades came from somewhere, right?

Special thanks to White Collar Players for Showcasing the mod!