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Overhauls every major enemy faction in Base Fallout 4 with new variants

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NOT COMPATIBLE: All of my other deadly mods this mod compensates for all of them

COMPATIBLE with everything else (I don't know about mods that alter leveled lists)

Version 2: Fixed Vertibird falling through the floor, Given Palmers Gunship Gauss Cannons.

Version 3: Buffed: Child of the Glow

Buffed: Captain Hannes 

Buffed: Palmer's Gunship

Nerfed: General Guthrie's Weapon

Version 4: Added 2 new helmets and 1 new armor set


This mod overhauls every major enemy faction in fallout 4 ( Raiders, Gunners, Super Mutants. Ghouls, Children of Atom)

With new variants, weapons, bosses, armor, repopulation and AI changes


New Npc varients

Several New Voice acted Bosses

Unique weapons and armor for those bosses

Unique npc's

Example: Gunner Medic (Heals Nearby allies occasionally) 

Raider Boomer (Runs up to player and blows up when health is low)

New encounters between factions (Small faction battles randomly occur) 

BOSS LOCATIONS: For video reviews (Any high quality video review will be posted on this page)


Warchief Mcgregor: Andrew Station

Brookshire the Boulder: East City Downs

Flesh eater Nathaniel: Corvega Assembly Plant

Brick: FMS North Star

Bearspawn Bradley: D.B Tech High


General Guthrie: Quincy

Captain Hannes: Quincy

Colonel Crocket: Gunners Plaza

Eli "The Revolver": Hub City

Commander Palmer: Mike Pass Interchange

Feral Ghouls:

Project X-259F - Wildwood Cemetery

Super Mutants:

Leather Skin: Coast Guard Pier

Behemoth Titan: Coast Guard Pier

Children of Atom:

Child of the Glow: Crater House

Ungodly Mozgus: Union Hope Cathedral

The Grand Inquisitor: Federal Ration Stockpile Church

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