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Newest addition to the series that adds three POI's and one neutral town in the southern swamplands.

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Note: Apparently making an all-in-one version can significantly impact compatibility and also takes some extra work, and as of now I won't be setting that up. For now, the entire series is only five mod slots, and seems to work pretty well in this manner.

Quagmire - New Town
-A shack-town built over the swamps that is currently occupied by a neutral raider gang with a leader known as "Mc-Elroy." They will not open fire on sight but can be attacked without compromising the vendors of the town. This is where most of the work was done for this mod and the town includes a doctor, merchant and bartender vendor. 

Federal Supply Cache 79NE - New Interior
A concrete bunker built into the swamplands before the war, it may have some "worth-while" loot, especially in the still-locked armory.

Railway Storage - New POI
A small survivor shack built into the existing building provides shelter for one not-so-friendly Ghoul.

Secluded Work-Site - New Interior
A ruined building along the road with a partially-flooded basement will yield some useful loot.