Fallout 4
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This mod replaces some mod revolvers and some vanilla weapon sounds with sounds from Hunt: Showdown.

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I replaced the mod/vanilla weapons with weapon fire from Hunt: Showdown. I've made a list of current mods/vanilla weapons that have received new sound effects—look below the video!

The whole setup is tentative so things are liable to change, and I plan on replacing more mod/vanilla sounds with Hunt's weapon sounds. I'm currently working on the Smith and Wesson Model 1917 revolver and might replace it with the Nagant sound and redo the Remington 1858. As for Combat Rifle/Sparks combination, I realize the sounds aren't suitable so right now I'm looking for a gun (vanilla or mod) more fitting for the Sparks. I have plans for the Winchester repeater and am thinking about replacing the sounds with the Winfield M1873. I'm also going to replace the Nexus' Mosin with Hunt's Mosin sounds. I wanted to replace the Mauser pistol sfx with the Dolch 96 but I don't know how to properly replace the sound file as it uses 10mm-auto sound files (which, apparently, is different from standard sound files), so I'll be working on that as well.

Additionally, for a more authentically loud western experience, I recommend downloading Louder Guns: It does what it says and it does it right. It's also what I used in my video, so if you don't download it, you'll experience softer sounds through your playthrough.

Vanilla Weapon Sounds List:
  • .44 revolver to Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
  • Western revolver to LeMat Mark II
  • Pistol 10mm to Dolch 96
  • Combat shotgun to Crown & King Auto-5
  • Double barrel shotgun to Caldwell Rival 78
  • Hunting rifle to Martin-Henry IC1
  • Combat rifle to Sparks LRR
  • Lever-action rifle to Winfield M1873

Mod Weapon Sounds List:
  • Smith and Wesson 500 Revolver Redux to Caldwell Conversion
  • Custom Remington 1875 to Caldwell Pax
  • Remington 1858 New Model Army to Nagant M1895 Officer
  • Bergmann 1896 to Bornheim No.3
  • Winchester Model 1892 (shares same sfx file with vanilla lever-action rifle)

Any tips/feedback will be appreciated. This is my first mod so bear with me.

Changelog 1.1:
- Replaced combat shotgun with Crown & King Auto-5
- Replaced lever-action rifle with Winfield M1873
- Replaced hunting rifle with Martin-Henry IC1
- Replaced western revolver with LeMat Mark II
- Replaced .44 revolver with Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
- Replaced pistol 10mm with Dolch 96
- Replaced Bergmann with Bornheim No.3