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Adds a balisong, or butterfly knife, as a new animated melee weapon to the game.

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The third addition to the Select series, the Balisong. Also known as the butterfly knife, it is a melee weapon that is known for being used as a toy more often than for actual stabbing... por qué no los dos?

The other Select weapons?
Heavy Select Shotgun
Select Assault Rifle

Features some customization. Different blade styles, different handle styles and individual paint jobs for both. The video below shows some of the paint jobs and knives.

The weapon can be found on some raiders as a possible melee drop (LL injection). It can also be crafted at a Chemistry Bench under BALISONG.

For console commands: help balisong 4 weap

They can also be legendary, the Balisong was added to the random Legendary roll. Starts showing up at level 20.

This mod is primarily a 1st person weapon mod. Due to the animated nature of this melee weapon, 3rd person only works well enough for VATS to look good. 3rd person technically works but isn't pretty (gun mods are so much easier... lol). Companions and NPCs however have no issue using the balisong.
Also no power armor animations on this mod.

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with NMM/Vortex or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4.
Two versions available for download. ESL and ESP. 

Vanilla compatibility: This mod makes no vanilla edits and is entirely standalone.
Mod compatibility: For mod patches, (Horizon, AWKR whatever lol, etc) contact me should you make your own for upload to the Nexus so I can post links below.
For Mod Authors: This mod uses 'BALIS' as the shorthand for all form ID's and file paths.

Available patches:
none yet

Check out the Facebook page below, I post project updates and stuff every Wednesday! Well, mostly. 

01-10-2021 | Initial Upload -1.0