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Also hoseless/tankless, since the hoses float without the helmet and without the hoses there's no point to a tank. Separated Helmets and Tank available. Transparent helmet glass!

Permissions and credits

To get this armor you need to open the console "~"  (Or download the AE patch and craft it)

Type: help "Helmless" 4
Or: help "Hazmat Helmet" 4
Or: help "Hazmat Tank" 4
Or: help "Hazmat Meters" 4

To get the Item IDs

Then: player.additem [Item ID] 1
To get your item of choice.


Make sure to enable Archive Invalidation



- Items are set up similar to "Armorsmith Extended", so it is able to be modified (MISC and WEAVE) and you can wear other armor parts over it. 
There is also an AE Compatability Patch available to download if you use that. (Adds crafting)

- Hazmat Suit all by itself, the original idea of the mod, hence the name. Later it became just separated everything.

- Separate Helmets to wear with the suit if you want them. All helmets have transparency (including Vanilla whole suits) thanks to Clory.
(Take up slot 46)

- Separated Tank/Hoses to wear with or without the suit. Looks best with Hazmat Helmet, otherwise hoses float. (Takes up Slot 54, Backpack/Satchels)
The tank adds Waterbreathing, thanks very much to Khadji for helping me figure it out. 

- Separated Meters with no Tank as an option. (Takes up Slot 54, Backpack/Satchels)

Items & What They Do:
- Damaged Hazmat Helmet = 150 Rad Protection   WT 1        Value 15     DR 1
- Hazmat Helmet = 250 Rad Protection                   WT 1        Value 27     DR 1
- Hazmat Tank = 250 Rad Protection                       WT 5.5     Value 27     DR 1
- Helmetless Suit = 500 Rad Protection                   WT 4.5     Value 55     DR 3
- Hazmat Meters = 100 Rad Protection                    WT 1         Value 27     DR 1

- Full Suit = 1000 Rad Protection
- Full Suit Damaged= 900 Rad Protection (As a cosmetic choice with slightly less protection)
(Full Suit WT 11)

The way this is set up you can basically hotkey different armor pieces to swap quickly to get the amount of rad protection you need.



Feel free to use the base of this mod to create your own retextures, as long as you give me credit.
See Armorsmith Cat_Woman1989 Extended in Optional Files - by Gambit77
The author of AE has made a compatibility patch for his mod & a compilation of mine.

I've made my own compatibility patch for this mod now, if you just want to use this mod alone and not my others. See Update Files.


1.8 - Update - Added straps/meters without the tank. Texture variants supported. Added straps/meters and fixes to crafting for AE patch.
1.7H2AE - Compatibility Patch - For AE 2.75, also added the crafting recipes that I forgot to do the first time. Helmet in HEADGEAR, Tank in PACKS and Suit in OTHER
1.7H2AE - Compatibility Patch - What it says on the can. Compatibility for AE V2.71
1.7H2 - Hotfix - Something broke, maybe because of the beta patch. Fixed again.
1.7H - Hotfix - Fixes the invisible heads/glass on helmets for the Vanilla (whole) outfit variants.
1.7 - Update/Fix - Prepping for AE compatibility patch, there was some error in one of the asset files that I may not have uploaded correctly in 1.6
1.6 - Update - Helmet Transparency, thanks to "Clear Hazmat Helmet" by Clory for figuring it out!
1.5 - Fix - Corrected the absence of 1st person model on Hazmat Tank causing an artifact while sneaking.
1.4 - Optional .ESP Replacer - Oxygen Tank adds Waterbreathing to Hazmat Tank - Thanks very much to Khadji for figuring it out.
1.4 - Update/Patch - Fixed: Helmet World/Inventory Models / Balance Patch: Adjusted Weights, Rads, Value, See Above
1.3C - Balance Patch 2 - Adjusted Weights
1.3B - Balance Patch - Adjusted Rad Protection
1.3 - Big Update - Includes AE patch .esp, helmless suit and separate helmets. Also includes separated Tank with Hoses.
1.3 - (Alternate) - Optional textures repacked to include tank textures 
1.2 - .ESP Patch - Fixed biped flags to remove armor add-on conflicts
1.1 (Alternate) - Added black and grey alternate texture
1.1 (Alternate) - Added gloves that I forgot. I'm asleep.
1.1 - Corrected Normal and Specular maps to fix lighting issue
1.0 - Initial Release


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