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The mod is a Super Mutant Redux No-AWKCR replacer .esp. There were issues with the only replacer found on the net so I made one. HUGE thanks to Mscheetham for showing me how to preserve the OBTS includes. This started a little over 4 months ago and I've been adding litte fixes here and there since.

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The mod is a Super Mutant Redux No-AWKCR replacer .esp.  There were issues with the only replacer found on the net so I made one.  HUGE thanks to Mscheetham for showing me how to preserve the OBTS includes.

Ruddy 88 Simple Sorter Users and FallUI Item Sorter Mod users each have a file in the MISC section.


This page now focuses primarily on Complex Item Sorter installations. My mods have updated to the new installation features of Complex Item Sorter 1.9 and will no longer require manually installing any .ini files.  Also, the INNR files can also now be manipulated and rearranged with a one line command in an ini file.  Always read installation instructions as some mods do still use an INNR.esp file - LIKE THIS ONE.


Complex Item Sorter 1.9 implements new feature and abilities which make future mod installation possible using only Mod Organizer 2.

** Install or Upgrade Complex Item Sorter to version1.9 **  The file is pre-release and currently on Discord.

** Verify you have a proper Complex Item Sorter installation per
Steps 1-5 of this ArticleStep 5 is critical for this mod to work.


1.  Install Super Mutant Redux 2.5-SD-DCL

2. Install the main file 4estGimp - SuperMutantRedux_No_AWKCR  - It is a replacer .esp and an INNR.
 - - - Those who are re-installing should uninstall the two previous mods as they are both in the main mod now.

3. Check your load order:


Does your Mod Organizer 2 installation look like this?

or R88 Simple Sorter and other free thinkers.  Heck if I know.  Do what you do.


- Armor Entries
- - Added instance naming to every single ARMO item
- - Created keywords and INNR rules for M150’s Wigs
- - Restored 4 Legacy INNRs and configured them to Ruddy88's INNR convention.
- - Swapped Armor meshes on multiple items
- - The Aviator Cap caused CTD - Helmet05_GO.nif mesh replaced.
- - Blindfold mesh in barter menus was invisible.  It was changed to a pair of glasses (sub-optimal) but can be dropped and picked up now.
- - Chain Covering and Chain armor invisible in barter menus.  Meshes changed back to Vanilla.
- - Squire's hat given the correct path to a visible mesh.
- - Mama Murphy's Beaded Hat used all slots and would make a wearer naked - slots fixed.
- Added Keywords and INNR rules for:
- - Creeper Helmet
- - Bearskin Helmet - set to correct INRD
- - Bear Helmet (Supermutant) - Needed keyword and INNR rule
- - Atomic Fast Bomb Armor
- - Atomic Fast Bomb Helmet
- - Protectron Armor
- - Protectron Armor - Fire
- - Protectron Armor - Medic
- - Protectron Armor - Police
- - Protectron Armor - Construction
- - T-60 Armor
- Weapon Entries
- Item Naming
- All Mutants (there are a LOT of them) resized from 109% Max to 105% Max.  Now they can all walk through Medford Memorial doors.
- Behemoth Enemy status set
- There's more but I don't really remember what.  This mod is much more expansive than I realized.  It still has a lot that could be implemented or optimized.

Load Order:

(about mid load order)
Super Mutant Redux 2.5-SD-DLC      <-- We replace the .esp from these files.
SuperMutantRedux.esp        <--This must be the replacer file from 4estGimp - SuperMutantRedux_No-AWKCR)
.4estGimp - SuperMutantRedux_INNRs4FallUI.esp                 <-- It should work anywhere below the replacer file

(bottom of load order)
R88_SimpleSorter.esp (INNR)
M8r98a4f2's Complex Item Sorter Output Files (if used)

See 4estGimp - M8r98a4f2's Complex Item Sorter Enhancements for examples of making output files in Complex Item Sorter.

Armor and Clothing Overhaul is now fully compatible with Complex Item Sorter:

1. Install the New ACO somewhat low in the load order.
 - - Select the Vanilla BP option
 - - Select Minuteman option if that applies.
2. Make sure the .esp are low in your load order.

These are the correct ESP:

Additional note:  ACO can revert a few changes to ARMO which are part of various factions. 
This is a normal part of modding.  I made myself a few Conflict
Resolution patches.  They don't have to be separated by faction.  I did
that due to supporting mods for all those factions and will eventually
offer the CR patches for download.

Crafting Framework is 100% recommended and always in my load order with these options and extras:
1.  Crafting Framework
 - - - Expansions and Patches - ONLY check "Lootable Microchips"
 - - - Workbench Patcher - xEdit plugin
2.  Standalone Workbenches by Whisper
Standalone Workbenches - Crafting Framework Patch