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Enhancing the Glowing Sea and Quincy Marshes, with new enemies, locations, and rewards.

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A tribute to the classic mod from Baerthe, Cryptdick, Wanaming0, and Carnagefiend, South of the Sea. Known for enhancing the Glowing Sea and surrounding areas, South of the Sea left a legacy in the modding community calling for the brave to pick up the mantle and resume development.  

The technical issues have been addressed. The stories and quests have been expanded. The world locations and interior maps have been redrawn to fit the story of the Fanatic's of Atom, the Swamp Folk, and the flaming demon creatures. With the help of the whole community, this mod is now possible.

I present to you the latest chapter south of the sea: Atoms Storm

    The Prophet told the Fanatics of Atom to dig. To dig and to find Atom's holy glow. But they dug too deep and unearthed hellish flaming creatures, killing the Prophet and scores of fanatics. Barely contained, the remaining fanatics study the words of the prophet in hopes of finding an answer. During the Prophet's life Atom spoke through the Prophet. And when those words were spoke the faithful recorded those words. Still laid at their original locations, the writings are worshiped. Atom's faithful believe that to study the words, one day the faithful will be rewarded. Shown sacred weapons to use in their holy war.

    These prophecies are spread across a vast network of tunnels and new locations that make up the fanatic's territory. A territory that is ever expanding - in spite of being attacked within by flaming demons creatures. This is all thanks to the radioactive waste that erupted from below. That ooze is now the key ingredient for a very profitable and very dangerous new drug. As the fanatic's expand north into the Natick Banks Raiders and east into the Swamp Folk, the recovery of these weapons could tip the balance of power.

    Hurry because it seems the Fanatic's of Atom were not the only group to take advantage of this radioactive ooze. Locals from the fishing town of Quagmire found a secret bog and with the help from a dangerous witch, the swamp folk are using this ooze to grow a massive fortress south of Quincy. Now drunk with this new found power, the swamp folk threaten Gunner holdings to the north.