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The very first, and original, Display DLC.... Helping you show off your loot, before it was cool ;)
Display your weapons, Armor, and other collectibles on wall mounted pegboards, shelves, glass cases, mannequins, and other containers. Plus many more displays coming!! Formerly known as FUNCTIONAL WEAPON RACKS.

Permissions and credits
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  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French

Read the bulletin and descriptions thoroughly, and review the known issues, install, and troubleshooting guides.


(Read the change log and known issues below)

Click here for the Bethesda.net version (Vanilla only) Please rate on Bethesda, and endorse here if you're enjoying this mod!! 


It is good practice when using any mods, not just mine.
Also, whenever changing versions it is always best practice to fully uninstall the old version before installing the newer version.


I work A LOT, so I'm not as active on this as I would like, though I am working on it whenever I can.
Please be patient as I get all of these updates finished, and I will get them to you as soon as I can :)



I work a lot of overtime at my job, and I barely have time to play, much less mod.  Modding is a fun hobby, but it takes a lot of work, and I wasn't expecting my mods to get so popular. So now it is even more work to update, test, maintain, and help troubleshoot user issues. It's like second job! I need someone who is willing to dedicate some time to help me test this mod for bugs, general issues like if settlers grab items from the racks, things like that, before I post the updates on the nexus.  This is in Alpha of course so it needs lots of testing. I also need someone to help troubleshoot the user issues in the bugs and comments sections. If you are interested, please PM me. I would prefer someone familiar with modding. There is, of course, no compensation, but you will be given credit on the main mod page for your help and dedication, so the world will know that you helped make this mod possible :)

Thanks in advance!

I need a scripter (programmer, coder, etc.) to help make custom PEX scripts to replace the bobblehead keyword, and eventually allow the weapon's mods to be displayed as well. I thought I could figure it out on my own, but it is far more compicated than I thought, and I need more skilled and experienced coders that may be able to help me figure it out. 

 Please PM me if you would like to help!


----------- END OF BULLETIN -----------

Carry on...

Were you disappointed 
when you found out the gunboard in the opening menu, wasn't in game?

I was. So I did something about it. 

Countless hours later, and days of my life lost, I brought much needed displays to the wasteland!  Functional Displays allows you to display your collections of weapons, loot, armor, etc.

It originally started with crude gun racks, and evolved into a much larger mod all about displaying your collections.

I did my best to organize and sort what can go where, but ultimately, there's just way too much, so for some cases, it is generalized, so if you can fit it, you can display it.  

My recommendations are as follows...



- Small Guns - Small weapons like 10mm, deliverer, .44 pistol, alien blaster, plasma pistol, gamma gun, and pipe revolver
- Medium Guns - combat rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, and large pistols like Laser and Institute pistols
- Large Gun - Assault Rifle, Syringer, Laser Musket, Cryolator, Gauss rifle, and Railway Rifle
- Launchers Rack - Fat Man and Missile Launcher
- Grenades and Mines go on the Throwables rack.
- Small/1H Melee rack - Small knives, batons, Ripper, pipes, and wrenches
- Large/2H Melee rack - Swords, bats, sledges, axes
- Melee Unarmed Rack - Power Fist, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Boxing glove, and Knuckles
- Heavy Guns Crates - Flamer, Broadsider, Junk Jet, Minigun, and Gatling laser
- Or you could do whatever you want 



- Small - Bobbleheads, robot models, knick knacks like pocket watches, lockets, toy blocks, baseballs, collector cards, etc
- Medium - Normal sized model vehicles and creatures, toys, etc.
- Large - Electronics like bioscanner, Magnet, circuit board, typwriter, sports equiopment, etc
- Xtra Large - Large model boats and train, Jangles the Moon Monkey, Deathclaw hand, Giddyup Buttercup, Gilded Grasshopper, etc


- Nuka Colas, Water, Beer, Liquor, Cups, Decanters

PORT-A-DINERS (Open to all items for now until more QC is done. Also, animations not working...yet)

- Perfectly Preserved Pie, of course...and food items too

EAT-O-TRONICS (Open to all items for now until more QC is done.)


- Small food items, small meds, small chems



- Armor and clothing...duh


- Cryogun Only


- Adds unique models to the wasteland of every creature, many characters and armor types, Power armors, vehicles, robots, and props
- Added to rare and unique leveled item lists, as well as the lunchbox rare item list, so you'll have to find and collect them across the watseland!!

Again, not all items can be added everywhere, but if you can fit it, you can display it.

"...Jesus Christ on a cracker jack this is amazing content!" 
~ Spart117MC (random raving lunatic....erm, loyal fan :))



-------- Method 1 --------

- Use NMM to uninstall any previous versions
- Use NMM with fomod installer
- Select options
- Done

-------- Method 2 --------


1) If you are upgrading from an earlier version, delete all WeaponRacks or FunctionalDisplys files and folders.

2) Open up the zip of my mod.

You should see the following files

- fomod (ignore this file, this is used for NMM installs)
- Data
- Options
- Patches
- readme.txt (Duh, you're reading it lol)

3) Copy the contents of the "Data" folder to your Fallout 4 game directory Data folder. This is required for the main mod to function.

4a) Open the "Options" Folder in the Functional Displays zip file

4b) Choose the texture folder from inside ONE of the following folders for the Gun Boards, and place into your Fallout 4 game directory Data folder.


---00 - Metal Display Board (select the textures folder inside this folder if you want metal boards)
---01 - Wood Display Board (select the textures folder inside this folder if you want the vanilla wood boards)

4c) Choose the texture folder from inside ONE of the following folders for the Junky Weapon Racks, and place into your Fallout 4 game directory Data folder.


---00 - Metal Display Rack (select the textures folder inside this folder if you want metal racks)
---01 - Wood Display Rack (select the textures folder inside this folder if you want the vanilla wood racks)

5a) Next, Open the Options Folder, in the Functional Displays zip file, again. 

5b) Choose your options...Such as Sorting, DLC, etc. 

[VIS = Valdacil's Item Sorting] [BIS = Better Item Sorting] [WI = Wasteland Imports] [HTNJ = Hey, That's Not Junk] [DLC03 = Far Harbor] 

5c) CHOOSE YOUR SORTING PREFERENCE, Choose ONE sorting folder and select your MISC and AID files from there.
ONLY CHOOSE ONE AID FILE and/or ONE MISC FILE! Depending on which mods you are using. 

6) (OPTIONAL) Choose your collectibles file....Vanilla, or Wasteland Imports Compatible.  

7) (OPTIONAL) If you want weightless items, choose the files that end in "Weightless"

8) (OPTIONAL) Open the "Patches" Folder and select any patches for any mods that you are using, as well as any DLC.  They must be loaded after those mods, and after FunctionalDisplays.esp

9) Drop the selected files into your Fallout 4 Data folder

10) Select all files in your load order

11) Play!!



1) With the mod still active, go to an interior cell location that does not have any workshop items placed in it.

2) Create a new save

3) Quit the game (qqq in the console is a faster way to quit)

4) Deactivate the mod using NMM or manually delete all files associated with this mod. (use the install guide and the mod's zip file as a reference for what to delete)

5) Load your saved game as normal and now the mod is gone.

In regards to making compatibility patches....

For larger overhaul mods that edit a lot of the same vanilla resources as mine, creating a compatibility patch may be quite an undertaking now with the new version I'm releasing. There are almost 5 times as many edits as there were before. 

With each mod added to the compatibility, it is an exponential increase of possible combinations in each file updated and added to the installer, because not everyone will have every mod listed in the compatibility, and will choose a combination of what they do have. And since many of the mods all change many of the the same things, I can't have individual patch files...they all have to be integrated together, depending on what mods are used. Currently there are over 30 compatibility files included in the fomod installer, due to the number of Combinations and Permutations. 8 mods to choose from, with a total possible combination of 0 through 8 chosen, is over 200 possible combinations! (I'm greatly dumbing down the total number) 

This is why, in case you were all wondering, I split up the files into modular ESPs....weapons, MISC, Drinks (now called AID), etc. That way I only have to do a total possible combination of 0 through 3 or 4, for each file, ultimately only 3 files end up getting installed in your load order, and that gave me only about 36 possible combinations, give or take. 

You see, this is actually getting more and more complex as the mod grows and I add more compatibility. So you can understand why I'm hesitant to add more compatibility patches, but as difficult as it is, I can't expect someone else to make a compatibility patch for my mod, if I'm not first willing to do so. 

So I will grudgingly have to do many more compatibility patches, or at the very least, attempt to do so. (some volunteer help to just make patches, from anyone with merging experience would be nice!)

Mods that add new items are much easier, and can be done by any mod author....they just need to add the keywords found in the FunctionalDisplays.esp to each item they create, and voilĂ ! You now have a compatible mod.  They'll need the bobblehead keyword, and one of my size and type category keywords 


As a general rule, not compatible with mods that alter vanilla item stats.
At least not without a patch, or loading my mod after in your load order.



- Functional Displays v2.4


Valdacil's Item Sorting (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
OCDecorator by mcface (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Weapon Balance Overhaul by The Iron Rose (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Better Item Sorting by xandarori  (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
Better Weapon Mod Descriptions by Takaru Minari (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
Cut Weapon Mods Restored by frogs345 (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
Settlements Expanded SSEX by Troy Irving v3.7
Settlement Keywords Independent by Stuyk Sharlikran DOOM (Works natively. No patch needed)
- Settlement Keywords by Stuyk (using SK/SKE compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Settlement Keywords Expanded by Sharlikran (Using SK/SKE compatibility patch)
Alternate Settlements by Stuyk v1.2 (Using SK/SKE compatibility patch)
- Crafting Workbenches by drdanzel
- Legendary Modifications by teaLz
- Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
- 223 Pistol AKA That Gun by skibadaa. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Alien Assault Rifle by henkspamadres and elgoes. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Alpha Railguns by jdb1776. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- AS Vektor by doobot. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Crossbows of the Commonwealth by TrickyVein. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- The Fireaxe by MikeMoore. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- G67 Battle Rifle - Standalone by Junnari. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Glock 20 Pistol by Z06Frank. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- The M14 Standalone Rifle by FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman . (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- MAC-11 Machine Pistol - Standalone by DOOM. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- MK14 EBR by dazzerfong. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle by MJP2008. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Murdering Chainsaws by TrickyVein. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- WH-77 Modular L.S.W by skibadaa. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
- Desert Eagle .50 AE - Standalone Handgun by DOOM. (using compatibility patch file) (must have original mod installed first)
Do It Yourshelf - clutter for shelves and bookcases by dinozaurz


- Any mods that alter vanilla MISC or AID item stats (use patches, or load my mod after)
- XCE - Xenius Character Expansion by Xenius  (Female mannequin face textures turn pitch black and I can't figure out why) 


Due to the expansion of this mod to include more than just weapons since version 2.3, the esp files had to be re-organized. 
Anytime the esp file name changes, anything that referenced it will break. So if you came from a version earlier than 2.3, you will have to FIRST take all of your items out of all the racks, and then uninstall the mod, otherwise you will lose ALL of your items you had displayed.
This is ONLY if you are upgrading from 2.2 or OLDER!! updates from 2.3 and above, DO NOT need to do this.


To do this...First create a backup copy of your save file, then take all of your items out of the racks, then save and completely uninstall this mod.
Then install the newest version. You will have to replace all of your racks and shelves once again, but ONLY if you had 2.2 or earlier. 2.3 and above is ok and don't need these steps.

The optional 0.2.3b file, created to support those of you who came from v2.2 or earlier, IS NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE in any newer versions! 
It is up to you to save your items and create new racks for newer versions.

AGAIN, this is ONLY if you are upgrading from 2.2 or OLDER!! updates from 2.3 and above, DO NOT need to do this.



--- [v0.2.7, A new script has been introduced which changes the way EVERYTHING in this mod works.
Everything has been restructured; keywords, forms, meshes, scripts, compatibility.....everything! Because of this, your existing displays will still have the old script references attached, and the displays must be re-created to have the new script attached. You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but if you want it to work correctly, you should. If you choose not to re-create the displays, they will still have their items, and they will still be displayed, HOWEVER, If you ever open the container, the items inside will not re-display themselves.  You will have to remove the items, destroy the container, and then re-create the container. 
You will not lose your items if you choose to leave the old displays up, and it is perfectly safe to do so. 

--- The weapons default to their base world model. What this means is that all weapon modifications are invisible while displayed. It will go to the default look as if there were no changes made to it. Don't worry, all of your mods are still on your weapons, they are just invisible :)  The modifications and legendary stats are all still there. [[[ Update ]]] (The CK is out, and I'm working with other mod authors and scriptors to create a unique script for the displays, but until then, I can't fix this. )

--- Weapons from custom weapon mods may randomize the shown mods when placed in the display.  This is because the script calls for the DEFAULT weapon configuration, and a lot of custom mods don't create a standard default configuration.  Many weapon mods add the default config to be randomly generated. So hen you place your "Scoped, Long Barrel, Extended mag" weapon in the display, it may LOOK like a "Stock Sight, short barrel, drum mag" weapon one minute, and another weapon the next.  You will not actually lose or have your mods changed, it is just visual while in the display.

--- If you have more than one item of the same name; meaning you have a number next to the item like this ...(2), DO NOT use the "transfer all items" option, or you will have ghosted duplicates on the wall that you can't get rid of with going into crafting mode and scrapping the rack.  Instead, remove items one by one.

--- Sometimes, when placing the mannequins, or when zoning into the area, the mannequins will appear to be invisible.  They have just sapwaned below the stand.  Just pick up the stand, and move it, then they will appear.  I'm trying to find out why they do this, and get a fix ASAP.

--- With version, the items now move with the displays.  The only issue found with this so far is with the wall shelves.  When placing again, the item bounds make it glitchy. I am working on a fix, so for now, the items on the shelves will not move with the shelf to prevent them from bouncing all over the place.



--- [OLD ISSUE] [FYI, This uses the same scripts as the bobblehead display stand, so technically, you could put these items on the bobblehead stand, but there would be a LOT of clipping lol. I'm working with other mod authors and scriptors to create a unique script.]

--- [OLD ISSUE] [Also FYI, Because this uses Bobblehead scripts, you will get your bobblehead achievement prematurely because every time you pick up a weapon, it registers as you getting a bobblehead.. It DOES NOT effect your SPECIAL in any way, just the achievements.]

--- [OLD ISSUE] [Moving this while items are displayed will make them float in the air until you open the container and exit out. Then they will reload. This is ok, but not ideal. Will find a fix.] 
[[[RESOLVED]]] (Added correct attachment node to each mesh to allow the items to attach to that as part of the object.)

--- [OLD ISSUE] [There is a known issue with craft-able mods such as this mod, Homemaker, SSEX, and OCDecorator, where if you have too many installed, some of the categories and items get jumbled up. We are aware of this, and I'm working with those mod authors to find a fix.]
[[[RESOLVED]]] (Bethesda added a much higher keyword limit)

--- [OLD ISSUE] [A maximum of 20 items can be placed within the containers. Any more and they will stack up on each other in the last spot. Because this uses the bobblehead display script and there are a maximum of 20 bobbleheads.  I am in the process of converting to the mag script instead, since there are more, but it works a little differently so I have to work out bugs.]
[[[RESOLVED v0.2.7]]] (Using a new script and can now set a full limit as to how many objects can be placed.  I am slowly updating each display to reflect how many slots are available)

--- [OLD ISSUE] [ARMOR MANNEQUINS ARE INCOMPLETE!! Because of this, they will move around and talk. You MUST enter the console and click on the mannequin, then type "TAI" without the quotes. This will turn off the AI.  Make sure to do this when they are in a position/pose that you like, because this will "freeze" them in place. Then to open the inventory, make sure you copied the open.txt file from the zip, into your game folder with the exe. Then make sure the mannequin is still selected in console, and type "bat open."  This is a WORK IN PROGRESS so it isn't perfect yet.]  
[[[UPDATE]]] [Thanks to the script magic done by the generous volunteer coder, cadpnq, we have a much more user friendly version that freezes in place when crerated, so no more wandering mannequins. Plus it allows you to activate the inventory just like you would any other container!  Just beware the creepy eyes!! They still follow you around lol! This is a WORK IN PROGRESS so it isn't perfect yet, but we're getting closer!!]


Here are some basic troubleshooting steps for my mod

- Make sure you are setup for modding Falout 4. Follow the steps in this link http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/news/12660/?

- If you get a CTD before the main menu loads, then the mod is missing a master file. Make sure you have all necessary masters activated.

- If you don't see my mods in the crafting workbench under miscellaneous, then the mod is not activated. Check to make sure the plugin is enabled. If you have the new update that disables mods, try this workaround... http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5083/?

- If you CTD when going into the crafting workbench under miscellaneous, then you are missing a mesh file somewhere, try manually installing by following the next sticky post below.

- If you can create the item (crates, boards, or racks), then the main mod is loaded correctly and the mesh files are there.

- If you can't place an item on the rack, and it just goes back into your inventory, then you either are missing one of the weapons esp files included in my mod, or there is another mod that alters the weapon or item in some way, such as name, stats, effects, weapon modifications that can be installed, etc. Make sure you have the right compatibility file selected. If I don't have a compatibility file for your specific mod, let me know, and I will try to make one.

- If you have loaded your game and are missing the racks, but the weapons are floating there still, then you have the mod disabled, or had it disabled at some point when you saved your game, or are missing the mesh files.

- Follow these general rules and the manual install instructions above, and you can figure out how to get this mod to work for you. These are general modding rules that apply to most mods. I will update these as I come across issues.

- If your game crashes after you remove the mod, then follow the uninstall guide just below the install guide

Videos by Brodual, IGN!!!, Jack Yuudai from UNOG: United Nerds Of Gaming, and  Wilsonator!

------------------- WHAT'S COMING UP IN LATER UPDATES ---------------------

- NOT JUST WEAPONS ANYMORE!!! EVERYTHING will be able to be displayed
- General display shelves to place just about anything and everything
- food and provisions shelves for stores and for home
- different materials/colors for each rack
- keychain and holotag holder (JCamp21's idea for the holo tags) 
- much much more!!


- merging some esp files into less patches for smaller load order
- making custom snappable plaques for unique item displays, like Grognaks Axe
- Making Small countertop Display Boxes
- More Collectible Items like models and unique keys
- Making the key rack actually hold keys lol
- crafting of the collectibles
- more shelves


- weapon mounts
- Minibar wetbars
- Rackable Pool Tables
- Drink Cabinets
- Functional Shelves
- Functional Fridges
- Eat-o-tronic food storage (MrsHandy's idea)
- Mannequins

- Adds snap-able Magazine Racks
- Adds some snap-able item shelves
- Adds small countertop display boxes
- fixes Fusion city issue thanks to the mod author letting me know where the bug was. (loot list reference loop)
- fixed some size limits on the displays
- adjusted nodes a bit on some items, not much
- cleaned up the esp a bit, nothing major
- Added Nuka World DLC Support
- merged the DLC files into one file depending on what you select
- Fixed VIS weightless compatibility

- Adds Weapon Display Mounts!! 
- the mounts show your weapon mods, and soon so will the other weapon displays!
- fixes the vault tec stands for drinks, nuka, and models
- tweaks a few small things

- Completely rewrote the mod from scripts, meshes, forms, keywrods, etc.
- No weapon compatibility patches needed! 
- Now uses vanilla keywords.  
- MISC item category will still need keywords added to organize sized items.
- added mini wetbar display for liquor
- Fixed several other CTD items.
- added synth gen1 model
- added combat armor guard model
- added Pipboy with and without light model
- added T60A Power armor model
- As of version 2.7.....
A new script has been introduced which changes the way EVERYTHING in this mod works. All files have been restructured, meshes edited, and compatibility changed.  Because of this, your existing displays will still have the old script attached, and they must be re-created.  You don't have to do this, but if you want it to work correctly, you should. If you don't re-create the displays, they will still have their items, and they will still be displayed, 
HOWEVER If you open the container, the items inside will not re-display themselves. You will have to remove the items, destroy the container, and then re-create the container. You will not lose your items if you choose to leave the old displays up, and it is perfectly safe to do so.
- Fixed Mojave imports requirement on vanilla esp
-Fixed CTDs and added more collectible models
- added Mirelurk king
- added Mirelurk queen
- fixed Bloatfly model
- Fixed installer for vanilla

- a lot of boring, and tiresome work, and even though it's not a HUGE change to the mod itself, I decided to give it a whole version number up
- Added Valdacil's Item Sorting Compatibility (might not be 100% complete, let me know if I missed any...I know you will anyway)

- Adds scripts to add menu, no longer needs SK, SKE, or OCD compatibility patches
- Fixed collision for all edited items
- fixed snap points and added more
- fixed bobbleheads not being able to go onto other display mods, like DDProductions bobblehead stands
- Makes Displays snapable (Display Cases, Mannequins, Drink Crates)
- fixes keyword issues 
- Added female mannequins
- added classic nuka cola bottle mod compatibility
- Fixed missing textures
- fixed missing keywords for some items
- fixed refrigerator mesh
- fixed bloatfly model freeze and CTD
- added Liberty Prime model
- Added Vim to drinks list
- fixes small FOMOD mistake in conditional installer
- Adds Skibadaa's Weapon Pack compatibility patch
- Adds Vault Girl bobblehead compatibility patch
- Adds Bobble Girl compatibility patch

- Changes mesh files and design from last version
- add A LOT more stuff
- Adds CryoCase
- Adds Display Cases
- Adds Eat-O-tronic
- Add Port-A-Diner
- Adds Fridges
- Adds Drink Crates
- Fixes many bad edits ... my bad :(
- Adds new collectible items like models and keys

- Adds Armor mannequins (functional, but require use of the console and a bat file "open.txt" more work will be done to finish these.
- Adds shelves
- Adds Pool table
- Adds Functional Bars and Drink stands
- Adds more clutter and toys to be able to be displayed
- Adds settlement keyword requirement
- moves crafting category to "Decorations > Interactive"
- Changes the ESP file names 

- fixed Molotov cocktails and some grenades that were missing
(I don't recommend putting the molotovs on the throwables rack right now though, because they don't sit well. Wait until I get the display shelves available.)
- fixed missing keywords

- added optional metal texture
- quality control - edited filter list for heavy weapon displays to only allow the heavy weapons so there is no ugly clipping or floating weapons of wrong type)
- quality control - fixed keyword filter lists so that you can't add random items onto the wrong rack just because it has the "bobblehead" keyword
- added custom weapon compatibility patch for Alpha Railguns by jdb1776

- Removed custom menus
- added more gun boards
- fixed some minor placement issues
- added missing synth relay grenade and vertibird signal grenade
- changed textures of gun racks to remove the ugly blocks
- Added crafting descriptions for what weapons go on what racks

- Fixed OCD and Alternate settlements compatibility patches

- Separated crafting category at the end called "Display Racks"
- added compatibility for OCDecorator
- added compatibility for Alternate settlements
- general fixes and added some missing items

- Moved Tool Rack for Tools to separate tools file so that it is optional
- Added compatibility for Cut Weapon Mods Restored by frogs345
- added Better Item Sorting as a master file for the patch
- General fixes and cleanups

- Added new display models Gun Board for Heavy, Large, and Small weapons (more on the way in the next update)
- Added Tool Rack for Tools :)
- Renamed for easier creation 
- Added compatibility for Better Item sorting by Xandarori (use the modular install, not the default BIS install of Better Sorting)
- New Fomod options and all files now installing correctly

- Fixed Fomod installer
- Added new racks for unarmed
- Tweaked placement so items are more even.
- Renamed for easier creation 

- Fixed Fomod installer
- Added Heavy weapon crates for the flamer, gatling, and minigun 

- Separated weapons from main file for compatibility
- added compatibility for Weapon Balance Overhaul by Vazeron1

- Added more weapons
- Fixed some weapon palcements and rotations.
- Added Mines and Grenades
- Added Launchers rack
- renamed Racks for easier crafting

0.1.1 fixed missing masters

Functional Displays
Terminator Synth Gen2 Retexture 
Chrome Synth Armor
Chrome Kellogg Armor
- Black and Red Dark Institute Weapon - Retexture Full detail
Optional Purple laser beam in files section of my weapon mod
Display Stand for Robot Models and Nuka Cola bottles to show off your rare collectibles :)
Craftable Perk Chart Poster

Special thanks to the current and former TEAM_99 volunteer members :)
They helped test, provide quality control, and provide support in the comments and forums.  
Please treat them as you would me, and allow them to help you if you need it.

- Bruter92
- Brandy_123
- haywiresoloist
- Mrdude7572

- cadpnq 
(Current coder, makin things work! woot! be sure to check out his Advanced Settlement Power mod)


This mod made it on the top 100 Fallout 4 mods of all time! #51 !!
Thanks for your support and bearing with me as I try to get updates and compatibility patches out.
Thansk to all the volunteers who test and help in the comments!
Don't forget to vote and endorse :)
Let's see if we can make it to the top 25!



Nifskope Beta
Bathesda Archive Extractor
FOMOD Creation Tool