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FPSL: Mod dedicated to lighting adjustments and performance of shadows and light radius and various adjustments for Vanilla NAC X - Polluted Climate
FPSL: Mod dedicado a ajustes de iluminación y rendimiento de sombras y radio de luz y ajustes varios para Vanilla - NAC X - Polluted Climate

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The great LK Modder recomend FPSL light and tweks performance MOD LIST video

Testing by Mortyyyy look nice - FPSL light and tweks performance

This is a friendly collection designed to give players a fresh experience to the main story of Fallout 4. It's very new player friendly
as well as new mod user friendly. With the use of the Vortex Mod
Manager installation is a breeze.

FPSL era un mod de rendimiento y un equilibrio en lo visual en un principio este mod era de solo uso personal, pero en mi computador antiguo me ayudo bastante incluso en mi nuevo PC que decidí compatirlo, antiguamente antes de compartirlo este mod tenía bastantes cosas más que fueron cortadas por ejemplo (sonidos / iluminación ambiental etc. )
sin embargo, se me quedo un fragmento del mod antiguo en el principal que pense que podria ayudar ya que con ese ajuste no era necesario colocar tantas coas en un asentamiento pero con el tiempo me di cuenta que a muchos les gustaba sus generadores vainilla y por falta de tiempo nunca pude corregir eso ahora tienen el parche acá para los que deseen tener sus generadores vainilla FPSL - vanilla water pump and generator values RESTORED creado por azure2222

FPSL was a mod for performance and a visual balance, at first this mod was for personal use only, but on my old computer it helped me a lot, even on my new PC that decided to share it, before I shared it, this mod had many more things that were cut off for example (sounds / ambient lighting etc. )
However, I kept a fragment of the old mod in the main one that I thought could help since with this adjustment it was not necessary to place many things in a settlement but over time I realized that many liked their vanilla generators and for that reason lack of time I could never correct that now they have the patch here for those who want to have their vanilla generators FPSL - vanilla water pump and generator values RESTORED by azure2222


1.- FPSL: It is a balance mod between performance and visual, the goal of this plugin is to give a boost in your framerates. What settings does it make? Light Radii Adjusted various shaded and non-shadowed lights to reduce GPU usage this is balanced on the radius of each lightbase, toned down excessive brightness and cartoon color to each light that needed it. Optimized GOBOS ( Fake Shadows ) were added but in good quality, increased FPS and giving a good effect. It also consists of 4 performance lines which are:

The corpses will no longer be 48hrs of the normal game this makes your save games corrupt and bloat making your game unstable and slow this was reduced to 1 hour of the game if you leave the cell where the corpses are in 1 hour in the game they will disappear instead of 48 as it is by default.

- the workshop lines and the current ones are now longer without the need for esl and esp plugins.

base game fog adjusted so it doesn't consume resources (if you use FPSL - Fog this doesn't hurt its use)

Reduced the cloudy effect when aiming almost imperceptible + 3 FPS in battle

It has a line that makes your character go from battle state to relaxation state in only approximately 3 seconds. This effect in the game by default is 30 seconds.

far harbor turbine sound adjustments

I have seen that in the game things were loaded that are never used or not seen in the world, I have disabled them in quantity, for example if before there were 3 now it is 0 stones under the water or some small and imperceptible leaves or grass that you never saw, but the game loaded these anyway.

It is found in two categories with and without shadows
example without shadows of 10 lights that cast shadows were deactivated 8 and the complement with shadows of 10 lights the shadows were deactivated for 2 in the two complements color radius and fov range are reduced giving a good effect but increasing performance

WSH: lights with shadow + Workshop shadows
NSH: Shadowless Lights 100% optimized
Vainilla: Vanilla shadows, but optimized - Workshop without shadows as it is originally

2.- FPSL Fog: What this Complement does is Replace the fog of the game to one of better graphic quality, the movement was improved without affecting your frames, it is in 2 Versions 1.- Vanilla 2.- For Poluted Climate.

3.- FPSL Luts: Revamped Color Palette for FO4 is not recommended to be used in conjunction with Polluted Climate or other Weather Mods.

4.- FPSL - FX-DIMS: This Addon disables world effects such as Glows and some Smoke and Fog Interior effects with this you gain +35 FPS with ENB it looks great

5.- FPSL - Polluted Climate Reloaded : This plugin is composed of 1 new plugin called HDR fix, what it does is eliminate the bloom and adjust the HDR (eye adaptation) as well as add new weather to Boston and light adjustments, it is found in the two categories with and without shadows mentioned above. require FPSL for proper operation.

6.- FPSL - FPSL - Pip-Boy Flashlight: this plugin is a patch for the mod Pip-Boy Flashlight
What does this plugin do? basically you edit the light of your pip-boy, light density, brightness and range etc. resulting in a real flashlight effect that when approaching a wall its radius decreases like bringing a flashlight closer to the wall and when moving away it will have a greater range. the god ray of the flashlight was edited so that the effect is not so heavy, getting along well with ENB or Sweet.fx

it is in two versions
1.- FPSL - Pip-Boy Flashlight: plugin with default settings, the light is edited only
2.- FPSL - Pip-Boy Flashlight ED: this plugin is edited in the base of your pipboy which will allow you to enjoy the mod Pip-Boy Flashlight and also enjoy your modifications of skins and retextures of your pipboy

7.- FPSL - NAC: I was messing around with NAC X and visually it looks perfect for the original NAC X plugin. Lights removed as FPSL takes care of that and it works fine.

8.- FPSL - Tactical Flashlights Patch plugins for users using the mod leaving a real flashlight effect require Tactical Flashlights

Community Recommended Optimization Guide / Guía de optimización recomendada por la comunidad
Performance optimization guide - mod list and tweaks

WSH nif lighting fixing OPCIONAL HERE

In your documents look for the folder My Games / Fallout4/ inside this folder are your ini settings which if you have a file called Fallout4Custom.ini puts these recommended settings in the file if you don't have a file called Fallout4Custom.ini you can create one by copying Fallout4 .ini on your desktop by renaming it delete all its content leaving it blank save and reopen and you can put those settings which will help you for your frames if you have a PC with 1GB VRAM or a lot of graphics heavy Mods or just want to experiment a lighter game, it should be noted that you must use a notepad or Sublime Text to edit an ini

For shadows Follow the instructions and download from this page





Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
PPF.esm <-------------------------------- If you use PRP
FPSL.esp <------------------------------ Main FPSL Mod
MOD-WHATERS.esp   <-------------Weather MODS you use for example Polluted Weather or NAC X
PipboyFlashLight.esp <------------ Example in case you use this mod
PRP.esp <-------------------------------- If you use PRP you can put it below FPSL
PRP Other Patch.esp <------------- In case you create a patch for RPR

1.- Previsibines Repair Pack ( HIGHLY REQUIRED )
2.- No Ugly Plants And More - Invisible Vines Shrubs Brambles Decals Grasses Etc FOMOD FIXED ( HIGHLY REQUIRED )
3.- Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch English / Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch Spanish 2.1.3
4.- BethINI Tool ini Config
5.- DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field
6.- Sprint Stuttering Fix
7.- Weapon Debris Crash Fix
8.- High FPS Physics Fix
9.- Address Library for F4SE Plugins
10.- Fallout Priority - f4se plugin
11.- Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
12.- Shadow Boost Fix
13.- Lightweight Lighting - A weather and interior lighting overhaul <------ Do you not use a polluted climate mod? with this mod it works great FPSL

Change Log:

What's new in version 5.7.00 ? 100% Finish, enjoy ! :)

FPSL: 5.1.00 - 5.2.00 - 5.3.00 - 5.5.00 - 5.6.00 - 5.7.00 WSH and NSH = Tone leveling, FOV of lights that have too large a range causing shadows on lights larger than 1K in size, this affect the GPU this in the WSH plugin and in the NSH plugin changed the light leveling, brightness and color of many sources and radius of some. Both plugins now have level lights. .nif files and some missing statics, minor fixes WSH More Shadows performances and NSH less shadows but with high performance and it doesn't look bad, Removed metal box lanes and BA2 file door and bird sounds that should be in another plugin, changed oil lamp sound path, changed name for new Sanctuary house doors Hills (this does not break Previs Preconvines meshes).
Fix Oil lamp Post and shadows WSH construction tripod light - Fixing and varius lights brigness and gobos - in the 5.7.00 Build fixes to various lights and their outrageous brightness added new moving lights and cinema projectors with images fixed wrong light gobo path.

------------ Note:

I have realized that xEdit and F4edit throw conflict between mods due to the PreVisPreConvine I explain that the error it throws is in the creation date without fear you can replace them and overwrite them with these tools so that their color changes to green but the truth is that those dates they do not cause conflict in the meshes. since the unofficial fallout 4 patch would not be compatible with anything. my practical solution is to rewrite the dates and put those of PRP.esp since this must be at the last of his load order since he is in charge of rewriting the new PreVisPreConvine. PRP.esp = Previsibines Repair Pack Download here.

Previsibines Repair Pack

FPSL - Polluted Climate 5.1.00 - 5.2.00 - 5.5.00 - 5.6.00 - 5.7.00 - 5.8.00: Main file matching fixed some mismatches between plugins and a workshop light was fixed and minor fixes WSH More Shadows performances and NSH less shadows but with high performance and it doesn't look bad at all - 5.8.00 - FIXING DLC 03 FAR HARBOR climates corrected for error were in boston - add interior and exterior LUT´s correction color

FPSL - Fog Vanilla and FPSL - Fog Polluted 5.2.00: Fixed monotone on fog is now more level. Also fixed indoor cell weather erroneously advocating fog inside cells and minor Bug Fixes. 100% finished mode

FPSL - PipBoy Flashlight 5.2.00 - 5.5.00: This plugin is just something that mods for me and now I share works alongside FPLS main file, original mod creator AKcelsior - original required. What does this arrangement do? Modifies the size of the light to a greater range and with shadows the flare was eliminated and the brightness of the light was adjusted. It is accompanied by a gobo and its fov was reduced to 40 making a flashlight effect it no longer looks like a big lantern in the hand - in this new update add the power armor flashlights. the default gobo has been added so that you can use it independently and you can select the gobo you want, a version called ED has also been added.the ED version is so you can use modifications of your pipboy, for example paint job textures and colors of your pipboy. also added version without shadow NSH and version with shadow WSH