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The focused cluster version of the Previsibines Repair Pack for situations where one is really heavy on worldspace changing mods or is very limited on hard drive space like the XB1.

Permissions and credits
[ PRP-Stable | PRP-Unstable | PRP-SS2 | PRP-Vault120 | PRP-XB1 ]

Name officially changed to PRP Lite at the request of InstantHero, which should massively reduce confusion. The nexus version of the mod is designed for PC players, the XB1 version is on Beth.net and is linked below for convenience. Mod was originally named Previsibines Repair Pack for Xbox before this point.

This is basically PRP in a funny hat, but with only specific exterior clusters generated. The version here is not the same as the Beth.net equivalent due to hard drive space limits and support. Please be aware that the rebuilt cells can and will conflict, and unlike the XB1 version, all the meshes were remade. This should be a better alternative to both BostonFPSFix and the full PRP mod for setups that have a lot of worldspace changes. Any relevant fixes from PRP were included as well where able without adding a dependency on PPF.esm.

Do not use this mod set with PRP mainline, BFPSFix, or FCF. Bad things will happen. Only use ONE previs dataset replacer. If you are confused on which ones to download, I recommend at minimum the Corvega and Financial modules, any other modules will have a less profound effect on your FPS compared to the other two due to the bug fixes in the blocks in question.

Current blocks:
The merged version has the first four of this list, do not use Concord's module if you are also installing Horizon.
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 MERGED

XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Corvega, SuperDuperMart, Switchboard, Lexington (-8,5 to -10, 10, -5, 8 to -7, 10)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Financial District, parts of Goodneighbor, FaneuilHall, part of MassFusion (5, -2 to 7, -4)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Parts of Boston Common, Theater District, Mass Bay Medical Center, Combat Zone, Swan's Pond (2, -5 to 4, -7)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Boston Airport (details to be filled in)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Concord (The Type 2 release is still on Beth.net, but it's unsupported. The Concord module doesn't provide much benefit at all and should be skipped. It was originally built to test a mesh change that didn't work as expected.) To be removed with revision 5.
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Massachusetts State House (Found a lot of duplicates in this interior, a build is queued)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 The Mechanist's Lair (Massive amount of duplicates, including an exact copy of a brain case carrier with over fifty references alone, a build is queued for this)
XB1 Type 1 Type 2 Bottling Plant 1F (NukaWorld interior, a bunch of duplicates here as well)

For those asking what are the types in the block list above, they work as follows and will be named as such when updating is finished. Only Type 2 and 3 will be available here on the nexus, as the first type is only being made available for size constraint reasons on the console platform. Type 1 builds will have minimal support, those using it should seek reddit.

Type 1: Without UF4OP
Type 2: With UF4OP
Type 3: With UF4OP, Clarity patched.

The same load order rules apply for PRP.esp as any file with PRPFX-[namehere]. Load toward bottom unless you have a mod that takes changes into account. A merged version is planned down the line.

No, there will not be a PS4 version of PRP Lite. Blame Sony.