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Valyn81 and BenRierimanu

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Plugin Replacer for BostonFPSFix with PRP backports and bugfixes applied on top.

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Update 09/18/23: Version 0.35 will be up a bit later tonight.

The changes work as follows:
0.35 will be the same as a PRP Lite Merged update to be uploaded hopefully around the same time. Aside from the unique precombine meshes (I have no control over this), the contents will be identical internally, and the plugin naming will be the same here for previous users. I'm declaring the old school BostonFPSFix finally depreciated, and as before, the 0.34 patch on top will still be in old files when uploaded.

Update 12/28/22: This is a PSA to the XB1 userbase that is looking for more information on the console version of Boston FPS Fix. Due to technical issues with the game on XB1 (previsibine header mismatch), I cannot port the original and this replacer over to it successfully without redoing it from scratch. The mesh differences of the base game are too great. Users of the original series of mods on XB1 should consider abandoning them. The vanilla data plugin pushes PC previsibine headers to your XB1 game which breaks Far Harbor.

Update 9/18/22: Going forward, updates for the replacer will only happen when UF4OP updates. Much like the parent mod, this mod is otherwise discontinued. PRP Lite should be your replacement going forward if you can afford to start a new playthrough, though it does have flicker issues at this time due to mesh mismatches as described above.

This will not magically make BostonFPSFix compatible with PRP or PRPFX. The three mods do the same thing and thus are incompatible, and PRPFX is the better usecase over BFPSFix, but this patch will stay up and be supported as a courtesy to the userbase.

A while back, I made a post on Boston FPS Fix's mod page about backporting some PRP fixes over to it. These were based on the AIO versions shipped in the original mod, and you do need the supporting files to use these.

Changes included are as follows:
- Forwarded PCMB for any cells rebuilt in the original so that the existing precombine meshes are actually used, and also forwarded appropriate headers that may have gotten clobbered previously due to how Bethseda built the DLC. The forwards will introduce some additional conflicts as a result, depending on load order, but the records are the same as in Fallout4.esm, so adjust accordingly in your LO.
- Forwarded the missing water setting for one exterior cell in the Commonwealth and a few location changes as per UF4OP 2.1.3.
- Removed the No LOD Water flag for 4, 1 which is incorrect. If you upgrade to this replacer, rebuild your LOD afterword to pick up that fix.
The crossed out lines above were merged to UF4OP 2.1.4 as part of bugs I submitted and are no longer part of the plugin where identical to UF4OP's records. This is effective as of 0.34 and newer.

The above changes should improve FPS in specific cells and forward bugfixes from UF4OP to fix issues that the mod otherwise would have clobbered due to it's age.

Replacer has been flagged ESL. (ESL+FE)

Support for this will be minimal until the actual replacement is built and working.

This also superceeds / replaces the Phlunder BostonFPSFix patch floating about in various discords along with the version I had put up that replaced it and the patch as listed here that previously updated the mod for UF4OP 2.1.1a, so if you have any of them installed, remove them to save storage space.