Fallout 4

About this mod

A quick, light build of our beloved lighthouse. All workbenches, a bed, a cozy little garden, a spot to show off your magazines and bobbleheads, and a working bathroom. NO pre-wired electricity.

Permissions and credits
So you've seen all the settlement blueprints out there, tried a few, and by golly... they're all demanding as heck.

Not this one!

I started a playthrough on my laptop (not a NASA level gaming rig), and I wanted the Kingsport Lighthouse to be my home.

I get heavily into the roleplay bc I'm a dork and I love this world, and on my most recent 'Start-Me-Up Alternate Start' playthrough, I got it in my head that my scavver was from Greenland, see? Got a boat one day as a gift from a dying friend, and off they went. Been exploring the eastern coast of north and south america ever since, and decided to settle down in the commonwealth because they liked the booze and the baseball.

But if every other Kingsport Lighthouse build doesn't destroy my frames and even crash my game...

When I found no answers on the Nexus, I decided heck it, I'll build it myself. So, I got to working. I scrapped out the boathouse completely, the top floor completely, and a few of the furniture pieces on the bottom floor of the house, and I built a proper starter home. See, in my roleplay aesthetic, my character had their entire life on that boat, and now, after a couple days and a few bottles of bourbon, they've unpacked everything they are and truly settled down for good.

Enough setup, lemme tell you the essentials.


Craftable Working Showers Sinks Redux v4 (CWSS)
Settlement Electricity Overhaul (SEO) - not a hard requirement, but I didn't wire anything thanks to it
Transfer Settlements - Shareable Blueprints (to import it of course)
DLC's: Wasteland Workshop - Far Harbor - Vault-Tec Workshop

--------------MUST SCRAP--------------

everything on the second floor of the house.
everything in the boathouse.
LEAVE the kitchen
the desk with the terminal in the sunroom, but NOT the cabinet across from it (where i put all the adult beverages)
the couch by the stairs and the shelf across from it, along with the painting leaning up against the wall under the safe.


2 Power armor frames
armor workbench
weapons workbench
chemistry station
1 bed (solo scavver roleplay aesthetic ftw)
a home gym
a working bathroom (thanks to CWSS)
bobblehead display
magazine racks

alright, nuff said. download it, or don't! enjoy, or don't! I don't mind. It was just too nice not to share.