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Huge quest/companion adventure, August 2018 Mod of the Month. Four custom & fully-voiced companions, 20 quests, and alternate endings to the vanilla game.

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"Fallout 4 is definitely not worth beating twice".
- Forbes magazine

Challenge accepted.

Thank you Nexus for voting Project Valkyrie Mod of the Month for August 2018.

Mod Overview

- Twenty quests, with a story that lets you finish the vanilla game in new ways. Want to imprison Preston and execute Desdemona while brokering peace between the Institute and the Brotherhood?  Kill everyone?  Let the four major factions co-exist in harmony?  Or something in between? Now you can. Here's a detailed example of what's possible.

- Four custom and fully-voiced companions to choose from, plus seven vanilla-based companions (details below).  You meet each companion in the course of the adventure as you progress through the mod's main quest line.

-  As Director of the Institute, you can actually direct the place: free the synths, kick out the bad guys, do new types of missions, give the building a new look, add vendors, new areas, and open the place up for trading with the Commonwealth.

- Challenge Elder Maxson for control of the Brotherhood of Steel and take Liberty Prime along as a follower to spread murder and democracy throughout the Commonwealth.

- Convince Desdemona to chill out.  You're the Director of the Institute now.  You can free the synths.  No need to turn Cambridge into a crater.

- Use persuasion instead of violence to resolve disputes between factions (or vice versa), choosing who lives and who dies.

- A hopefully more engaging approach to the fate of Sarah Lyons and the other BoS main characters from Fallout 3 instead of a single, unsubstantiated terminal entry that she "fell in battle", with no further explanation.

The mod works regardless of what point in the game you're at or which factions you've sided with. You can play on a new save or any existing save. However, if you want to play 100% of the content, the Prydwen and Institute will need to be intact.  If both the Prydwen and Institute are ashes, two of the main quests will be an hour shorter.

Required Files and Installation

Outcasts and Remnants version 1.5 or higher is required. The game will not load if Project Valkyrie is installed without Outcasts and Remnants, and most of the content won't work unless you have at least v1.2 of Outcasts and Remnants (i.e. if you're running v1.1 or earlier, update to the latest version).

If you've completed the quest "Heir to the Throne", and the next quest, "Wag the Dog", doesn't start, it's because you need to have at least v1.2 of Outcasts & Remnants installed.

Installation via mod manager is recommended.  No DLC is required, just a legal copy of the base game.

Project Valkyrie uses assets, with permission, from other mods.  When installing you might receive a message about whether you want to overwrite existing files.  Shouldn't matter how you answer, but easiest path is "no to all". To find out which mod a particular item came from, please see the credits below.

This mod is a companion to Depravity (Aug 2019 Mod of the Month), Fusion City Rising (Sep 2016 Mod of the Month), and Outcasts and Remnants (Apr 2017 Mod of the Month Runner-up). Only OAR is required. The stories from these mods all run parallel. You can play any mod first, or all at the same time. There's a detailed play-through guide on how these mods interact with each other and the vanilla main quest.

When downloading the file, do not use the "Download Vortex" button on the main mod page. Don't use the "Mod Manager Download" button on the file download page either. It doesn't always work correctly. Instead, navigate to the files page, and choose the "Manual Download" button. Once downloaded, import the file from your desktop into your mod manager, and activate it. The mod will not work unless it is activated.

If your mod manager is having trouble installing, see here.

To make most mods work in general, you also need loose files enabled. If you'd like to take your modding experience to the next level, install Mod Organizer 2 (works for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4).

Depravity Expansion

If you'd like more evil RPG options as you play, with another 20 hours of quest content and new companions, you might also enjoy Depravity.

Father Companion Expansion

Download the Father Companion adventure here if you want the ability to choose a happier conclusion to Father's story, with new ending cinematics, and take Shaun/Father along as a late-game companion.

Phase 4: An Institute Expansion

If you want access to some of the new areas in the Reformed Institute (Cold Storage, Diagnostics, Residential & Recreation, Director's Retreat, etc.) before you reform the Institute (or if you choose not to), download Phase 4: An Institute Expansion. A memory pod in the Director's Retreat of the Reformed Institute will let you travel back and forth between the old and new Institutes if you choose.

How to Start Project Valkyrie

The first quest, "In a Darkened Room", will start by:

Option 1: Visiting Cabot House in Beacon Hill, north of downtown. Read the desk terminal in Jack's lab on the second floor to gather intel on a Parsons inmate named Valkyrie.  If you have any trouble accessing Cabot House, see here. If you encounter any problems with the "Emogone Takes a Lover" vanilla quest that is required before you can access Parsons, see here.

Option 2: If you already have access to Parsons Insane Asylum, you can proceed directly there and find Valkyrie in her cell.

Once you unravel the mystery of Valkyrie's past, the plot will advance into the Fallout 4 main story, where you can work with a familiar face and some new ones as well to complete the Fallout 4 main story line in your own way and reform the Institute if you want.

Custom Companion

The mod has 4 custom, fully-voiced companions who will join you at various points in the story:

1) Valkyrie - After helping her escape from Parsons Insane Asylum, she joins you for the first three quests in the main story, ending with "Heir to the Throne", and can continue to accompany you thereafter. Once "Heir to the Throne" is complete, Valkyrie will offer side quests to hunt bounties, do lost and found jobs, and explore new places. 

2) Owen - 9 year-old male squire with The B.O.G.  Joins you as a companion during the "Wag the Dog" quest involving the Brotherhood of Steel, after which you can keep or dismiss him. Owen offers side quests involving scavenger hunts, killing drug dealers, and exploring new places. 

3) Sarah - She's the central character during the "Wag the Dog" to investigate a Brotherhood of Steel assassination plot.  Afterwards she'll give "The Revolution will not be Televised" quest to reform the Institute, and can remain a companion if you choose.  She also gives side quests involving bounty hunting, tech retrieval, and exploring new places.

4) Fiona - Female B.O.G. soldier.  She helps you build a device to control Liberty Prime and is available as a companion after completing the quest "Wag the Dog". 

Vanilla-Based Companions

There are also 7 vanilla-based voiced companions:

1) Liberty Prime is available as a companion towards the end of the quest "Wag the Dog", and will join you on the quest "Peace Through Superior Firepower" to take back Quincy and spread democracy through the Commonwealth. If you travel to an interior, Prime will wait outside.

2) Arthur Maxson can become a companion after completing the quests "The Revolution will not be Televised" and "Break the Wheel", provided he is still alive. Read the terminal in the Director's Quarters of the Reformed Institute for details on how to recruit him. He will give you the quest "To New Beginnings" and can give side quests thereafter.

3) Scribe Haylen is eligible as a companion during and after the quest "Break the Wheel".

4) G7-82, a.k.a Gloria, is a female synth companion.  She's a model version of Glory that never escaped the Institute.  Meet her at the firing range in the Advanced Systems section of the reformed Institute.

5) Synth Nate. With access to Vault 111, the Institute decided to make backup synth copies of you and your spouse because... of course they did! Nate can be found hanging out in the SRB Lounge of the reformed Institute.

6) Synth Nora. There's a mod that does something similar, but this is implemented a bit differently and is also a separate (synth) character. Both mods are compatible. Meet Nora in the steam shower on the lower floor of the Director's quarters in the reformed Institute.

7) Synth Preston: Create a less annoying synth version of Preston via the wall terminal in the Robotics division of the Reformed Institute. This is a new NPC, fully voiced, and a version of what the character might have been if Bethesda made him just a cool guy instead of Radiant Quest Satan.

Nate, Nora, Preston, and G7-82 are available at the end of "The Revolution will not be Televised" by visiting the reformed Institute.

At various points in the story, you will receive relay grenades as quest rewards.  The relay grenades will allow you to spawn temporary Synth, Brotherhood, Deathclaw, and Pimp followers. They will follow you until they die in battle, or you kill them.

Companion Features

None of the companions use a vanilla companion slot.  You can keep them all with you at the same time if you want without needing to dismiss your current vanilla follower.

For the side quests offered by Valkyrie, Owen, Sarah, and Maxson, they serve as both the quest and reward giver to avoid unnecessary load screens when turning in a quest.  The quests they offer are repeatable to new locations and can be canceled at any time by talking to the companion who gave the quest.

The companions share thoughts, make location/quest aware comments, trash-talk enemies during combat, trade and level up with you.  The custom companions come with achievable perks once you've reached a certain trust level with them.

In a departure from vanilla companions:

- When you dismiss them, they go back to their home, not to a settlement.

- They serve as vendors who can buy your stuff and/or sell you items like Stimpaks in a pinch (not Liberty Prime though). Sarah, Owen, and Valkyrie can also restore your health and remove radiation damage for a small fee.

- They're tougher, aim straighter, carry more, their power armor doesn't need repair, they don't run out of ammo or take fall damage, and they won't give you away when sneaking (except for Liberty Prime, he'll definitely give you away).

- They don't judge you.  While they have their own opinions and will express them on occasion, they won't constantly nag or display like/dislike messages. They will not initiate affinity conversations (e.g. Piper: "Hey, got a minute?", Player: "No, we're in the middle of a Raider dungeon"), and they are not romanceable, except for Sarah.

- If they get lost, you can use the "Teleport OAR Companions to you" holotape (located in the Misc section of your inventory) to teleport the companion back to you. If you have specific questions about a companion, the "OAR Companion FAQ and Troubleshooting" holotape added to your inventory contains all the details and any troubleshooting steps for each companion.

- They obey wait/follow commands but not stuff like "go there", "pick that lock", "get in power armor", etc, unless you're using Amazing Follower Tweaks. Without AFT, they will typically use power armor if an empty suit is nearby when combat starts, and they will exit power armor if you ask them to, under the More Options menu. Use AFT at your own risk. No support is provided for it here.

The player character, both male and female, is fully voiced with vanilla dialogue for all conversations, and you can see what you're going to say before you say it.

Reforming the Institute

During "The Revolution will not be Televised", the final quest in the mod's main story arc, you will have the option (not required) to lead a coup ousting the Institute's management (Ayo, Holdren, etc), after which you'll become Interim Director of the Reformed Institute. In this role you'll have a number of options to choose from. If you don't want to change the Institute, tell Dr. Carter Becket you like the Institute the way it is, right before she teleports you there.

Features of the Reformed Institute that are forced on you if you choose to reform it:

- New areas of the Institute (Synth Processing, Diagnostics, Cold Storage, Residential, Director's Retreat, etc.)
- Proper bedroom, lounge area, shower, laundry, and crafting area in the Director's Quarters
- Darker wall textures
- New vendors (armor, clothing, weapons, food, miscellaneous)
- In the new set of (optional) quests once you become Director, the Institute serves as a force for good rather than evil
- FEV Lab is shut down
- The Synth Retention Bureau is disbanded and the SRB cell no longer serves its original purpose (see below)
- Robotics now produces both female and male synths instead of just male synths
- Advanced Systems shooting range is now functional (push the wall button to generate target practice)
- Bioscience (back hallway) and Advanced Systems (back room) have battle simulation pods
- Entry/exit points rerouted

Features of the Reformed Institute you can control:

- Music: The Reformed Institute has a new soundtrack with more variety by default. If you want the vanilla Institute music, download the optional file called "Project Valkyrie Boring Institute Music." This optional file does not take up an .esp slot.

- Punishment: Send any Institute personnel you don't like to the Glowing Sea Detention Center with the teleportation gun you receive during "The Revolution will not be Televised". If you'd like to visit the prisoners you send there, the detention center is located south of Virgil's cave in the Glowing Sea.

- Synth Production: The Gen-3 synths in the Reformed Institute are set free. However when you take over, a final batch of ten synths is being run for purposes of sale. After that, no more new synths will be produced unless you choose to produce them by using the wall terminal in the Robotics/Synth Production area. You can also use this terminal to produce a Synth Preston companion and to provide a happier way to resolve the vanilla quest arc addressing Danse's true identity.

- Sky Lighting: To prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder in its residents, the Reformed Institute has manufactured a sky simulation that makes it appear as if the overhead dome is retractable.  Choose the "Enable Sky Lighting" feature on the Director's Quarters terminal if you'd like to try it out. You can disable it at any time.

- Synth Retention Bureau: The coup to take over the Institute requires making a deal with a shady Commonwealth faction. In return, they take control of the SRB cell by default once the SRB division is disbanded. You can kick this faction out (for a price) using the terminal in the Director's Quarters. Or you can help them expand by doing a quest for them (wall terminal in new SRB cell).

- VIP Room: One of the former storage rooms has been converted to a lounge area. You can clear out this room (except for the vendor) by using the terminal in the Director's Quarters. The NPC's in this room are enabled by default.

- Main Concourse: If you want to turn the main concourse into a strip club (disabled by default), use the terminal in the Director's Quarters. This will enable a stripper pole on main balcony and a set of synth dancers working in shifts. You can change your mind and disable at any time.

- Settlements: The new Director's Retreat and Residential areas are settlement enabled. You can send companions to live here, and can also create new synths to live here if you want. The Residential area has a vacant apartment you can build into a new player home.

- Random: The are some minor additional configuration options on the terminal in the Institute Conference Room.

- New Quests: Talk to Nathan Filmore, Alan Binet, and the new Greeter on the balcony and ask them for work. Or just walk around and read the various terminals and talk to people. Don't forget to check the terminal in the very back storage/facilities room of Bioscience.


Chinese Translation of Project Valkyrie by 0xb160d1c5 - Covers Project Valkyrie v1.2 and earlier
Chinese Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by 0xb160d1c5 and ypsKampfen - Covers OAR v1.22 and earlier
Chinese Translation of Fusion City Rising by 0xb160d1c5 - Covers all versions of Fusion City Rising
German Translation of Project Valkyrie by Svorge and Geha4711 - Covers Project Valkyrie v1.2 and earlier
Russian Translation of Project Valkyrie by kokokobana - Covers Project Valkyrie v1.2 and earlier
Russian Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by kokokobana - Covers OAR v1.31 and earlier
Russian Translation of Project Valkyrie by Shamahan13- Covers Project Valkyrie v1.2 and earlier
Russian Translation of Outcasts and Remnants by Shamahan13- Covers OAR v1.4 and earlier
Spanish Translation of Project Valkyrie by robayoxd - Covers Project Valkyrie v1.2 and earlier

This translation section may not be updated by the time you're reading it. See the "Translation" drop-down section near the top of the page for an updated list.


Works with everything unless explicitly stated otherwise, and you can play regardless of what point your existing save game is at or which factions you've sided with. If you're running a mod that overhauls the Prydwen or Institute, place it below ProjectValkyrie.esp in your load order to avoid visual glitches. See Known Issues for details if you're having any trouble.

If you're playing this at the same time as Fusion City Rising, Outcasts & Remnants, or Depravity, the combo of the four mods is about 70 hours of content with over sixty quests.  The stories run parallel chronologically and you can generally do things in whatever order you want.

The one exception is that to start the quest called "Wag the Dog" you'll need access to the B.O.G. bunker main area, which requires completing "Initiation", the opening quest from Outcasts and Remnants, but that will happen naturally via quest markers as you play through Project Valkyrie.

There's also a guide near the bottom of the page here.

Other Mods in the Series

If you're interested, these are all optional except Outcasts & Remnants. The mods do reference each other in places to form a fuller story if you're playing all of them. Combined they provide an additional 70+ hours of playable Fallout 4 content:

Depravity - August 2019 Mod of the Month
Outcasts & Remnants - April 2017 Mod of the Month Runner-Up
Fusion City Rising - September 2016 Mod of the Month
Settler & Companion Dialogue Overhaul - November 2019 Mod of the Month (has Deacon tie-in once you max his affinity)
Commonwealth Bounties - Coming in Fall 2020, test version is playable via Discord, see commonwealth-bounties thread.
Diary of a Madman - Shortcut to Depravity's evil alternate endings for the Fallout 4 vanilla main quest, if you don't want to play all of Depravity

Collect 'em all: 4 Mod of the Month winners and 1 Runner-Up

Additional Quality of Life Stuff

Thug Co - The Companionator - If you want one holotape to control all the companions from Depravity, Project Valkyrie, Outcasts & Remnants, and Fusion City Rising.

Thuggyfied - A Fallout 4 Mod List - If you're looking for a Fallout 4 experience based on flexibility, fun, safety, ease of install, and popularity over personal preference. Includes an optional game settings mod that will reduce grind and free up some .esp plugin slots.

Potentially Helpful Resources - Your question is likely answered here

Quest details, console commands, and play-through videos
Play-through Guide
Known Issues
Random Q&A
Discord Server

Future Mod Expansion

More content may be added over time. Add the mod to your tracking list if you would like to be notified when updates become available. If you are interested in writing, voice acting, or quest design, check out the Discord server.

The mod will not be coming to Playstation, XBox, or Nintendo, please don't ask. It's explained here.


We don't accept donations, nor is the mod opted in to receive Donation Points from Nexus. However, we'll take endorsements and game-play screenshots if you've got good ones. "Endorse" button is on the upper right of the page

If you'd like to support a voice actor directly (for all their projects in general, not for this mod), they're listed in the voice acting credits below. Just follow the link to their Patreon.

Another way to support what we're doing: we have a Discord server where we answer questions about these mods + provide general mod support, help people with making mods, discuss mod ideas, do play-testing and early access to upcoming mods, etc.

It helps us if you boost that server (visit the Discordserver, Click on Project Valkyrie in the upper left, then click on 'Server Boost', and then 'Boost This Server'). 

We don't receive any money from that, it all goes to Discord, but it helps us and all the Discord users by allowing access to more Discord features (e.g. uploading larger files, streaming at high resolution directly into the server, better user interface, etc). So huge thanks in advance if you do it!

If you're a Discord Nitro subscriber, they give you 2 free boosts with which you can boost any servers you'd like.


Thank you to all the generous mod authors who gave permission to include their work and voice actors who lent their voices to the project. Sincerest apologies if we've left anyone out, please let us know. 

Nexus Moderator Team: If there is a problem with any credits below (e.g. missing text or sub-credits), before hiding the file, please send a PM and it will be corrected promptly.

Voice acting

Valkyrie: Saki
Sarah and Hally: Kerstyn Unger a.k.a Kikiapplus, Patreon/Buy Kerstyn a coffee here
Carter Beckett: Fake Tsuki
Henry Casdin: Tyler Carr (Tcarr66a1, Casting Club here)
Yes Man, Rooney, and Nate: Caleb Mills, a.k.a cmmills
Sawyer: Pafool
Zimmer: Austin Daniel S. "Malastrome15"
Fiona and Owen: Anonymous

Assets from Other Mods

1950's Feminine Outfits by crimsomrider for Carter's suit dress outfit. Download the original mod to make customizations.
AS Craftable Institute Stations by doobot for the Director's Quarters workstations.
Fortaleza Armor by ralfetas for Valkyrie's armor.  Please download the original mod if you want to customize shapes, styles, or colors.
Sarah Lyons Preset by wasdica for Sarah's look
Hollywood Actors 2 by parhamlinker for the face presets for Carter, Yes Man, and others
Phase 4: An Institute Expansion by Luciferdiva for the Cold Storage, Diagnostics, Residential, and Director's Retreat areas in the Reformed Institute
Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w for the darker textures in the reformed Institute
A Greener Institute by RDHSmoky for the green textures in the reformed Institute
Valkyr face textures by Fuse00 for the face textures used on the followers in the optional follower customization download file.
Institute Sky by buali for inspiration on dome skylight hologram (no assets used, both mods compatible, they use different Form ID's).
Move On by Wicked Panda (Reformed Institute music)
EDM Loop 1 by DL Sounds (Reformed Institute music)
Dance1 125 by DL Sounds (Reformed Institute music)
TeknoAxe for Gasoline Diaries (Reformed Institute music)


Lazy Voice Finder, with special thanks to BowmoreLover, who has customized the tool over time to make a dialogue-heavy mod like this possible.
Lip Sync File Generator, with special thanks to Lazyradly for saving at least 25 hours of time not having to manually generate .lip files.
Bethesda Archive Extractor
Material Editor
Face Ripper
Creation Kit

Play Testers

BurntHostage, FlowerPuffin095, HeyLookAGuy, JasonTodd1976, Narmz, and the Project Valkyrie Discord Server.  Thank you for helping get this across the finish line!


The Triple-S League

Everything Else

Please see the Outcasts and Remnants credits section, as assets from that mod show up in this one indirectly via Project Valkyrie's use of Outcasts and Remnants as a master file.


You're still here? But why? Go play the mod... unless, are you bored of Fallout? Ready to play Skyrim again? But in a new way?