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Multiple followers. Appearance sculpting. Commentary controls. Personality reshaping. Outfit management. Follower Locator. Pose support. AI tweaks. Mobile camp. NPC Info Scanner. Auto scrap settlements. Load/Save Prefabs to install elsewhere. Save spouse

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Installation Notes:
Make sure to place AFT at the BOTTOM of your load order


  1) Multiple Follower support
     Allows dogmeat + (up to) 5 additional followers (make almost anyone or anything (non-hostile) a follower) 
  2) Appearance Sculpting
     Change the appearance of human and Ghoul followers using the same
     sculpting system used to create the player.
     Includes additional custom appearance editing tools that let you 
     scale followers size, change race, eyes or add gender agnostic hair.
  3) Commentary Controls
     Manage commentary. Filter out negative/positive comments and prevent
     followers from all blurting out their comments at once.

     Includes support for multiple interjections. During Main Quest
     dialogues where companions can interject with their opinion, AFT
     allows all followers to say their piece before resuming the
  4) Personality reshaping
     Disable or even flip follower likes and dislikes.
  5) Follower Outfits
     Create multiple outfits: A standard outfit, a combat outfit, a city outfit, a
     camp outfit, a swim outfit and a home outfit. They will automatically change
     as needed.
  6) Gear Management
     Tell your follower to Gather Loose Items from the surrounding area with
     a few button clicks.
     Quickly unload your gear onto followers by telling them to take all your junk
     and or duplicate items.

     Have followers convert items to scrap or caps. Or if you prefer to get the
     full value of your items, tell all followers to give you any items they aren't
     using with a few button clicks when you enter a trading area.

     (Items assigned to outfits are considered used).
  7) Follower Locator
     Includes "Locate Follower" function to select any NPC that AFT manages
     and have AFT guide you to them with a quest objective locator.
  8) Pose Followers
     POSE non-active followers in an assortment of animations from dancing to
     praying to add ambience to your camp or settlement.
  9) Camp Support
     Includes mobile camp that can act as travelling home-base. An excellent
     feature for people who like to avoid fast travel and embrace a more
     immersive play style. AFT Camp includes script-backed furniture that
     goes beyond the capabilities of normal settlements. For example, a
     memory lounger that will take you back to the pre-war world.

     Includes option to Sync up your Camp workbenches with any locally
     detected settlement.

 10) Level Up Support
     Re-assign SPECIAL stats  and see followers gain health, damage
     resistance, carry capacity and other tweaks. The player receives
     a synergy bonus for charisma and luck based on each active followers
     scores. As the game progresses, followers will receive new stat points
     to distribute.
  11) Combat AI Tweaks
      Assign Combat Styles so that followers react in accordance with a desired
      archetype or set them up to dynamically change tactics based on proximity
      to enemies and weapon availability.

      Use outfits to have followers change gear for combat including toggling
on/off or equipping a specific weapon. Configure followers to
      toggle PowerArmor helmets  (So you  can see the faces of followers
      wearing PowerArmor).  Configure followers to ignore traps or to keep a
      preferred follower distance.  Set aggression and Flee Combat settings.

      Give followers stimpacks and repair kits and they will heal each other
      when teammates fall in combat.

  12) Tweak Settings (all are optional)
      - Unlimited Ammo - Turn off Follower ammo depletion
      - No PA Damage   - Turn off Follower Power Armor damage
      - No Fall Damage - Follower Fall damage disabled      - Sync Weapon Draw
      - Follower Mortality : Optionally make followers mortal.
      - Catch-up on Weapon draw : Have followers teleport to your side anytime
        you draw your weapon.
      - Synch PowerArmor Usage : Followers can be configured to enter/exit
        powerarmor with player.
      - Home Assignment : Tell a follower to hang out at AFT Camp, go to a
        Settlement or go back to their original home. You can also tell them
        To make your current location their home.
      - Track Kills    - Optional Kill count tracker
      - Pack Mule : A convenience setting to increase Follower base carry 
        capacity to 2000.
      - Ignore Friendly Fire : In Fallout 4, by default Companions ignore
        friendly fire. This setting allows you to turn that off if you 
        wish for more realistic responses to being shot.
  13) NPC Info
      View detailed information about your followers including attributes, 
      traits, perks, factions, race, home as well as personality traits
      (reactions) and relationship info for those NPCs that support it.
      NOTE : This feature can also be used from the IMPORT menu on any
             non-hostile NPC for pre-import evaluation.
      By Default, Info reveals synths. This can be disabled in the global
      settings if you desire.
  14) Clear Settlements
      The worst thing about starting a new game is getting to a settlement and
      realizing you need to spend 20 minutes re-scrapping everything. Now you
      can just tell your followers to do it for you with a single command and
      be done in seconds.
  15) Followers Build Prefab Settlements for you
      For a price, you can also tell your follower to build the settlement for
      you. Prefabs include options for building a parameter fence only and
      options to build the entire settlement. Sanctuary Hills is Free. The others
      will cost you.
  16) Additional Outfits for Nick
      With all the Gen2 body parts laying about, ever wonder why Nick doesn't
      just grab some space parts and fix himself up? AFT adds some Nick-
      compatible outfits incase you want to change his look and fix his
      hand in the process.
  17) Save your Spouse
      Your spouse was shot in the head, but then immediately frozen. If you
      visit your spouse with Curie before the power in Vault 111 runs out (at
      the end of Act 1 hint, hint), you can save them.
      See readme for more details on what to expect.
  18) Settlement Export/Import: (PC Only)
      Export a settlement snapshot as a batch file and share it with others or
      transfer to another game locally. (Requires console access to load).
      You can also export a settlement snapshot to papyrus in order to quickly
      build an AFT Prefab ADDON. (See section XI in readme). The later route is more
      work,  but offers a way to get your settlement onto XBOX.

  DLC Compatiblility

  Version 1.09+ includes DLC companion support. 

  1) Automatron 

     While technically the DLC lets you install the M-SAT on any Robot, only
     install it on Ada.

  2) Nuka World

     All companions will work fine in Nuka World however the DLC only provides
     additional commentary for Porter Gage. Advise including him in your
     loadout while in Nuka world (once available).

     Camp turrets will fire on friendly Raiders. Disable them if you dont want
     that behavor. Leave them on if you do. NOTE: Despite killing raiders,
     enabling the turrets will not cause raiders to turn agaist you.

  3) Far Harbor

     All companions will work fine in Far Harbor however the DLC only provides
     additional commentary for Nick Valentine and Old Longfellow. Advise
     including at least one of those companions in your loadout while in Far

  Version 1.17+ includes Prefabs for Far Harbor Settlements. 


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  NOTE: ** Installing two mods that do the same thing may lead to mod conflicts