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Large quest mod, over 10 hours of game play, 20+ missions, 4 fully voiced quest-giving companions. Blow up Thalmor Embassy, become ruler of Skyrim, and more.

Permissions and credits
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  • Chinese - Mandarin
Mod Overview

Twenty-nine quests, all fully voice acted, featuring new characters, locations, shouts, spells, armor, weapons, and companions.  Quest overviews, details, and play-through videos are here.

The mod works on a new game or existing save game.  If you do everything once, it's 10 to 15 hours of game play, but many of the quests are repeatable to new locations if you want more.  It has been play-tested to over 40 hours without locations repeating.

Story-telling aspects are similar in style to quest mods Fusion City Rising, Outcasts & Remnants, and Project Valkyrie from Fallout 4, with several of the same voice actors.

Plot Summary

The larger quests include plots to eradicate the Thalmor and blow up their embassy, imprison the Thieves Guild, thwart an Imperial counterfeiting operation, break a Daedric curse, become ruler of Skyrim, pave the way for a new emperor of Tamriel, and acquire custom weapons, spells, shouts, and apparel.

There are also repeatable quests given by the mod's companions that allow you to:

- Hunt and kill bounty targets
- Deal drugs and kill rival drug dealers
- Torment Maven Black Briar and the Thieves Guild
- Find new Words of Power
- Locate skill books
- Acquire enchanted weapons, armor, and other goodies
- Recover stolen war loot
- Discover places you haven't visited yet

The repeatable quests are meant to help you explore Skyrim, but with more action and less talking.  For example, if you want to find a Word of Power, rather than traveling to High Hrothgar, searching for Arngeir, listening to him talk, and then repeating it all after visiting the location, now your companion can serve as both the quest giver and reward giver.  No traveling back and forth, and the companion can provide you a new quest right away if you want (but it isn't forced on you).

Thanks everyone for Hot Files + the kind words in the comments.

Quest-Giving Companions

1) Aurelia: Female mage bounty hunter, fully voiced. She gives quests to track down and kill bounty targets, find Words of Power, locate skill books, and acquire enchanted weapons and armor.  She also has a personal quest which will yield a custom reward plus give you control over her outfit and access to her bed.

Aurelia can heal you and your companions in combat, cure your diseases, train you up to level 100 in destruction magic, and serve as a wealthy merchant who can buy and sell items.

2) Jesse: 9 year old male drug dealer, fully voiced.  After his parents were killed by Skooma dealers, the Daedric prince Sanguine felt sorry for him and made Jesse his champion.  Jesse is on a mission to rid Skyrim of Skooma and replace it with party drugs.  Same voice actor as Peter from Fusion City Rising.

In addition to giving several of the mod's main quests, Jesse gives repeatable quests to get Skooma off the streets, kill Skooma dealers/cooks, and develop a new non-addictive party drug, Aurora, which you can earn income by dealing to the citizens of Skyrim.  He also serves as a merchant to buy items you loot, can train you up to level 100 in Alchemy, and uses a Spellsword fighting style.

Want a different look for Jesse?  If you use RS Children Overhaul, you can get an RS Children appearance for Jesse by downloading the Outlaws and Revolutionaries patch over at RS Children Patch Compendium.  See the last page of the images section (on the O&R mod page) for what it looks like.  Thanks to MichelleBrujah and Seoulcalibre for making this!

3) Sam "The Cruel": Fully voiced male warrior bounty hunter with a complicated past and a personal quest to help rid him of his curse.  He also gives repeatable quests to raid Dragon Priest Lairs, explore Dwarven Ruins, and visit locations you haven't cleared yet.  Sam can train you up to level 100 in One-handed combat.  Same voice actor as Sam from Outcasts & Remnants.

4) Jarl Elisif: (Really, why?) Yes! Give her a shot. She has lots more voice lines now and becomes available as a follower after completing the quest "Seigniorage" given by Jesse to take down an imperial counterfeiting operation. Elisif offers repeatable quests to recover stolen war loot and explore new places. She also gives a personal quest to thwart a Stormcloak plot meant to embarrass her.  Her primary combat style is archer, but she's decent at One and Two-handed combat as well.

All of the companions share thoughts, taunt opponents in combat, give diverse quests, and have complimentary fighting styles if you want to take them all with you at the same time.  They do not occupy a vanilla companion slot, and they have custom AI packages so they sandbox and do their own thing in towns, cities, inns, vanilla & Hearthfire player homes, and similar relaxation spots, rather than stalking you.

You can continue using AFT, EFF, or UFO on your other followers, but these companions all use their own system.  If you want them to do something, just talk to them individually.  If one of them gets lost, they each come with a conjuration spell to teleport them to you.

Red Lantern Inn - New Tavern and Player Base

A members-only club located east of Markarth and just up the road northeast of Salvius Farm.  It is locked until you find the key near the end of the quest "Initiation".  Features:

- 18 interactive NPC's, including 3 companions, who can buy/sell specialized items, offer advice, and train you in various skills up to level 90.
- Alchemy, Enchanting, Weapons, Armor, Forge, Tanning Rack, and Cooking stations all in close proximity.  Smelter outside.
- Separate safe storage containers for your weapons, armor, books, gems, food, ingredients, supplies, etc.
- Re-spawning supply containers for Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing Supplies.
- Weapons displays/racks and Armor display mannequins.
- All 9 shrines for curing diseases and receiving blessings.
- Functional prostitutes who grant you a custom temporary perk after using their services (fade-to-black scene, not explicit)
- Bedroom for rent (10 caps) + owned bed after completing a quest for Aurelia.


Just the base game is required, no additional mods.  To avoid audio problems, do not install using the Download NMM button on the main mod page.  Download Manual, and then dragging the file into your mod manager, is the most trouble-free way of doing it.

How to Start

Head to Coldwater Cave in the Reach, located southeast of Markarth, north of Dushnikh Yal Orc Stronghold, west of Reachcliff Cave, east of Purewater
Run. There is a map marker on it.  The last image in the images section of the mod page also shows the location on the map.

Entering the cave will trigger the quest "Initiation", which upon completion will lead you to the mod's three main characters: Aurelia, Sam, and Jesse, all of whom are located at the Red Lantern Inn, northeast of Salvius Farm near Markarth.

Aurelia, Sam, and Jesse will give you quests from there.  Elisif becomes eligible as a quest-giving companion later into the adventure.

Potentially Helpful Guides

Quest Details - Step-by-Step quest stages for each quest, play-through videos, and console commands.
Troubleshooting - If you have an installation or play-through issue.
Random Q&A - General questions covered here.
Known Issues - List of any known issues or conflicts with other mods.

If you experience something odd that is not covered in these articles, and it is repeatable (i.e. exiting the game and reloading a save doesn't fix it), please leave a report in the bugs section.  Bug reports left in the comments section will be moved to the bugs section for tracking.


Chinese Translation of Outlaws & Revolutionaries - Thank you to vonriki for making this.
Japanese Translation of Outlaws & Revolutionaries - Thank you BowmoreLover.
French Translation of Outlaws & Revolutionaries - Thanks to jihan02 for providing.


The mod has a light footprint to avoid conflicts and doesn't edit vanilla records except as noted below:

- The vanilla NPC record for Elisif was edited to make her tougher, better looking, more conversational, and capable of following you.  If you want to do Elisif's quests and avoid a potential dark-head bug with her, this mod needs to be BELOW any other mod that edits Elisif in your load order, and also overwrite the Skyrim.esm related face texture/mesh files for any other Elisif mod. More detail here

- A few of the jail cell doors in Riften jail were marked as persistent and accessible (compatible with Inigo follower mod), a pickaxe marker near Witchmist Grove was moved and rotated slightly, some exterior assets at the Thalmor embassy were marked persistent, and navmesh around a few of the custom location entrances was tweaked. 

If you experience an issue with a vanilla game-play or location mechanic not related to those edits, you likely have a conflict elsewhere. 

Jesse uses a custom race with no edits to the vanilla child NPC records, and custom clothing/weapons, so he shouldn't interfere with any other child mods you're running (RS Children Overhaul, Killable Children, Armor and Clothing for Kids, etc.).

The mod Palaces and Castles Enhanced moves a wall in the Solitude Blue Palace which makes a wall safe inaccessible in the quest Seigniorage. You can use a console command to skip the quest stage (see Articles section, Quest Details), or TCL console command, if you want to use Palaces and Castles Enhanced with this.

Compatible with Thieves Guild overhaul mods, compatible with other Mods that add quests to vanilla NPC's like Amorous Adventures, and compatible with everything unless explicitly stated otherwise.


1) Dismiss Elisif before doing the Civil War quest-line if you side with the Stormcloaks, and also dismiss her temporarily while you do the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest in main vanilla story (i.e. the party at the Thalmor Embassy).  You can try taking Elisif along for either of these, but she might start acting funny, and you effectively "void the warranty" on her as a follower if you try it.

2) If you decide to put the entire Thieves Guild in prison, but then change your mind and want to complete the vanilla Thieves Guild quest line, you need to release Brynjolf, Mercer, and Delvin from prison before doing so.  If Maven or any Thieves Guild member is actively involved in another quest when you send them to jail, they may not head to jail until that quest is done.


This mod started from a love of Skyrim but a general dislike of the main quest.  The goal with this mod is to explore Skyrim in a new way, on your own terms, in whatever order you want, leveling up and acquiring your favorite skills and gear, without needing to do the main quest or hardly any vanilla quests at all.  More detail here.

Recommended Mods

These are in no way required, but they add some additional challenge and excitement when used in combination with this mod, and they help create a unique experience each time:

Immersive Patrols: Adds Stormcloak, Thalmor, Imperial and Dawnguard patrols to Skyrim.
More Bandit Camps: Adds over 30 new bandit camps to Skyrim which can serve as bounty targets for the quests in this mod.
Organized Bandits in Skyrim: Provides much more variety to the bandits you encounter.
Populated Skyrim Hell Edition: Adds more enemies to dungeons, forts, etc.  Modular versions available as well.
Warzones - Civil Unrest: Adds random encounters and dynamic warzones and skirmishes to make Skyrim feel like there's actually a war going on.

Again, none of the above are required, but if you like intensity in your game-play and you install all these mods, they interact with each other and with Outlaws & Revolutionaries in wonderful and unpredictable ways.

RS Children Patch Compendium if you use RS Children Overhaul and would like an RS Children appearance for Jesse.  See the last page of the images section (on the O&R mod page) for what it looks like.

Oldrim, XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.

No. Please stop asking. If you're an Oldrim user, spamming the comments and/or being toxic will not incentivize a port. It's been explained multiple times in the comments how to do a port, if you are interested in doing one for personal use only.

Additional Content?

Possibly.  If there's a fun story to tell and there's demand for it.  Endorsements and feedback help gauge that.


Thank you to all the generous mod authors who gave permission to feature their work and voice actors who lent their voices to the project.  Sincerest apologies if we've left anyone out, please let us know. 

Nexus Moderator Team: If there is a problem with any credits below (e.g. missing text or sub-credits), before hiding the file, please send a PM and we will correct it promptly. 

Automatic Crossbows by J3X and Rizing for the meshes, textures, and base scripts used to make the crossbows in this mod.
Deadric Reaper - DX Mini Armor Collection by Deserter X and Mitosuke for Sam's Reaper armor.
Emfy Cleric Armor - DX Mini Armor Collection by Deserter X and Mitosuke for Elisif's cleric armor.
Fusion City Rising by Recluse and Thuggysmurf for a handful of Peter combat lines used for Jesse.
Heavy Armory and Royal Armory by PrivateEye for the weapons in the Abandoned Chapel armory.
KS Hairdoos by Kalilies Stealthic and Shockero for Elisif's custom hair (Sleeper style).
Magoza- A Healing Companion by elliotcroft for the scripts and template used to make Aurelia provide healing in battle.
M7Seven and Socartos for the Elisif Stormcloak propaganda art
Tembtra Thief Outfit by Deserter X and Mitosuke for Aurelia's default outfit.
By extension of the Deserter X Tembtra Thief, Emfy Cleric, and Daedric Reaper Armors:
Original 'Oldrim' mod and texture work: Deserter X (nsk13).
Emfy and Tembtra Tunic Mesh: UNP Minidresses Collection by Tiwa44.
Emfy Mace Mesh: Warrior Within Weapons by BloodFree.
Emfy Halo Mesh: Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns by volvaga0.
Emfy Cloak Mesh: Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP by SydneyB.
Emfy Headband Mesh: KDCirclets Redone by zzjay & harokyang.
Emfy Skirt Mesh: Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide by ChronoTrigger77.
Emfy Stockings & Armlets UNP Undies by Petrovich.
Emfy Underwear Mesh: Osare Underwear - UNP by anano.
Daedric Original CBBE conversion by Ousnius.
Daedric Cuirass Mesh: UNP Spice Gear Collection by tiwa44.
Daedric Choker Mesh: R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set for UNP and CBBEV3 by NPR.
Daedric Skirt Mesh: Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit for UNP by Backsteppo.
Daedric Leggings Mesh: UNP Undies by Petrovich.
Tembtra Collar Mesh: R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set for UNP and CBBEV3 by NPR
Tembtra Trousers, Armlets, Gloves and Boots Meshes are based on meshes by Petrovich:
UNP Undies by Petrovich
UNP Leather Clothes by Petrovich
UNP High Heels by Petrovich
UNP Boots 01 by Petrovich

"Malastrome15" Austin Daniel S. for voicing Foley and Malcolm
Samcruel for writing and voicing Sam
iTimbot for various writing + play-testing
Creation Kit, SSEEdit, Unfuzer, WavePad, and Lazy Voice Finder for the mod tools.
Thanks to the voice actors for Jesse, Molly, etc. who wished to remain anonymous.
And to the vanilla Skyrim voice actors whose clear delivery made it easy to rearrange their original lines into new dialogue.