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Tired of reloading 5 bullets every single god damn time? Well suffer no longer. I present to you a fixed reload for the Lever Action Rifle.

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Hi there, at this point in time, this mod is redundant. With the release of shavkacagarikia's Bullet Counted Reload System, I'd highly recommend using that instead. It requires F4SE, however, it is damn flawless. Go give shav some love and support and use his mod! You can download it here.

Well well Bethesda. Where do I even start?

In most modern games, we are treated with proper weapon reloads. You know what i'm on about. The feature allowing the player to actually reload the correct amount of rounds for things such as shell loaded shotguns and lever action rifles. Yet for some reason Bethesda didn't give us this. Well for no longer shall we suffer.

I present to you the Lever Action Reload Fix mod.

This mod fixes that annoying problem that exists with the Lever Action Rifle. No matter how many bullets you have shot, the player always seems to reload the same amount. This mod fixes that.

Using a script which allows for animation switching on the fly, the reload has finally been fixed. Please note that I have only included animations for 1st person.

Yea ok it might not be perfect but it's definitely close and should hopefully spark something within the community!
If you encounter any issues just let me know and I'll be sure to try and fix them with kinggath!

Also stay tuned for some goodies. Guide is here! Go check it out!
Also go and check out my M1014 mod. It now includes the same fix allowing proper shell loaded shotguns!

This would not have been possible without some amazing people. Like seriously if it wasn't for them this mod wouldn't be a thing. So make sure you go and check out both kinggath and Haru.

Honestly like go and praise the absolute hell out of kinggath. Without his scripting abilities I wouldn't have made it past the idea stage of this mod. He has helped me create this amazing fix but has also created an amazing mod of his own. Go check out his Salvage Beacons mod because alongside this fix, it makes the game a lot better. Be sure to go and give him some kudos!

And finally the main man Haru, or blackxteel as he is known on the nexus. Without him these animations wouldn't be a thing. His work on the animations are incredible and the amount of time and care he takes with his work is incredible. Go check him out as well. He has been a great help to the community with all of the animations he has made. Be sure to go and give him some kudos!

Update Notes-

Version 3.1-
-Scripts and animations now included in a .ba2 package
-Script streamlined a bit more
-Added support for the longer barrel mods. Supports up to 8 rounds. No new animations though.
-No longer edits any vanilla files. Should be near enough compatible with everything.

Version 3.0-
-Fixed more bugs
-Streamlined the script
-Cleaned up the esp

Version 2.0-
-Fixed the ADS bug
-Fixed the gun not reloading
-Fixed the repeated animation bug
-Fixed the mixed animation bug
-Fixed the rapid fire bug

Version 1.0-
-Initial Release

Requires Far Harbour obviously.

I now have a discord! Join here