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This is more or less an almost finished settlement build. A lot of effort has gone into this, but I am at a point where I know I will not finish it. So I'm making it a settlement/modder's resource. The official description is it's a big bad azz ship.

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I started this little project over 2 years ago. Life has a funny way of wrecking your plans, so I just never really got around to finishing it. A LOT of work has gone into it and I wanted to be the first to resurrect The Northern Star. Don't know if I am, but I tried. If you download this mod, know it still needs work. There are doorways here and there that need to be replaced with walls - small stuff. The majority of it is NOT navmeshed (probably lost 80% of ya right there) and there are still light boxes to add, and on and on. But you are free to do with this mod as you will provided I get appropriate credit for my work and it is forever and always published as a free mod.

There are a ton of custom meshes in this and you'll just have to dig around to see what's what. It resides in an interior cell in the CK named SSShip. In the world objects tab of CK it is under ShipSettlement. The animated crane door on the deck will be somewhat familiar if you have my warehouse mod. Engine room is, in my opinion, a really nice custom piece. Everything is in layers so be sure to enable viewing them. But I'm not going to ruin the fun of discovery. SMM is not necessary to install, just unpack it and go or use your mod manager. See the pics for a better idea of all 5 levels and have fun.

Edit: The last pic in the images shows some posts I made to turn the platform into a "elevator" type lift.