Solar Panels by Andrew van Sickle
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This mod includes Solar Panel Generators for settlements. Quiet, Clean, Renewable energy for the masses.

It includes a Solar Wall Panel that provides 3 power.
It will provide power to whatever building it is placed on the wall of
as well as a small surrounding area, so you don't have to put a wall
connector right next to it.

Also includes a Solar Panel Rack that provides 5 power.
It can be placed on a roof or on the ground, provides power to the
surrounding area.

They require Science 2 perk and are heavy on the copper and plastic.
meant to be expensive and low power because that's the price of silence,
and while previous games established that solar power exists in the
universe. Fusion power being predominant and cheap in the past curbed
societies interest in developing the technology much before the apocalypse.