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Includes 5 Barrels that significantly alter firing mechanics, 6 Internal Cores that alter the charge-up, a working tactical flashlight, along with a ton of different scopes, stocks and slides! Also includes an improved palette system with 30 colors, 4 patterns, and 2 traditional retextures. There's even some LORE hidden in the world.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

(Watch the video to hear the custom sounds!)

In-World Locations:
Fort Strong, in the General's office. Terminal in the cubicle area.
West Boston Federal Survallence Center (Abandoned shack in Glowing Sea), New room near elevator. Terminal in same room.
The institute, Advanced Systems Firing range.

AMMO is crafted at CHEMLAB, trade 100 plasma cartridges and a fusion core for 100 Plasma Cores

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Version notes:

Added New barrel type: Standard Amp
-Standard Amp Increases the damage and explosion size of standard shots.
-Adds 1 second of charge time.
-Adds 25 direct damage and 10 energy damage to help with the standard shot's weak scaling.
-Total of +35 direct hit damage, and +10 explosion damage (before perks).
-Uses a new unique model.

Added new barrel type: Arc Cannon Mk.II
-Direct upgrade to the Arc Cannon.
-Adds a chain effect to shots that can hit multiple targets.
-Build cost requires a significant investment of Nuclear Materal.

Added a new sight type: Reflex w/ Holo + Targeting Hud
-New top end reflex sight that uses reworked targetting hud effect.

Reworked the automatic cores
-Recircular Core is no longer fully automatic, still uses rifleman perk.
-Dual Core now uses the Commando perk and has increased firing speed to go with its full auto.

Removed leveled list records, the weapon is now added to leveled lists via a script.
Added a category specific to the PlasRail for the Cyberlab. (if you have cybernetics, not required)
Added an Ammo crafting recipe for the Cyberlab (if you dont like crafting stuff at the chemlab).
Slight damage nerf (-25 energy damage) to the Arc Cannon.
Reworked the targetting Hud effect:
-Highlights target in green instead of red.
-Minor drain on AP while aiming (4 per second).
Standardized the Core type Synths can spawn with.
-This is to prevent them from winning the RNG lotto and spawning with a godlike combo of mods.
Minor edits to original textures to fix some color inconsistancies.

Added Chrome Style
-Uses index colors
-Works best on darker colors

Swapped some firing sounds around a little bit
-Standard barrel and Disc barrel were swapped
Added Disc Launcher Mk.II Barrel
-This removes the tracking mechanic, but vastly improves the speed of the disc projectile (1800 to 6500)
Fixed some spelling errors
Altered the impact force of some projectiles.

Altered the charging noise to be less noisy and grindy.
-due to how some weapon sounds work this unfortunately must effect the Gauss rifle.
-The change involves the loop of the charge sound, as well as a more even toned falloff sound effect.
-This may even be an improvement if you dislike the Gauss rifle's grinding noise when it charges.
Added higher resolution normal maps.




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