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Immersive Vendors give all Vendors visible products in her Store and add new variants for the Level 3 Shops.

Immersive Vendors erweitert alle Händler mit sichtbare Produkten in ihren Läden und fügt neue Varianten der Level 3 Läden hinzu.

Immersive Vendors donne à tous les vendeurs des produits visibles dans leurs maga

Permissions and credits
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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
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  • French

-->Immersive Vendors Spanish Translation<--
-->Immersive Vendors - Traduzione Italiana<--
-->Immersive Vendors ptBR<--

English Version (EN)
Immersive Vendors improves all craftable stores with visible products and new variants for the level 3 vendors. The goods will only display if a vendor activates his stall.

- all stores have visible products (during business hours 08:00-20:00)
- three different level 3 stores
- six different level 3 bar's
- dynamic activation of goods by the seller

Deutsche Version (DE)
Immersive Vendors erweitert alle Händler mit sichtbare Produkten in ihren Läden und fügt neue Varianten der Level 3 Läden hinzu. Die Ware wird nur angezeigt, wenn ein Verkäufer seinen Stand aktiviert.

- alle Läden haben sichtbare Produckte (zu Geschäftszeiten 08:00-20:00)
- 3 verschiedene Level 3 Läden
- 6 verschiedene Level 3 Bar's
- dynamische Waren aktivierung durch den Verkäufer

my Credits go:
- to Bethesda Softworks
- to Nexus for this mod spot
- to the NifSkope Developers
- to the FO4Edit Developers

- copy the ImmersiveVendors.esp to your .\Fallout4\Data
- copy the ImmersiveVendors - Main.ba2 to your .\Fallout4\Data
- copy the ImmersiveVendors - Textures.ba2 to your.\Fallout4\Data
- Add ImmersiveVendors.esp to your %localAppData%\Fallout4\plugins.txt

Recommended: First remove and destroy all shops ingame.
- Remove the ImmersiveVendors.esp from .\Fallout4\Data
- Remove the ImmersiveVendors - Main.ba2 from .\Fallout4\Data
- Remove the ImmersiveVendors - Textures.ba2 from .\Fallout4\Data
- Remove the ImmersiveVendors.esp entry from your %localAppData%\Fallout4\plugins.txt

Version History

Version 3.00
- script change
- T3 Counter Shops Added

Version 2.01
- script change

Version 2.0
- only when a vendor is present, there are items in the store

Version 1.5
- the level 3 bar IdleNodes displaced from the side to the front
- new level 3 bar variants added (meat/food alias takeaway)
- EatingNoodlesStanding assigned exclusive the new Level 3 Bar (meat/food alias takeaway)
- EmptyIdleMarker and EatingNoodlesStanding removed from the vanilla bar

Version 1.4
- sign for the cutted version
- various corrections, extensions

Version 1.3
- various corrections of Items height
- add Level 1 Shops

Version 1.2
- add two new optional T3 Variantes
- add a Plugin (esp) for InGame selection

Version 1.1
- add T2

Version 1.0
- first ReleaseIf

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