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Fixes a bug introduced in patch 2.01 that prevents 16 of the skill progression rewards from applying when loading a save made with patch 2.01. Also fixes a related bug that was present since 2.0.

PATCH 2.02 UPDATE: Both bugs are fixed in the latest patch, so this mod is no longer needed. I won't be updating it.

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Bug fixed: Saves made on 2.01 don't apply all skill rewards when loaded

I found out about the big issue this mod fixes from a few Reddit posts, particularly this one, which was very helpful: 2.01 broke skill passives for everyone, test it yourself.

A number of the skill progression rewards don't take effect if you load a save made on 2.01. Even playing on patch 2.01, you can load a 2.0 save and the rewards work, but not if the save is made on 2.01. I think the cause is that they are now properly saving something they weren't before, which is fixing some other bug they intended to fix, but that has now revealed another logic bug causing this issue.

Here are the affected rewards:
  • Headhunter 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60
  • Netrunner 20
  • Shinobi 20, 40, 45, 50, 55
  • Solo 40, 45
  • Engineer 40

The reason these are affected and not all just has to do with the method the game uses to apply each reward in game. As far as I know, other rewards are working, except for Netrunner 60 (Overclock hack through walls up to 10m), which I haven't been able to see working at all. That one I think is just generally broken, and I haven't had time to fully investigate it. There could be others that are broken, but I have tested some others that I know work, such as Solo 10.

Note: these skill rewards only don't work when loading a save made on 2.01. If you are playing in 2.01 and gain these rewards, they will work... until you save and reload.

Bug Fixed: Skill rewards (in above list) for the exact level of your skill are not applied on reload (since 2.0)

Just an off-by-one error in the loop that applies these rewards. Only affects the rewards listed above.

  • IMPORTANT: This mod has 1 dependency (see requirements section above!)
  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

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