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for ENBSeries version: 0.254

If you like my vids, please also visit me here:
RealVision on Youtube

ENB is a collection of visual effects created by Boris Vorontsov. It overhauls everything from anti-aliasing and depth of field to lighting and water.
It gives Skyrim the eye candy effects it deserves.

RealVision is a finely tuned compilation of ENB effects and post processing. Each setting has been hand tweaked to give the most realism at the lowest performance cost.

Technically, ENB is compatible with every mod on Nexus. However, RealVision is tuned to look good with a particular set of lighting and weather mods. Using any weather or lighting mods besides the ones listed here will result in your game looking weird. All other mods are fine.

ENB is very GPU intensive. It will most likely be the most FPS hungry part of your game.

very helpful video for installation by PredCaliber: here (outdated atm!)

1. Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and Wrye Bash users open the Skyrim menu through Steam.
1. Mod Organizer (MO) users run Skyrim Launcher through MO.
2. In the options section, turn off Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and FXAA. (in the advanced section)
3. In your video driver, set the features from step 2 and SSAO to application controlled. Only do this for Skyrim.
Nvidia users look here and here to see the required driver settings. AMD users will have similar settings.
4. NMM/Wrye Bash users go to Documents/My Games/Skyrim.
4. MO users go to Mod Organizer/profiles/your profile.
5. Set the following values in your skyrimprefs.ini or use EWIs High SkyrimPrefs and inis (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
If you use EWIs inis, you must configure them to your system. There are notes on the lines that need configured.
The correct skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files are located in Documents/My Games/Skyrim or Mod Organizer/profiles/Default if you're a Mod Organizer user.
NEVER edit the SkyrimPrefs.ini in SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Skyrim !!!

bDoDepthOfField=0 <--- turn it to 1 if using Realistic Water Two (recommended)
<--- if you are using a Performance version and got ugly landscape shadows then set it to 0
<--- turn it to 1 if you prefer Skyrim FXAA, but don't forget to turn off SMAA if using FULL RealVision version

6. Right click skyrimprefs.ini, select "Properties", and check "Read-only" under Attributes.

Install these mods in this install order if you want your Skyrim to look like mine:

And let always overwrite if NMM asks! (say NO to update and YES to install normally) --> Nexus Mod Manager - Tutorial: english / deutsch

>>FPS<< stands for performance hungry mods!
>>FPS<< stands for very performance hungry mods!

Instead of all the single Vivid Landscapes- mods you can also try Vivid Landscapes - All in One by Aron

Install in this order:

Load order when using Climates of Tamriel and Supreme Storms:
  • ClimatesOfTamriel.esm
  • ...
  • ClimatesOfTamriel-Dawnguard-Patch.esp //if you have Dawnguard DLC
  • ClimatesOfTamriel-Dragonborn-Patch.esp //if you have Dragonborn DLC
  • Supreme Storms - Cot Version.esp
  • CoT-WeatherPatch.esp
  • CoT-WeatherPatch_DB.esp //if you have Dragonborn DLC (optional)
  • CoT-WeatherPatch_Snow-xx.esp //Snow brightness adjustment (optional)
  • CoT-WeatherPatch_SupStorms.esp //Supreme Storms patch (optional)
  • CoT-WeatherPatch_ESS.esp //Expanded Snow Systems patch (optional)
  • CoT-WeatherPatch_NLx.esp //Night level darkness plugin (optional)
  • ...

Now decide to go on with Realistic Lighting Overhaul or Enhanced Lights and FX.
These videos will help you with your decision: Video 1, Video 2.

Option A: RLO
Realistic Lighting Overhaul by The Realistic Lighting Team
My preference for realism!

  • Activate all modules except Adaptive Interiors Vanilla Weathers and Realistic Lighting Weathers! As shown here and here.
  • Only activate Dawnguard interiors if you are using Dawnguard!

Option B: ELFX
Enhanced Lights and FX 0.4.2 by anamorfus (do not forget to install the SMIM Meshes from ELFX optionals too!)
My preference for atmosphere!

  • Install core + enhancer. You are free to use exterior module also. Install as shown here and here.
  • If you have Dawnguard or Dragonborn DLCs active also install Enhanced Lights and FX 0.4.2 Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Option C: ELFX + NOVA
Enhanced Lights and FX 0.4.2 by anamorfus (do not forget to install the SMIM Meshes from ELFX optionals too!)
My preference for fantasy! It has stronger colors, contrasts, sunsprites, flares, etc.

  • If you want only the effects and default colors, set "#define SATURATION 0.92" in effect.txt to normalize colors.
  • For ELFX, install core + enhancer. You are free to use exterior module also. Install as shown here and here.
  • If you have Dawnguard or Dragonborn DLCs active also install Enhanced Lights and FX 0.4.2 Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
  • If using Nova with SweetFX addon you can change saturation in SweetFX_settings.txt.
  • Set "#define USE_TONEMAP 1" and change saturation by altering "#define Saturation"

1. Download ENBSeries v0.254 ( from my ENBSeries archive or and extract it somewhere.
2. Copy d3d9.dll AND enbhost.exe from the wrapper folder to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.
3. Download RealVision via your mod manager and install the option of your choice.
4. NMM and Wrye Bash users go to Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data/RealVision_ENB_files.
4. Mod Organizer users go to Mod Organizer/mods/RealVision ENB (version).
5. Run RV_install.vbs. If this does not work, look in the FAQ for a fix.
6. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.
7. Set the following values in enblocal.ini:

XXX <--- You only NEED it to be set to 64. Users have seen better performance with it being set to 256 or 512. Only set to 512 if you have at least a 2GB graphics card.
VideoMemorySizeMb=XXXX <--- You only NEED it set to (VRAM - 128). Users have seen better performance with (RAM + VRAM - 2048). 1GB=1024.
EnableCompression=true <--- False if you experience stuttering or use ENBSeries 0.246 or older.
AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false <-- Because it keeps guessing wrong.


This is ENBoost. Do not download ENBoost from the Nexus. You already have it.

Tutorial videos: NMM / Wrye Bash or MO


"I don't know what's wrong"
Does LOOT say something's wrong?
LOOT 0.6 requires Internet Explorer 11 to generate its report. This requirement will go away with LOOT 0.7.
It says that everything's fine? Check the rest of the FAQ and Skyrim Crash Compendium.

"My game crashes (CTD) before I even get to the menu"
  • First ensure to have correct language in your Skyrim.ini, for example if you are using EWI65's ini-files you will have to adjust "sLanguage=ENGLISH" to your own language.
  • Watch this video
  • Ensure to NOT activate the CoT-WeatherPatch_DB.esp from prod80's Climates of Tamriel weather patch if you do not use Dragonborn!
  • You probably either need DirectX updated or you installed a mod without installing another mod that it needs. Use LOOT to find out if it's the latter. LOOT requires Internet Explorer 11 to generate its report.
  • Monitoring tools like MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, and Rivatuner OSD also cause problems with ENB. Find the FAQ about it for a workaround.
  • Rarely, SweetFX could be the issue.

Still nothing? Try deleting your rendererinfo.txt file.

"RV_install.vbs didn't work"
If you get "Permission denied" then open cmd.exe as Administrator, navigate to your "Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data/RealVision_ENB_files" and start RV_install.vbs"
If still script does not work, manually download whatever option of RealVision you choose and extract it. Place the files in Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.

"The white text at the top left corner of the screen says the wrong graphics card"
You either forgot to change that in EWIs ini files or you have a buggy driver (probably from an Optimus card). Use the injector version of ENB to get around this.

"How do I use the injector version of ENB?"
1. If you have d3d9.dll in your Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim folder, delete it.
2. Extract the ENBSeries archive and move the the files from Injector to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim. DO NOT OVERWRITE WHEN ASKED.
3. Set the following values in enbinjector.ini:


4. Run the ENBinjector.exe.
5. Start your game and enjoy!

Note: You will have to run ENBinjector.exe before playing your game from now on. I would make a shortcut somewhere.

"I get a warning that bFloatPointRenderTarget isn't set to 1 but it is"
You edited the wrong ini. The one you were looking for is in Documents/My Games/Skyrim or Mod Organizer/profiles/Default if you're a MO user.

"Half of the screen is black"
Set EnableMist=false in enbseries.ini.

"I crash every X minutes"
Follow the bug fixing and memory patch sections of the Speed and Stability Guide for ENB.

"How do I use MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, or Rivatuner OSD with ENB?"
The steps below are for MSI Afterburner but all 3 are based on the same program so the steps will be similar, if not identical.
  • Update and start MSI Afterburner
  • Switch to the "MSI On-Screen Display Server" window.
  • Create a new profile for your game and change to it.
  • Click the big wrench icon to change advanced settings.
  • Go to General -> Compatibility properties and turn on "Enable compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries".

"The sun is behind a mountain but I still see its reflection in the water"
Deal with it. It was the only way to get the sun to reflect in flat areas. Some people have reported that using the injector can fix this.

"There are black bars on the top and bottom of my screen"
You did that. You checked the box for letterbox effect when you ran the installer. If you don't want it, download the optional letterbox effect disabled file.

"The screen is black but I still hear music"
You didn't listen when I said that monitoring tools don't like ENB.

"My game doesn't look like your screenshots or videos"
Most of my screenshots and videos are made during Climates of Tamriel weather 02d46e with a lot of contrast and bright lighting. Force this weather and then compare again.

To force a CoT weather, first open NMM - plugins and find out your HEX loadordernumber of ClimatesofTamriel.esm, as seen here. Remember this code and type "fw
0C02d46e" in console.

"I have a dark landscape but it's bright out"
Set EnableCloudShadows=false in enbseries.ini

"Underwater is crystal clear"
You're using Realistic Water Two and forgot to set bDoDepthOfField to 1 in your skyrimprefs.ini.

"It's too dark inside"
Increase AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorDay and AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorNight in enbseries.ini.

"It's too dark outside at night"
Increase AmbientLightingIntensityNight in enbseries.ini.

"It's too bright outside"
Decrease DirectLightingCurveDay in enbseries.ini.

"I have super blown out brightness as hell..."
Crossfire and SLI causes issues and problems with ENB, deactivate one card.

"The sun is too bright"
Decrease SunIntensity and SunRaysMultiplier in enbseries.ini.

"My game looks too saturated"
FULL versions except NOVA: Open SweetFX_settings.txt. Set "#define USE_TONEMAP 1" and alter the saturation with "#define Saturation". 0.000 = default
Performance versions and NOVA FULL: Open effect.txt and decrease "#define SATURATION"

"My game looks too pale"
Set ForceBorderlessFullscreen=false in enblocal.ini or set Brightness=0.65 in enbseries.ini.

"Any special notes for OneTweak users?"
Funny you should ask. You have to set BWmode to 2 in OneTweak.ini. You can find it in Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins or Mod Organizer/mods/OneTweak/SKSE/Plugins if you're a MO user.

"I can't load up an old save"
Did you change your uGridsToLoad value? If so, use Stable uGridsToLoad. Have you uninstalled a mod since you started playing that game? If so, use Savegame script scalpel. Also, set EnableFPSLimit=true in enblocal.ini.

"Why is this wall invisible?"
You skipped step 1 of installation.

"Depth of field isn't working"
Did no one do step 1 of the installation?

"My eyes are black/missing"
Seriously, no one did step 1? It's step 1.

"These shadows are too dark"
"Black shadows" appear when EnableSkyLighting=true is set. To fix it, increase AmbientMinLevel in enbseries.ini or decrease AmbientLightingCurve. Do not go below 0.68

"Underwater is green"
Green Water Fix

"My head and body are different colors"
Set FixTintGamma=false in enblocal.ini.

"Skyrim Launcher has stopped working - missing D3x9_43.dll"
Download and install this: DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.

"I have screen tearing but VSync and Limiter are active in enblocal.ini"
Set VSync to adaptive in your driver or set EnableFPSLimit=true in enblocal.ini.

"My main menu/loading screens are red"
Delete RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Falskaar.ini, skyrim.ini, and skyrimprefs.ini. Repeat step 1 of the installation and then run LOOT.

"I have ugly landscape shadows using the performance version"
Set bDrawLandShadows=0 in skyrimprefs.ini or fSpecularLODStartFade=2500.0000, fShadowLODStartFade=3500.0000, fLightLODStartFade=3500.0000, and fshadowbiasscale to 0.750 or 1.000 in skyrimprefs.ini.

"How do I change my save back to uGridsToLoad=5?"
  • Open Skyrim.ini in your text editor.
  • Launch Skyrim and load your game save with your custom uGridsToLoad setting.
  • Alt-tab to your text editor, change uGridsToLoad=5 and uExteriorCellBuffer=36 then save the Skyrim.ini file.
  • Alt-tab back to Skyrim, open the console, type refreshini and then close the console.
  • Create a new savegame. I recommend to save indoors to avoid issues.

"Night vision isn't working"
Use Better Vampire Sight and Night Eye by LloydChristoph (only works for exteriors)

turn off the ENB while using PredatorVision made by Gopher and set the used Key for activating PredatorVision to the same as to deactivate/activate ENB effects.

Tutorialvideo: here
  • Go to your enblocal.ini file in your game folder
  • Go to [INPUT]
  • Set KeyCombination=0
  • Go to this site and copy the value of the key you are using for your Nightvision by Predator Vision (for example 86 for "v")
  • Set KeyUseEffect=x, where x is the value from step 4.
  • Save the file

look here for full topic.
Thanks to M4ze

Open the enbeffects.fx file in notepad, find entry:
//#define APPLYGAMECOLORCORRECTION and remove this "//"
to compensate the desaturation increase "#define SATURATION" in effect.txt
or go further down in the enbeffect.fx you'll find a section labelled //POSTPROCESS 2, change the {float EColorSaturationV2=1.40;} to something higher like 2.0 in order to compensate for the wash-out.

enter in console:
playerenchantobject 1cf2b 1ea6c
this command will put in to your backpack gold ring with candle light effect

use Rings of Light Enchantment - Dungeon Gear-Pack 1 by Marbaus

1. Install Sheson's memory patch via SKSE with the following steps:
This will not work for pirates. Pirates will not be helped via forums or PM.
  • Install SKSE 1.7.1 according to Gopher's video.
  • Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data and see if you have a SKSE folder with an SKSE.ini file inside. If you do, add these values to SKSE.ini:

  • [General]

    If you don't have an SKSE.ini file, download and install SKSE ini from Speed and Stability Guide for ENB.
    If you use MO and one of your mods supplies its own SKSE.ini file, it will overwrite this one. Add the aforementioned values to that mod's SKSE.ini file. You can find it in Mod Organizer/mods/(your mod)/SKSE/.
  • If you previously used SSME, delete d3dx9_42.dll and ssme.ini from your Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim folder.
  • Delete Safety Load and ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer if you have them installed. They're not needed once the memory blocks are configured correctly.
  • Download and install Memory Blocks Log.
  • Go to the Windhelm docks and pick a fight with a guard. This is pretty much the most memory intensive thing you could do and will max your usage.
  • NMM/Wrye users go to Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/.
  • MO users go to Mod Organizer/overwrite/SKSE/Plugins/.
  • Open up MemoryBlocksLog.log and check to see that the value directly under Block 1 is 512.
  • If it isn't, you've installed SKSE wrong or your SKSE.ini is getting overwritten (MO users only).
  • Check the last number in the Block 1 column. We'll call this value Z.
  • In SKSE.ini, set defaultHeapInitialAllocMB to (Z + 276.) Do not set lower than 512.
  • MO users that downloaded SKSE ini, this will be in Mod Organizer/mods/SKSE ini/.
  • Fight that guard again and make sure that Block 1 is roughly 20 higher than your peak usage.
  • This value may need adjusted over time as you add more texture mods, NPCs, or increase your uGridsToLoad.

Alternatively, you can use SSME. Blocks must be set using hex values if using SSME.

2. Sort your load order with LOOT.
LOOT 0.6 requires Internet Explorer 11 in order to generate its reports. This requirement will go away with version 0.7.
MO users must run LOOT within MO. Also, a basic version of LOOT is integrated into MO 1.2.1+ as the sort button.

3. Use Skyrim Project Optimization and Remove Underwater Grass and other stuff too - A Performance Mod for extra FPS.
Skyrim Project Optimization has a lot of incompatibilities with mods that modify buildings in major cities.
4. Clean your master files.
5. Take a look at the following guides: 6. Use Disable CPU Core Parking Utility to consistently use all of your CPU's cores for more performance.
Learn about this process here, here, or here.

1. NMM and Wrye Bash users go to Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data/RealVision_ENB_files.
1. Mod Organizer users go to Mod Organizer/mods/RealVision ENB (version).
2. Run RV_uninstall.vbs.
If RV_uninstall.vbs doesn't work, manually download the version of RV that you use and delete all of the files with the same name from Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.
3. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim.
4. Delete d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe.
5. NMM/Wrye Bash users go to Documents/My Games/Skyrim.
5. MO users go to Mod Organizer/profiles/your profile.
6. Delete your skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files. They will be remade vanilla next time you play.

These are my personal must haves. These are not in install order.

In install order:

Thanks to all downloaders and especially all who give me endorsements :)

ewi65 for tuned Bokeh DoF, his amazing sun and his help supporting RealVision ENB
Sharpshooter8 for inspiration and his Realistic Hope ENB i used for a long time
JJC71 for Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting
Sydney666 and Daemonui for Realistic Lighting Overhaul
Kyokushinoyama for his great sunsprite-shader
Gopher for his awesome RealVision ENB videos
Boris Vorontsov for making ENBs possible
all the modcreators of the used mods
all RealVision users and downloaders
tony971 for help with description
Bethesda for making TES: Skyrim
bronze316 for DoF effects
my wife for patience

and if someone is interested, here a list of my additional preferred mods:

  • Main Menu Music Replacer - Malukah by refractor82
  • Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE (Classic + Parallax) by Yuril
  • Ambient Seagulls - Ambient Seagulls
  • aMidianBorn Book of Silence - book of silence
  • aMidianBorn Helm of Yngol - aMidianBorn Helm of Yngol
  • aMidianBorn Hide of the Savior - aMidianBorn saviors hide
  • Annael nord custom NPC follower - Annael zzjay model
  • Arcane Enchanter - Granite w better glow map - ArcaneEnchanterGranite
  • Ashara Princess of the Woods armour
  • Better Arrows - Main File
  • Better Atronachs Textures - HighRes - Better Atronachs Textures - HighRes
  • Better Dialogue Controls v1_2
  • Bikini Trouble UNP and UNPB also BBP
  • Blood Witch Armor - Blood Witch Armor V11
  • Brawl Bug Plugin - Brawl Bug Plugin v1-1
  • Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation - UNP Mashup Compilation v1b
  • Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation UNPB Conversion - T
  • Burn Freeze Shock Effects - BFS Effects 3_3 - BSA
  • Casual bikini shoes gloves stockings v2_00 for UNP high-res textures 2048x2048 by Newmiller
  • Cities and Towns Enhanced - Markarth Plus - Trees and Ruins
  • Clanking Armor - Clanking Armor
  • Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows v3
  • CS Soul Fragments to Soul Gems - CS Soul Fragments To Soul Gems
  • Detailed Cities - Detailed Cities
  • Diano for UNPB-BBP - Diano for UNPB-BBP
  • Diano for UNPB-BBP - UNPB patch - non BBP
  • Dragon Falls Manor - Dragon Falls Manor
  • Dragon Knight Armor - Dragon Knight Armor v2
  • Dryad Companions - Elana and Danae
  • Female Animation Pack - Female Animation Pack 2013_01_01
  • Fhaarkas Softer Animal Fur - Softer Animal Fur
  • Finishing Moves Always - Killing Blows Always (i use it only for the videos)
  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS - Behavior Files V3_3_2 -- ALWAYS necessary
  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS - FNIS Idle Spells V3_2 -- ADD-ON for the spells
  • Ghosus Weapon Pack MAIN FILE
  • Hircines Blessed Bikini - CBBEv3 CBBEv3M UNP UNPB ADEC - Hircines Blessed Bikini UNPB 2
  • Horse Armors for Skyrim - Horse Armors v1_5
  • Horses Gone Wild German - Horses Gone Wild German V1_0
  • HQ Beards - vanilla texture replacers - Light Version
  • Icebreakers Improved Reverb - IceBreakers Improved Reverb v002 Clean
  • Immersive Armors - Immersive Armors v6
  • Immersive Armors - UNP Support for Immersive Armors v6
  • Immersive Skyrim Thunder V6 - ISTV6
  • Improved NPC Clothing - High Res - Improved NPC Clothing_1_8_1_MORE_DIRT
  • Improved Combat Sounds - Improved Combat Sounds V2 2
  • Intricate Spider Webs by isoku
  • KenMOD - Lockpick Pro - Cheat - Lockpick Pro v3
  • KenMOD - Time on loading screen - Time on loading v5
  • Lian Vera - Mage Follower - Lian Vera v251
  • Light up the night - People Have Torches - People have Torches
  • Lost Art of the Blacksmith
  • LustDesign - Sovngarde Steel Armor - Version 2 - UNPB
  • Male Idle Animation Replacer - Arms Folded
  • Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood - Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood
  • Millenia Weapon Retexture Project - WRP - Weapon_Retexture_Project
  • More Bony Skeletons and HD skeleton clutter - Grimy and Aged Edition
  • My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers - MHYH_08
  • Nicos Raven Swords
  • Nightingale Prime HD - Nightingale Prime HD
  • No Menu and Loading Smoke - No smoke
  • Nordic Ambient Music - Nordic Ambient Music 4_6
  • No Spinning Death Animation - No Spinning Death Animation v1
  • Player Headtracking - Player Headtracking 2_6
  • Portal - Dynamically Placed Teleportation
  • Pretty_female_idle_all_in_one_pack_NMM_Installer_v1.85
  • Proserpine Companion - Proserpine Companion Pale skin Main file
  • Proserpine Companion - Proserpine Companion Dark skin
  • Real Arrow SFX
  • Realistic Mushrooms - Mushroom retexture pack v1
  • Riverside Lodge with Sauna - Riverside Lodge v131
  • Run For Your Lives - Run For Your Lives
  • Seabreeze Estate - Seabreeze Estate - Latest Version
  • Shadow Striping Fix - Shadow Striping Fix
  • Sit animation - pose 3 final - should sit on chair now
  • Sit Anywhere - Sit Anywhere v10
  • Skimpy Armor Set UNP UNPB WIP - Replacer and Standalone - UNPB Standalone version
  • Skyrim Monster Mod V10 - skymomodv10
  • Skyrim Monster Mod V10 - Loadscreen Replacers
  • Skyrim Monster Mod Replacers - Lore Friendly and Others
  • SkyrimMoreSpawns - SkyrimMoreSpawns
  • Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons - Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons Full 1_11
  • Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds - Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds 1_0_2 Full Version
  • Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture - UNPB
  • Tauriel Companion Standalone version by m0ckin9bird - V 1_1 Tauriel Standalone
  • Telthalions Finer Hair - 1_5 Desaturated
  • Temptress Race - Temptress Complete v1_3
  • Temptress Race - Neck Seam Improvement
  • The Art of Magicka - PART 1 of 2 HIGH REZ TEXTURES
  • The Art of Magicka - PART 2 of 2 UNP
  • The Chronicles of Steel -Skyrim- Realswords NEXUS EXCLUSIVE
  • The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod DV - Dance_of_Death_DV_3_2_DG
  • The Dryad - Dryad-1_10
  • THEHAGs Privat Tattoos for UNP - UNPB by THEHAG
  • The skeleton of female models - Perfect 3-2
  • The REAL Fus Ro Dah (not for females!)
  • The Sounds of Nature - Water - Sounds_of_Nature_Water_1_2
  • Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop - Barbarian Armor for UNPB
  • Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop - Battlefield Pickup -Stand alone Orcish armor 1_0
  • Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop - Skyforge - Stand alone Ancient Nord armor 1_1
  • theRoadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Outfit - Main File
  • Torches for Realistic Lighting - Torches for Realistic Lighting
  • TroubleMakers Forsworn Armor UNPB
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul - UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul - UFO - Dawnguard AddOn
  • Underwater Swimming SFX Fix - Underwater SFX Fix
  • Unique Female Followers - Character Pack 1
  • Unique Female Followers - Character Pack 2
  • UNP Dawnguard Armors - UNP Dawnguard Armors for the UNPB body
  • UNP Undies - UNP Undies 1_5
  • UNPB BBP Barkeeper outfit and other Clothing - Tavern Clothes Craftable UNPB
  • Vals Crafting Meltdown Full
  • Warmage Armor - Warmage Armor 1-2
  • Weapons and Armor Fixes
  • Weapons of the Third Era - Weapons of the Third Era 1_3
  • Weapons of the Third Era - Mesh update for 1_3
  • Wearable Lanterns
  • Wet and Cold - Wet and Cold v1_071 German
  • Winter Is Coming - Cloaks - WIC Cloaks 2_1b
  • Immersive Beds by vivanto
  • Benjamin318s Statues of Skyrim by Benjamin318
  • High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
  • Prostitutes of Skyrim by MannyGT
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Diverse Pine Colors
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Diverse Aspen Colors
  • you have a Hardcore-PC? try Dat Grass by JZE instead of Lush Grass and Grass on Steroids