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Please remember this video here is shot with my extremely powerful PC,texture combiner mod, over 30 gigs of 4k/2k textures/meshes and parallax, and over 300 visual mods.

The entire Realvision experience including shadow fix with extreme performance all while allowing the use of crossfire. Possible with the use of the original Realvision ENB setup and Imaginator- Visual Control Device for Skyrim.

This mod uses all the files from the original Realvision minus the DOF file. The lost visuals are replaced with imaginator and dynavision allowing huge performance gains and the use of crossfire.

Installation -

STEP 1. Install "realvision option A full" as described exactly on the realvison page.

STEP 2. Go to Skyrim install folder and delete the file called (enbeffectprepass.fx)

Step 3. Install the following mods using nexus mod manager - ( IMAGINATOR,IMAGINATOR MCMENU,DYNAVISON, and SKYUI ).

Step 4. In game go to the mods section under the skyui menu and change your Imaginator settings to the those found below

STEP 5. Enter the enb editor in game by pressing (shift+enter), toggle on the setting for using original proccessing, then disable ambient occlusion and depth of view.

Contrast 40
saturation 5
blue 3,cyan 3,green 3,magenta 1
Sunlight 5
sky (-4)
keep game brightness at default

That is it you should be all set to enjoy Realvision visuals with huge performance and be able to gain the FPS with crossfire enabled.

Set Dynavision to your own liking for DOF.

This video will show how to set everything up in game once the mods and realvision are installed

I will be uploading screen shots of the imaginator settings and also my own personal enb settings file for max visuals and performance. 
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-Imaginator MCmenu-



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