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ENB preset for Purity + ELFX.

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Preset updated for the final versions of Purity Classic & ELFX. Its a WIP but its enough of an upgrade on the old preset. RealVision ENB isn't needed anymore, all required files are included (apart from the ENB dll of course). A bit more demanding, but you can turn off effects like DOF, AO, etc. to regain performance.

If you're looking for an ENB preset for vanilla lighting/weather & ELFX lighting modules, check out my other presets - Surreal ENB/Surreal ENB v2.


Since RealVision ENB was designed for Climates of Tamriel, I decided to tweak its COT+ELFX performance preset to my liking for the visual overhaul mod Purity (Classic). This preset contains just enbseries.ini and the enbseriesfolder with a couple of ini files that is intended to overwrite corresponding files from RealVision so you will need to install RealVision first.

This is because I haven't created a new preset - only tweaked the above mentioned inis so the rest of the files are still RealVision assets and that's why I decided against including them even though the mod author has retired and given permission to everyone to use his files. 


RealVision ENB
- Use the performance preset for ELFX.
ENB series - I have tweaked this preset using v221 but it should work fine on all newer binaries albeit with a fps hit.
Purity - Classic version. Not sure how it would look with Pure Weather but if the changes made in Purity aren't extensive, it should be fine.
ELFX - Main esp, Enhancer and Exterior esps and if you have the dlc's, the corresponding esps. Do not use ELFX weathers.


aMidianBorn Landscape

Ruins Clutter Improved

Project Parallax Remastered

Vivid Landscapes - Rocking Stones and Mountains Two

Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins

Grass on Steroids
Natural Grass Texture Floor
HD Enhanced Terrain

Skysight - Simply Bigger Trees

Realistic Smoke and Embers

Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Vivid Clouds and Fogs
 + Dynavision Static Mode Patch 

A massive, heartfelt thank you to all these mod authors and the modding community in general without whom Skyrim would not be what it is today.


Follow RealVision's installation procedure and then just overwrite with my files. Set fGamma=1.0800 in skyrimprefs.ini. This is the brightness setting I use. 


Same as RealVision ENB performance preset. My archaic machine (i3 + 7850 oc'd) running 100 odd esps produces frame rates well north of 40 fps at 1080p for the most part.

Even though this preset works fine with all newer binaries including the latest one, I tweaked this mainly with v221 and nearly all my screenshots were taken with it. If you want stuff like sunsprites and lens flare to be more prominent, try newer binaries otherwise stick with v221 for the best performance. I haven't used anything older than v221 though.

This preset's been tweaked according to how I want my game to look - moderately colorful, slightly bloomy with a bit of a fantasy feel. Its not everyone's cup of tea but If even one person finds it useful, then it'll have been worth the trouble. Thank you for checking out my preset.