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Added: 27/07/2012 - 09:41PM
Updated: 30/04/2015 - 06:35AM

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Last updated at 6:35, 30 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 21:41, 27 Jul 2012

Do you like Skyrim how it is? Do you think the nature and the landscapes are perfect? 
"Skyrim could not be more beautiful!" - You
Then this mod is NOT for you!

I am to make the landscape and nature of Skyrim more beautiful and diverse by not just adding more trees but actually changing the landscapes and creating new stuff! I will also try to make the world more fun by adding hidden secrets and little treasures.

I will release the mod in segments and the collection will be here.

Current released segments:

Upcoming segment:

Newest patch of Skyrim.

You're welcome to try this mod with other mods that changes the same areas. It might work!
But probably not...

0.1 - First release
0.1.1 - Added more stuff around Riverwood
0.2 - Now covers the whole area between Riverwood and Helgen
0.2.1 - I'm back! Navmesh fixes. NPC's behave correctly, wohooo!
0.2.2 - Removed the Dawnguard.esm and Dragonborn.esm requirements
1.0 - Riverwood Forest release.

What I need help with:
Finding bugs.
Finding where NPCs behave weird.
Clipping issues.
Issues with other mods and creating patches.
Suggestions about things to change are always welcome!

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