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Added: 13/08/2013 - 02:36AM
Updated: 24/01/2014 - 10:38AM

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Last updated at 10:38, 24 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 2:36, 13 Aug 2013


Footsteps - Overhauls footstep sounds and behavior. NEW!
Magic - Overhauls magic casting sounds. *NEW VERSION 3.0 AVAILABLE*
Weaponry - Overhauls weapons and combat sounds.
Aural Assortment - Overhauls miscellaneous sounds for various categories.


15/01/14 - Version 3.0 released.
Don't forget to also update the SkyRe patch if you use it! The previous one reportedly has a corrupt header which may cause crashes.

- Most restoration, conjuration, alteration and illusion sounds from version 1.0 have either been overhauled from scratch, drastically changed or slightly tweaked.
- New sounds for unsheathing enchanted weapons (fire, frost, shock, other).
- Lightning Bolt casting sound changed once again.
- Casting oakflesh, stoneflesh or ironflesh now yield unique sounds appropriate to their names.
- Much more spell sound variety has been added by distributing correct spell school sounds to many spells that previously shared generic firebolt sounds (including SkyRe-specific spells in the updated patch)


This mod aims to change the sounds for magic spells in Skyrim by both replacing many of the existing sounds and also providing new and more varied sound types for the different spells, which often share the firebolt sounds as a generic template. There should now be a much clearer distinction between how the different spell schools sounds.


Just install or uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager to make things easy. Installing and uninstalling manually is pretty straightforward but you should know what you're doing.


If you use Audio Overhaul, place the .esp after AOS in the load order and they will work fine. You can also download an optional sound pack which replaces several new magic-related sounds added by AOS, to make them blend in better with the style of my own sounds. If you use a gameplay overhaul like SkyRe, place the main .esp before SkyRe (or any other gameplay/vanilla spells overhaul mod) in the load order and download the SkyRe compatibility patch to properly distribute the new spell sounds to SkyRe-specific and modified spells.


Thanks to LoRd KoRn for AOS, T3nd0 for SkyRe, and ogerboss for Requiem. Thanks to fabriziopi for helping with compatibility patches.

I used resources from several authors from to help design some of the sounds. My thanks goes out to them, and the credits are as follows:

Ice sounds:

Shock sounds:

Conjuration sounds:


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