WATER - Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux by SparrowPrince
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Updated: 04/12/2016 - 03:43PM

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WATER Special Edition



W.A.T.E.R has been renewed and upgraded to take advantage of the latest hardware. I know people were happy with the old mod, but I never had the time to really sit down and get it up to my high standards. I still don't have enough time, but I have simply negated that problem by taking my sweet time with everything. The mod in its new form has taken me months, and is now simply the most comprehensive water mod out there in terms of content. W.A.T.E.R was always about enhanced effects first and then making Skyrim's waters look great. This does not mean I focus on one thing, it just means I always put the most work into the most challenging area (because quite frankly it's needed). Simply put, everything still comes together for one of the richest and highest fidelity water modifications you will find for Skyrim.

Main Features

  • Completely revamped water surface flow, with new higher quality water textures
  • Worldspace edits are now included and define areas like ponds more realistically
  • Placement of animated waves around Skyrim from the Dragonborn DLC
  • Remastered texture effects sourced from realistic 3D particle simulations
  • Freshly-made 3D model effects, bug fixes, and tweaks. Everything now simply looks better
  • Performance tweaks to balance out the new editions, smarter display of effects and files
  • Optional W.A.T.E.R Plants plugin

Full List
  • Remade plugins for water surface flow included for the base game and all official DLC
  • Custom worldspace water edits included in places like Riften, Clearpine Pond, and Mara's Eye Pond
  • Optional W.A.T.E.R Plants plugin which contains reeds, lily pads, frogs, new ingredients and sound effects
  • New higher quality uncompressed surface textures
  • New higher quality foam textures
  • New higher quality splash textures
  • New higher quality ripple textures
  • Drop and drip textures are now covered
  • Mist texture animations are now covered
  • Waterfall fog textures are now covered
  • Vapor textures are now covered
  • Large waterfalls have now been smoothed and flow faster visually
  • Animated waves hand-placed around Skyrim with added sound effects
  • Animated waves now look and fit in better with the water surface and also have new custom textures
  • Rain ripple surface impacts are now softer and more realistic
  • Mist precipitation effect over water while raining
  • Rapids have had their texture positions resized to be more uniform
  • "Rapid rocks" have been re-imagined to fix bugs make everything more visually appealing
  • "Fountain" splash pools have been improved to reduce seams and have greater fidelity
  • City water flume foams have been sped up to match the water flow
  • Player splash now has more refined changes in terms of transparency and timing
  • Miscellaneous splashes have been refined in terms of size and spawn rate
  • The new mist animation texture has been added to all files that require it
  • Improved parallax effect for ENB users
  • Lots of little bug fixes in many, many files.

Changed Features

  • Wet rock meshes are no longer included as they can be found in SMIM
  • Blacksmith trough meshes are no longer included as no one could see the water movement very well anyway
  • Waterfall meshes no longer generate particle fog at their peak for performance reasons
  • Reduced texture amounts for water surfaces as there were too many before
  • Puddle textures are gone as I recommend Skyrim Improved Puddles
  • Animated row boats are no longer available as I recommend Realistic Boat Bobbing instead


Where are your other files from The Ruffled Feather?
You can find all of them on the STEP Nexus page here.
I wanted to make this page dedicated to WATER again as it was everyone's favorite mod. With the Special Edition of Skyrim, I
thought of no better time than the present to remake the mod for both old and new releases.
Are the old WATER files safe to use?
You may still use the old files if you have the old version of the mod. I don't recommend it though as they are not up to date.
What is the performance like?
It's fine and you should be fine. Just expect more VRAM memory consumption compared to the older versions.
What happened to user-made mod support like Falskarr and Realistic Needs?
I'm not very big on doing my own take on someone elses work; simply out of respect for their original vision. I also only have the time to focus on my own work. Regardless, I have added a Patches section below where there are links to any known community patches.
From any older version please save your game, totally uninstall the mod and re-install it again. Please check the Changes tab for detailed update logs.

It is recommended you use a mod manager to install W.A.T.E.R. Stable versions of Nexus Mod Manager, and Wrye Bash are supported. To install, simply open W.A.T.E.R in your mod manager and err... install it! W.A.T.E.R should generally be loaded near the bottom of your load order, due to the world edits that are now included.


  • All official DLC/complete editions of the game
  • Water Parallax effect for ENB users
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)
  • Skyrim particle patch for ENB users is included
  • ELFX 
  • Climates of Tamriel
  • Vivid Weathers
  • RLO


Having loose files that will win out over the included BSA archive will mean you are not getting the full benefit of the mod. You can extract the BSA (B.A.E) if you prefer and overwrite any other mod files with my own.

Mods that utilize drinking and filling from the water surface need this mod by randperry. Even though it says it is for Drink Eat Sleep Bathe, you should technically be able to use it with anything similar.