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Updated: 02/10/2015 - 07:41PM

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A mod by SparrowPrince

Thank you Hawx.

Please also check out This compilation of mods by theModCracy!While not specific to this mod, it is featured somewhat.


The Ruffled Feather is a collection of nearly all my mods. The mods and options for those mods have been hand selected to provide the best combinations. The collection brings with it an all-in-one installer which allows you to select and install only the mods you want. It also brings improvements to nearly all included mods. Many of the included mods have been re-built from the ground up and new mods have also been added.

Included in the collection:

WATER + DLC: All water types have been re-made with new water textures and improved files. All your favourite optionals are still included for the experience you know and love (see note below). WATER is a total re-imagination of Skyrim's waterways and ocean. It adds lots of new effects, textures, and all waters have been built again from the ground up (so any comparisons before February 2015 are not up to date).

Plants Optional: The WATER Plants optional enables reeds, lily-pads and frogspawn all around the lake below the Guardian Stones. Nature calls! This optional will work with ANY other mod.

Note: All optionals are included in the main WATER file bar a few (like water colours and ice, of which, is its own mod now). I feel this makes WATER seem less messy and more complete. Dragonborn Waves plugin is now included as default under the regular and legendary plugins which include Dragonborn. The resolution for WATER surface textures are now medium as it saves a lot of VRAM and the textures don't look much different from their 'high' counterparts. Colour and strength options have been balanced into the default plugins for the best combination. The Falskarr plugin and RND patches are now included, as well.

SMIM users should not overwrite this mod if you want animated blacksmith troughs and wetter-looking rocks.

3D-2D Fence: A 3D-looking, high-quality texture replacer for woven fences. You must overwrite mods like SMIM for them to appear in-game. Performance boost over similar mods due to the illusion of 3D.

Argonian Access [Riften]: Previously Riften Canal Exit, this mod allows access in and out of Riften via both canal gates. Improved over previous versions and no performance loss. Note: This is not for just Argonians! I have seen comments from people who thought this; although the comments were on Youtube, so there is that.

Better Dynamic Snow: Makes the snow that covers most architecture actually have a texture instead of being pure white paint. No performance loss. SMIM users need to select the SMIM option, so it can ultilize the SMIM meshes you already have installed. ELFX users should overwrite ELFX with this mod.

Decrease Those Plants: Reduces the meshes of a lot of plants and is compatible with mods like SFO. This is a performance-enhancing mod. The mod mainly reduces grass and dead foliage. Its main purpose is to reduce plants whilst keeping the visuals intact so your game runs faster and you notice little change in density. Lush Trees is an optional for this mod as well. This mod also removes the small 3D stones found around larger rocks (as they are pointless and classed as a grass object).

Hairy Furry Pelts: Fur pelt rugs with 3D hairs! Pelts are only used indoors so performance loss will be super low to not noticeable at all. Vanilla or HRDLC pelts must be used with this mod. Note: If wanting the performance option, you still need to select both options in the installer.

I Hold Silver: Gives the silver bar a unique, softer-looking texture and a new mesh. This makes the silver bar unique as it shared a model and texture with steel. Slight texture size increase, but nothing crazy. Very very minor VRAM usage increase.

Just-Ice: Fantasy-looking ice. Originally a WATER optional, but now separated into it own mod. 2k texture sizes with a 1k normal. Most other landscape files you use are this size or more so a slight VRAM increase, obviously.

Moss Rocks: Covers some hand-selected rocks in moss for more nature! Uses SMIM files by default (with added texture mapping improvements not in SMIM) and 2k textures like the above ice mod. This is fully compatible with Gamwich's One Mountain mod also.

Smoking Hot Load FX: Originally Smoking Hot Main Menu, this mod replaces the mist on all loading screens with fire. It has been improved over previous versions and has no performance loss as it only affects load screens.

Terrain Bump: Mainly for vanilla textures, but can be used with other replacers. This mod makes the terrain look more 3D and comes with a reduced file size from old versions! No VRAM increase over vanilla.

Suped-Up Stalhrim: Originally Stalhrim of Skyrim, this mod improves the look of stalhrim deposits in Dragonborn. This version now includes even better meshes than the previous versions! 1k and 2k textures available with a very close vanilla look. Very very small performance loss if any at all.

Sweetnuts: This mod replaces sweetrolls with a donut-esque model. Yummy! 512px textures and slightly more polygons. Very minimal performance hit if any at all.

Vibrant Auroras: Increases the auroral colour saturation by two-fold. No performance loss.

Sparrows Mountain and Rocks: Added a replacement to Bigger and Boulder. This mod adheres to the vanilla style in colour and tone, whilst adding a twist to the bump texture, giving the rocks a stacked-shelf effect. 2k texture sizes. 

Red Mountain Particle Plume: This mod replaces the static slug-like eruption smoke of Red Mountain in Dragonborn. It adds dynamic particles which spawn in various sizes, making the gigantic plume of ash look somewhat more volatile. The mod contains no plugin, no scripts, and is compatible with other volcano mods such as Red Mountain Erupts. No performance loss.

Grasslas Fixas [Whiterun]: Grassias Fixas is probably my last bow to doing a big mod for Skyrim. The mod fixes hundreds of mesh bugs that were never fixed by any other party (including USKP/SMIM) within the base of Whiterun's terrain. The mod fixes problems from texture stretching and holes, to very bad collision bugs. The mod must overwrite SMIM and is compatible with texture packs' for Whiterun currently. 

 3D Grass version: You will need to use my textures for this for it to work, unless you get your favourite texture pack author to do a quick patch. Notes
on how to patch it are contained within the installation folders.

Vanilla Females: Booty Band-Aid: The vanilla female in Skyrim was full of bugs. It had holes all around the top of the thighs, the butt, and in a few other places. The solution was to model 'caps' for the underwear and play around with the seams until they had totally vanished. If you look at my image in the 'Images' tab you will see the extra mesh parts inside the body, around the waist and thighs (it's the circular grouping of triangles that meet in the middle). This is obviously NOT compatible with other 3D body mods, but is compatible with other 3D additions like hands or feet, as well as re-textures of course! It should also technically perform BETTER over vanilla as the filesize was reduced by 15kb. This is a mod for people who find those other modded bodies unrealistic or 'doll-like' and want something that fits perfectly into their game. 

Available Optionals:

Enhanced Distant Terrain: Simply improves the look of terrain in the distance. Now also includes Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 files in the main mod and the Dragonborn files as an optional for those users. No performance loss bar a super microscopic VRAM increase. SFO also should overwrite EDT as I made it compatible. Now with A Quality World Map compatibility options.

See the bottom of the Changelog for all Enhanced Distant Terrain version changes.


From any older version please save your game, totally uninstall the mod and re-install it again.
Clean saves are recommended! To do a clean save just create a new save instead of over-writing
any of your current ones.

See HERE for details.

See the Changelog above for all version changes.


  • FOMOD option for installing the entire mod compilation


This is not an all-in-one mod! The included installers will allow users to select and install only the mods wanted from the compilation.

It is recommended you use a mod manager to install The Ruffled Feather. Stable versions of Mod Organizer, Nexus Mod Manager, and Wrye Bash are supported. To install, simply open The Ruffled Feather in your mod manager and follow the prompts.

The STEP option in the FOMOD installer will install: Just-Ice, Moss Rocks, and Suped-Up Stalhrim (1k version).

The Ruffled Feather is known to be compatible with the following:

  • Dragonborn
  • Dawnguard
  • Skyfalls (check Skyfalls page for details)
  • Water Parallax effect for ENB users
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)
  • Skyrim particle patch for ENB users is included in all files
  • Changes from the USKP have been forwarded
  • ELFX 
  • Climates of Tamriel
  • RLO
  • Pretty much anything else that does not use the same files.