Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE by Yuril
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Added: 05/01/2012 - 03:56PM
Updated: 05/10/2016 - 03:01AM

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Last updated at 3:01, 5 Oct 2016 Uploaded at 15:56, 5 Jan 2012

Retexturing ice for a real effect.
Better reflection of light, different shades.

Pack Classic=V1
Pack Azur=V2
Pack Dull=V3

Vanilla: Texture 1024x1024, Bump 512x512
Real Ice Classic and Azur 1K: Texture 1024x1024, Bump 1024x1024
Real Ice Azur Glacier 2K: Texture 2048x2048, Bump 2048x2048
Dull/Ice and Full Dull Edition: Texture 1024x1024, Bump 2048x2048
Half Dull-Half Ice: Texture 1024x1024, Bump 1024x1024

NEW added 3 pack
Real All in One Pack available! created by morpheas768. thx!!^^
Pack Real Ice_Classic: (ex V1) Version Dark or Classic, with or without Parallax.
Real Ice_Azur Glacier: (ex V2) Verion Dark or Azur, 2K/1K, with or without Parallax.
ReaL Ice_Dull and Ice: Version Full Dull or Ice and Dull + Parallax.

Watch the video!!
Real Ice 2.5 +Parallax_Nigth
Real Ice 2.5 +Parallax_Day
Real Ice Half Dull-Half IceCube

My work on "Real Ice" can be used to project all your Mod.
Condition: my name and Mod must include in your project.

Enjoy ;)

Textures: borysses
Textures changed: Yuril
MixBump: Yuril


Please don't hesitate to check this other ice mod out by OpticShooter


You may or may not prefer it, but it's here anyway because you may! Thank you.

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